best soft plush mattress reviews

Best Soft & Plush Mattress Reviews

Our review of the top rated beds for side sleepers who want an especially soft mattress

If you’re a side sleeper, you generally need (and will most likely prefer) a soft foam bed that will provide pressure relief for your hips and shoulders, in particular. We’ve rounded up a list of what we think are the best soft mattresses online right now.
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Flippable$135 Off + Gift


Layla is both a firm and soft memory foam bed at the same given that it's flippable. We would consider one side to be medium soft, which would be best for side sleepers in particular.
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10" All-Foam$125 Off + Gift

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A foam mattress with a hint of plush memory foam. Nolah Original 10 is one of the nicest mattresses for side sleepers.
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Latex Hybrid20% Off


A durable and resilient mattress that combines coils and latex foam for a medium soft overall feel.
tuft and needle mint mattress
12" All-Foam See on AmazonTuft & Needle Mint is a thicker foam bed that’s ultra soft—side sleepers seem to absolutely love it.


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Best Soft & Plush Mattress: Intro

What most people seem to overlook when discussing how soft or firm a bed feels is the fact that softness/firmness is relative. For instance, a mattress will typically feel firmer to petite individuals and softer to heavier individuals. It’s just a factor of applying more pressure to the bed. Keep that in mind as you go through this post.

All of the beds on this list will indeed feel soft to individuals weighing between 150 lb and 250 lb. If you’re under 150 lb, they’ll feel closer to a medium on the soft/firm scale and if you’re over 250 lb, they’ll feel extra soft, probably too soft.

Quick Overview of Buying a Mattress Online

In your quest to find a new mattress, you’ve no doubt come across the increasingly popular concept of shipping a bed inside of a box (aka bed-in-a-box mattress). There are dozens of these types of mattresses, plenty of which are actually really nice. And, since you’re doing online research, we thought we should keep the list to only beds that you buy via the Internet.

Buying a bed online actually has numerous advantages, which is why so many people end up getting their mattress this way. First off, most beds come with free shipping—delivery usually takes about five business days.

Once the bed arrives, that’s when the fun starts. We’ve reviewed (and consequently) unboxed several dozen mattresses and it never gets old. Here’s what the unboxing process looks like.

best soft plush mattress review unboxing
The setup process is about 15 minutes start-to-finish

You also typically get a risk-free trial period when you buy a bed online. The standard is 100 nights, although certain brands extend that to 120 nights; a few brands even offer a full one-year sleep trial. Regardless of the length of the trial period, it is your chance to vet the bed—to see if you like it, love it, or are already sick of it.

As for warranties, you should expect your new mattress to come with a 10-year warranty, if not longer. About 90% of the mattresses that we’ve reviewed come with a 10+ year warranty. We’ve even seen some brands offer lifetime warranties, which, for the records, usually end up being 10 year warranties with limited cover after the tenth year.

Layla Sleep


  • Memory foam lovers
  • Anyone that wants a double-sided mattress with two different firmness levels
  • Petite and medium sized people
  • All sleeper types (the two firmness levels make Layla a highly accommodating bed)


  • Those who dislike memory foam
  • Anyone with a bigger build
  • People looking for an actively-cooling bed

Layla is pretty neat because its flippable, so you can try out a Soft side or a Firm side, and then decide which is more comfortable for you. The Soft side is about a medium-soft, while the Firm side is in between a medium and medium-firm.

layla mattress review sleeper type and body type
Layla is a soft memory foam mattress

Both of these options provide a nice amount of pressure relief for side sleepers and both are quite comfortable, especially if you like memory foam. You can flip and/or rotate the bed to extend the longevity of it, also.

Layla has that distinct memory foam feel that hugs your body and kinda sucks you in. It however won’t be the best for combo sleepers who are going to be moving around throughout the night, as they might get that “stuck” feeling, at least on the Soft side—you shouldn’t really have any issues on the Firm side. Also, Layla uses copper-infused memory foam, which will help to disperse heat within the mattress.

Bottom line: there’s a lot to like about the Layla mattress. We are really happy that they updated the bed in 2019.

Nolah Original 10


  • Anyone that wants a highly-affordable, soft mattress
  • Petite and medium body types
  • If you want to help support wildlife causes (that's Nolah's whole brand)
  • If you want more of a neutral feel with a tinge of memory foam


  • Big, heavy sleepers
  • Especially hot sleepers that want an extra-cool mattress

Nolah is one of our favorite online mattresses for side sleepers, given that it has a soft, neutral foam feel and plenty of pressure relief. What’s different about Nolah though, is that they use a proprietary material called AirFoam, which contours to your body really well. This bed gives you that cuddly feeling, like your bed is hugging you. It’s almost like memory foam but feels more light and airy because it’s more responsive and a less dense foam.

nolah mattress review side sleepers
Nolah is tailor made for side sleepers

Nolah is about a medium-soft on the soft/firm spectrum, and is going to be mostly ideal for petite to average sized sleepers. It also tends to get softer (and in my opinion, therefore more comfortable) over time, because it is an all-foam bed.

If you’re more of a linebacker body type, check out the other beds on this list that incorporate coils for durability. We think this bed feels like you’re sleeping in a soft hug and is a solid, affordable option for strict side sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom


  • Small, medium, and heavy individuals (Bloom Hybrid has coils and is very supportive)
  • Anyone that wants a bed with natural materials (i.e. latex foam)
  • If you want to select your firmness level (Brooklyn Bedding offers three)


  • Anyone that plans on moving home soon (it's a heavier, thicker mattress)
  • If you want a bed without bounce

Bloom is a relatively new mattress from a well-established, big-name brand—that being Brooklyn Bedding. It’s made in the USA and uses a combination of pocketed coils and latex foam to create a durable, but also highly-comfortable mattress.

bloom hybrid mattress review side sleeper

The list of things that we like about the Bloom Hybrid is extensive, but for the most part, we love that it’s available in multiple firmness levels, it’s clearly built to a higher standard than your typical online bed, and it can manage small, medium, and heavy individuals. Even more, the Bloom Hybrid mattress uses various natural/organic materials such as Joma Wool, Talalay latex foam, and organic cotton.

Brooklyn Bedding offers this mattress in a soft, medium, and firm, but for purposes of this list, we’re speaking about the soft and medium option, both of which we recommend for side sleepers. In fact, the medium option is about a true medium on the soft/firm scale, but we think if you’re under 200 lb, it will be a nice option. If you’re more petite, however, the soft version might be the way to go.

Bottom line with the Bloom Hybrid is that it’s an underrated mattress that a lot of people will like. Sure, they’re a cheaper mattresses out there, but we’d consider this one a great value.

Tuft & Needle Mint


  • If you just want a neutral-foam, soft mattress
  • People that trust Serta-Simmons (they own Tuft & Needle)
  • Couples who like to spread out (good edge support and motion isolation)


  • Particularly hot sleepers
  • Budget shoppers who want the cheapest mattress available online
  • Someone who wants a memory foam feel

Tuft & Needle is a pretty well known online mattress company. The Mint mattress is their premium bed, and it’s specially designed to offer better pressure relief. It’s also just really comfortable. The Mint is slightly softer than their original bed, with an extra layer of foam and is 2” thicker. It also comes with a really nice, soft-knit cover.

tuft and needle mint mattress review side sleepers
Softer and thicker than the original Tuft & Needle mattress

This bed is a medium to medium-soft on the firmness scale, but keep in mind that softness/firmness is somewhat subjective based on your BMI. As long as you’re petite to medium sized, the Mint should be accommodating for all sleeper types.

If you or the person you sleep next to has a larger build, it might be more worthwhile to get a bed with coils. While this bed is fairly durable because of it’s thicker bottom layer, it is still an all-foam bed. Overall, this a great mattress for those who are looking for a super-soft, neutral foam feel.

Review Team


Kaite Johnston

Combo Sleeper

Kelsie Longerbeam

Stomach Sleeper

carla thrower slumber yard

Carla Thrower

Back Sleeper

Tharon Green

Stomach Sleeper

The Slumber Yard Team

Our team has been doing reviews for years and have tested literal stacks of mattresses. Seriously, you should see our office. We look like a mattress dealership. You should also see Ross the Boss’s house. I’d love to know what his neighbors think about the absurd number of mattresses constantly rotating in and out of there.

Here at the Slumber Yard, we don’t just hop on a new bed and spit out our initial thoughts. We take the time to let each mattress take shape. We sleep on them for a while. We compare sub-100lb Kaite’s thoughts to 200lb+ D-Payne’s thoughts. And regardless of how we got the mattress – whether we bought it or it was sent to us – all of our opinions are 100% our own. If we don’t like something, we’ll tell you. And if we do like something, we’ll tell you!

We know what a good bed feels like and we’re familiar with the online options. Basically, we do all the hands-on research, so you don’t have to.

How We Selected This List

As we just mentioned, we’ve tested and compared a lot of mattresses. To put this list together, we pulled from all the beds we’ve reviewed and chose which ones we think are the all around best mattresses that also have a soft feel.

We also made an effort to include soft bed options that will appeal to a wide range of sleepers. We didn’t want every mattress on this list to be just right for an average-sized side sleeper, but wrong for just about anyone else. Lots of people like soft beds, so we wanted to talk about soft bed options that will work for lots of people.

We made sure to consider how each bed on this list will feel for different people and how comfortable each one will be for different sleeper types and body types. Of course, how well you like a mattress is incredibly subjective. We do our best to account for various preferences, but in the end, that risk-free trial period is everyone’s best friend.

Sleeper Type

The way you sleep, or more specifically, the position you sleep in, plays a pretty big role in determining the how soft or firm you’ll want your mattress to be.

If you sleep on your back or your stomach, you need your bed to provide enough and the right support around your hips and trunk area in order to maintain proper alignment and keep you from waking up with a sore back. Generally speaking, that means a firmer bed.

If you sleep on your side, you’ll want a mattress with some give to it because you want pressure relief around your shoulder and such, or you’ll end up feeling crushed into your torso. Nobody wants a tingly, pins-and-needles arm under them when they’re trying to sleep. You shouldn’t feel like there’s space under your stomach and you should feel as though your whole body is equally supported. You want a straight spine, which means you need to sink in a bit around your shoulders and hips. So, generally, side sleepers like a softer bed.

If you’re a combo sleeper, meaning you switch positions throughout the night, you want to look for a mattress that is supportive, but doesn’t necessarily have a firm feel. For example, you might like a bed with a softer, pressure-relieving top layer and support foam or coils underneath.

The Terms “Soft” and “Support” Are NOT Mutually Exclusive

It’s a common misconception in the mattress-buying world that if a bed is soft, it has no support, and therefore if a bed is supportive, it must feel like a tabletop. However, that’s not entirely true. Don’t get us wrong, there is some truth behind the idea, but it’s just not as cut-and-dry as that.

There are, in fact, mattresses out there that provide support while still giving you that soft feel you’re after. So if you’re a soft bed lover with back problems, don’t despair! There’s hope (and a bed) for you.

A hybrid mattress is often a good option if you’re looking for something both supportive and soft. The coils in a hybrid will provide you that support you need to keep proper alignment, while the foam, if it’s on top, can still give you a soft feeling layer to lay on.

There are also foams that are quite supportive, despite lacking the firmness of coils. Different types of foam have different feels and densities, so if you’re shopping for support, don’t be put off by all-foam constructions. And on the other side of that, if you’re shopping for soft, don’t be put off by something called “support foam” because it likely has soft foam layers on top of it. Polyurethane foam, for example, is often used as a support foam, but it has a wide range in terms of density.

The Typical Feel Of Popular Mattress Materials

As we touched on above, mattresses are made up of a lot of different materials. Some use foam, some use coils, some use both. And each of those materials has it’s own feel. So, a bed with a memory foam top layer is going to feel quite different than a bed with a nearly identical construction, but a latex foam top layer.

Even though you can’t actually physically test out a bed-in-a-box mattress before buying it, you can still get an idea of what it will feel like just by looking at the materials used.

Memory foam, for example, is a denser foam with that stereotypical sink-in, stuck-in-the-mud feel. Latex foam, though, is more spongey and bouncy and allows for good airflow. There’s also polyurethane foam, like we mentioned before, which is an affordable material that comes in many different densities and feels firmer as it gets denser.

In terms of coil options, there are pocketed coils and innersprings. Pocketed coils are individually encased provide support with a bouncy, responsive feel. Innersprings are very similar in feel, the difference being that because innersprings are all connected together, they transfer motion rather than isolate it.

How Weight Affects How A Mattress Feels

We frequently throw out the disclaimer about how every mattress will feel different to each person based on weight and over all body type because we want to make sure everyone reading our posts or watching our videos remembers that what we experience probably won’t be exactly what you will experience.

Put simply, a heavier individual may find a certain bed to be soft, while a lighter individual will find that same bed to be firmer. This is because the lighter you are, the less you support you need and the less you compress the bed. It’s not a confusing concept, but it is something that’s easy to forget when you’re going through mattress reviews and everyone is telling you how a mattress feels.

For heavier individuals, say 225lb+, you’ll want to look for a mattress that’s rated at least a medium firm and you’ll also want to pay attention to what kind of support layers are incorporated in the construction. You don’t want to get a mattress that you’ll sink right through.

For petite individuals, say 110lb give or take, you can definitely get away with beds rated on the softer side, like medium-soft or even soft. But again, remember to think of what those ratings mean for you. For example, I (Kaite Kale here at the Slumber Yard) weigh under 100lb, so a medium bed actually feels quite firm for me.

If you’re a couple with a significant weight difference, you’ll probably end up going for something in the middle. But if you’re going to lean one way, we suggest that you cater towards the heavier partner. Generally speaking, petite people can get a comfortable night’s sleep on a wider range of softness/firmness. I (sub-100lb over here, remember?) for one, lay on every mattress we get in, and say, “Yeah, I could sleep fine on this.”

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