Independence Day is a popular time of the year to buy a new mattress. Veteran retailers like JCPenney and Macy’s are not the only ones promoting great sales for the holiday. Many bed-in-a-box and online mattress companies are playing a big part in the trend, and you’re are likely to find some fantastic sales on brands like LaylaCasperBrentwood Homes, and lots more.

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When Do 4th Of July Mattress Sales Start?

Independence Day is always on the fourth of July. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the 4th to enjoy the sales. Several online mattress brands and retailers begin promoting their huge deals up to five days before the holiday date. This will give you plenty of time to compare mattresses and prices before you’re ready to buy anything.

Don’t fret if you forgot about all of the mattress sales happening because you were busy planning a camping trip. There will still be time after Independence Day has passed to take advantage of the discounts. Plenty of online mattress companies will keep their voucher codes live for an extra five days. Occasionally, some brands will even run their sales for up to a week and a half after the fireworks show is over.

Do I Need A Special Discount Code Or Promo Code?

Yes and no. Many mattress brands prefer to automatically apply the discount to your cart, while other brands choose to offer a promo code for you to submit at checkout yourself.

On the chance you’re required to enter a code, the process is pretty easy to get through. Once you’ve decided on the mattress you want to buy click on the “add to cart” button on the page. After you look over your order, locate the box that says “apply code” or “add promo”. This is where you will type in the promo code you found on our Mattress Deals Page. Click “apply” to finalize the process and your new total will reflect the discount.

Sometimes online mattress companies won’t have a code on display for a discount. They will automatically apply the Independence Day code to your cart, instead. DreamCloud usually takes $200 off your order, for example.

Some Of Our Favorite Fourth Of July Deals So Far:

Mattress: Awara Latex Hybrid Mattress
Synopsis: Fairly new hybrid bed-in-a-box that is made with natural and organic materials, including Dunlop latex.
Deal: $200 Off By Using Code SY200

awara mattress review combo sleeper
Premium hybrid bed that uses natural and organic materials

Mattress: Level Sleep
Synopsis: Premium foam mattress that is endorsed by chiropractors and doctors for back pain relief.
Deal: 20% Off By Using Code SY20

level sleep mattress review side sleeper
Great bed for people who suffer from back pain

These are just a few of the deals that caught our attention. For a full listing of all of our up-to-date Independence Day sales and voucher codes, CLICK HERE. Don’t forget about our Mattress Finder Quiz if you’re in need of a little assistance determining which bed is right for you.

Be Mindful: Some Mattress Deals Are Fake

Not all excellent-sounding mattress deals should be taken seriously at first glance. Just because a company is advertising a promotion where they’re offering $250 off a bed doesn’t mean it’s a good sale. In an attempt to make their sales seem more appealing than they are, some online mattress companies and retailers use marketing ploys to spice things up.

One scheme that’s frequently used in retail stores is when several locations have the same product, but they all call it by different names. What this does is it makes it near impossible for a customer to compare prices adequately for the same product. A sales representative can say that the mattress you really want is the last one in stock, making it the “only” one you can buy at that price. This results in you settling and purchasing the mattress because you were left to feel like you had no other choice.

We bet you’re asking yourself how are you supposed to know if you’re looking at a fantastic offer or not. Our mattress reviews are available for you to look at as soon as you’ve determined which bed you’d like to buy. A price section is included in every single one of our reviews that mentions what the average MSRP for each mattress is and the type of discount you could look forward to. This information will make it easier for you separate the poor sales from the great ones.

Be Sure To Read The Fine Print

Mattress companies will promote excellent sales all year long, but you shouldn’t be quick to nose dive into anything right away. For instance, a company will advertise a deal saying they will take $350 off of your purchase. However, the fine print requires that you spend over a certain total amount.

What this means is you would end up having to add $3,500 worth of products in your cart in order to “save” $350. So, you would have to purchase an adjustable base, pillows, and bed sheets, in addition to the mattress you were interested in.

Most companies are very honest with their deals, fortunately. That being said, it’s still in your best interest to do research on your own time and read everything before you buy anything.