Best Gifts For People Who Want More Sleep

Ever wanted to find the perfect gift for your friend or relative who struggles to get a good night’s sleep? You can show your care and that you notice them with this curated list of the best gifts for sleeping. If you have friends who cannot get enough of their snooze time, this list doubles as a great one for gifts for people who like to sleep, even if they don’t struggle to do so.

Best sleepy gifts for:

1. Travel White Noise Machine

Best for travelers

White noise machines that can be easily charged with a USB cord to a wall outlet are a great way to make any space into a quiet sleep sanctuary. A white noise machine puts a blanket of sound between the sleeper and the rest of the world, easily helping them fall asleep. This can be useful if your friend or relative often spends the night (or several nights) at a bustling family member’s house or in a hotel where the walls allow noise in. The ideal portable white machine is small and light, so it doesn’t take much space in an overnight or carry-on bag, like this one available on Amazon. 

Hushh Compact Sound Machine, $29.99

2. Sturdy Earplugs

Best for light sleepers

Want an affordable present that is also one of the best gifts for insomniacs? A pack of high-quality silicone earplugs may seem very practical, but they have tons of uses. Whether someone is trying to catch a nap on an airplane or is constantly being woken up by the shifting sleep sounds of their roommate or partner, these earplugs are thoughtful and low budget.

Premium Silicone Ear Plugs, $12.89

3. Clocky, The Runaway Alarm Clock

Best for the hard-to-wake friend

Clocky is the alarm clock for your friend who has tried everything to wake up on time. Clocky was designed to do two things: be loud enough to wake you and, when it goes off, it takes off on its two wheels, beeping and disappearing into some recess of your room. Many people have tried it and discovered that locating and turning off Clocky is the key to getting them up and started in the morning. If you’re looking for gifts for people who like to sleep a little too much, this is the one.

Clocky Alarm Clock, $39.99

4. Linen Sheets

Best for enjoying luxury and self-care.

Comfortable sheets can be just the ticket right when you’re finally going to bed. Brooklinen has gotten a reputation for creating some of the softest and most cozy sheets that remain breathable and comfortable, a great balance of lightweight and sturdy. Try this linen core set as a gift for a friend or family member who loves the finer things in life.

Brooklinen Linen Core Set, $259

5. Sleep Headphones

Best for the music lover with sore ears

It’s a common problem as more and more people fall asleep listening to music, podcasts or books: earbuds and phones that are comfortable for day listening get squished and uncomfortable during sleep. Enter sleep headphones. Typically, they include a stretch headband that allows you to fall asleep listening to music and wake up without pain or discomfort, even if you’re a side sleeper. They’re great gifts to help you sleep that are also great for music lovers.

EverPlus Bluetooth 5.0 Sleep Headphones Headband, $25

6. Pillow Spray

Best for the aromatherapy obsessed friend

Pillow spray is definitely not an essential, but adding a spritz of essential oils that are known for calming sensations is a really nice touch. This pillow spray includes natural lavender, chamomile, and vetivert, and has strong reviews on making people feel more refreshed in the morning.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $29

7. Subscription To A Meditation or Sleeping App

Best for for stressed out people

There are now applications full of material to help those who struggle falling asleep. A premium subscription for one of these apps is a perfect choice to give a friend or relative who has problems settling down to sleep. Calm, for example, includes guided meditations and calming music. It also has “Sleep Stories”, which are calm, low-drama stories read in a way that is meant to be boring to lull anyone to dreamland.

Calm Premium, Year Subscription, $69.99

8. Weighted Blanket

Best for the friend dealing with anxiety

Weighted blankets have some scientific backing as a way to reduce anxiety, and others anecdotally report enjoying the sensation of having a very heavy blanket on them while they sleep. If your friend has talked about one but hasn’t tried it, getting them one could be the perfect way to help them shed their worries at bedtime.

The Gravity Blanket, $249

9. Moisturizing Sleep Socks

Best for multitaskers

Taking the time to effectively moisturize our skin can be a hard sell when people are very busy, but these moisturizing sleep socks offer an interesting proposition: a spa treatment while you sleep! They’re infused with a gel that lets you wear them to bed and wake up with moisturized feet. While the gel doesn’t last forever, the comfy socks can continue to be worn even after the moisturizing effects wear off. 

Moisturizing Sleep Socks, $22

10. Soft Robe

Best for anyone who likes being cozy

If you aren’t sure what your friend or family member likes in the pajama department, why not find them a great robe to layer at bedtime? This unisex option from popular brand MeUndies is made of soft but sustainable fibers, with useful pockets and a just-below-the-knee design. 

Unisex Hooded Robe, $88