Love is in the air this February as Valentine’s Day nears, and you want to show that special someone your admiration for them by giving him something unique this year. Regardless of the type of guy your man is, from handy-man to gamer, bedding accessories are something every husband, boyfriend, or friend can appreciate — not to mention something you can also benefit from if you’re sleeping alongside him at night. Here are 12 unique Valentine gifts for him to buy this holiday to upgrade both his bedroom set-up and quality of rest.

1. A Pair of Nice Sheets

One of the best Valentine gifts for him is a new pair of sheets to freshen up his bed. Not only will it be extra cozy when you get into bed that night, but it’s a unique gift he can get use out of every day. There are plenty of nice sheets you can choose from, like premium organic cotton sheets or linen sheets if your husband or boyfriend is the type to sleep warm. 

2. A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets apply deep touch pressure to your body, essentially simulating the feeling of a light hug or embrace. This promotes the release of serotonin, a natural hormone that helps regulate your body’s mood and happiness. A weighted blanket is a great, unique gift for him to help unwind and relieve anxiety. Weighted blankets are especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, autism, and ADHD. 

You can find them in throw blanket size so he can use it while watching TV on the couch, or a queen-size so he can use it to help him fall asleep at night.

3. A Comfortable Pillow

It’s important to have a comfortable pillow that accommodates you and how you sleep. Old, floppy, down pillows can contribute to an uncomfortable sleep, as well as tall and firm pillows. For Valentine’s Day this year, help your husband, boyfriend, or friend get amazing sleep by gifting them a comfy, adjustable pillow. This means he can remove or insert filling inside to ensure it’s just soft or firm enough for him, and you don’t have to guess the kind of pillow he might need.

4. A Quality Comforter

A nice comforter is like chocolate frosting on top of a cupcake, the perfect compliment to complete the entire treat (or mattress). Gift your man a nice comforter like the one from Buffy to cuddle up to at night. It’s very likely he could use a new one anyway, especially if it’s the same one he’s been using since his college days. 

5. Eye Mask

Rich housewives aren’t the only ones who benefit from wearing eye masks during sleep. Sleep masks have shown to increase melatonin production, REM sleep, and the amount of time spent asleep because they block out light, a major regulator of your sleep-wake cycle. If the boy or man in your life is prone to headaches, there are even microwave-safe eye masks you can warm up that are meant to help alleviate migraine and headache pains. 

6. CBD Blanket

This goes along the same lines as the weighted blanket, but instead of glass beads, the Curfew CBD blanket is infused with CBD. Some research has shown that CBD has calming effects and can even promote more restful sleep, making for a perfect addition to a cozy blanket. It’s a little pricey but a great gift for anyone looking to spoil their man for Valentine’s Day. 

7. Pajamas 

Pajamas are a great gift for any relationship, but especially if it’s in the early stages. Pajamas are something everybody can use a new pair of, but they don’t often buy them for themselves. You can even go for fun themed pajamas like covered in hearts for Valentine’s Day or his favorite sports team. 

8. Bedding Storage

Extra bedding like comforters and sheet sets can take up a lot of space in your cabinets or closets. Help him reorganize linens and spare blankets he isn’t using by getting him a bedding organizer that he can easily slide under his bed for storage. Alternatively, you can buy a stylish basket so he can roll up his blankets and keep them there until he wants to use them next. 

9. Dog Bed

This is a unique gift for boyfriends who love their furry friend (or friends) and would appreciate a gift for them more than anything else. If your man’s pup already has a dog bed, you can upgrade his set-up with a premium memory foam model, and some are even chiropractor-approved to help older dogs sleep better. 

10. Camping Mattress Pad

If he is an adventurous-type and likes to hit the great outdoors, revamp his camping gear with a mattress pad he can sleep on in his tent or truck bed camper. Or, purchase one that’s big enough for two so you can join him on his hiking, fishing, or offroading excursions. Nothing says romance like a two-person getaway into the wild. 

11. Adjustable Bed Frame

While an adjustable bed frame is a big purchase for a gift, it’s great for any husband or boyfriend who suffers from back pain or chronic snoring. Adjustable bed frames allow you to elevate your head, neck, and feet to achieve a proper, neutral alignment in the spine. It can also prop him into an optimal position to prevent snoring, which primarily happens when you’re lying flat and your airways are narrower. 

12. Bed Linen Spray

Keep his sheets smelling and feeling fresh by gifting him linen spray for Valentine’s Day. We suggest pairing this with another gift so he doesn’t think you’re insulting him by calling his bed smelly, but it is a great way to freshen up sheets in between washes. If he has a sensitive nose, there are unscented options on the market that will do the job just as well without the smell.