Memorial Day is an excellent time of the year to be in the market for a new mattress. Traditional retailers like Macy’s and Sears have found new competition when advertising big sales for the holiday. That’s because many online mattress and bed-in-a-box companies have joined the party and now offer major discounts as well. You can look forward to finding great deals on brands such as GhostBed and Brentwood Home.

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When Do Memorial Day Mattress Sales Start?

Memorial Day is always observed on the last Monday in May. Luckily, consumers often times do not have to wait until the actual holiday to take advantage of the sales. Plenty of retailers and online mattress brands start their sales early. In fact, sometimes the sales even start a week or so early. This will give you an ample amount of time to start comparing prices and mattresses before you buy anything.

Also, there’s no need to fret if you’re too busy over the holiday weekend and forget about the mattress deals being offered. There will still be some time after Memorial Day to take advantage of the discounts and sales. Plenty of online mattress companies will likely still be promoting their sales and promotional codes for an extra period of time. You may even find some brands offer their sales for a couple weeks after the holiday has come and gone.

Do I Need A Memorial Day Discount Code Or Promo Code?

The short answer is possibly. Some brands require you enter a unique code in order to see the discount in your cart. Other brands will automatically apply the discount for you. It really just depends.

On the chance that you’re required to use a code, the process is fairly easy to get through. Start by adding the mattress you want to buy to your cart and click on the “checkout” or “view cart” button. You’ll need to locate a box that says “discount”, “apply code”, or something like that. From there, copy the special coupon code you found on our Mattress Deals Page and click “apply”. The amount should then update to reflect the discount.

On the flip side, there are some online mattress companies that make the discount process much more simple. For example, YogaBed usually automatically applies the discount to your cart once you click “checkout”.

A Couple Popular Bed-In-A-Box Deals

Mattress: Casper Wave
Synopsis: Popular bed-in-a-box that uses a special zoned support system designed to provide pressure relief and support where you need it most.
Deal: $200 Off By Using Code SLUMBERYARD

casper wave mattress review stomach sleeper
The Casper Wave mattress accommodates all types of sleepers

Mattress: Brooklyn Bowery
Synopsis: All-foam mattress-in-a-box that has a soft neutral-foam feel. It’s one of the most popular budget beds on the market.
Deal: 20% Off With Code SLUMBERYARD20

brooklyn bedding bowery mattress review side sleepers
The Brooklyn Bowery mattress is a great option for budget shoppers

These deals are just a couple of the ones that got our attention. If you would like to see a full list of Memorial Day discount codes and sales, CLICK HERE. Don’t forget about our Mattress Finder Quiz if you’re having a hard time figuring out which online bed is right for you and your significant other.

Be Careful: Some Mattress Sales Are Deceiving

It’s important to slow down when shopping around and never blindly accept the marketing jargon companies likes toss around during holidays. Just because you found an advertisement saying a company is offering $375 off a particular mattress doesn’t make it a fantastic bargain. Online mattress companies and retailers will sometimes resort to using marketing schemes to make their sales look more enticing than they actually are.

For example, a lot of retailers use different names for the same product. They do this to make it difficult for consumers to properly compare prices from various retailers for the same mattress. The salesperson helping you will then say something to the effect that the mattress you’re interested in is going fast and that the price is going back up soon, which obviously pushes you to purchase the bed.

How are you supposed to know if you’re getting a fantastic deal or not, you ask? Once you’ve decided on a mattress to buy, we recommend you check out our mattress reviews for more information. Each of our reviews has a price section that shows what the MSRP is for the bed and the type of deal you can typically expect to receive. After reading our reviews, you will have a better idea of how to separate the bad sales from the great ones.

Do Your Due Diligence

You will come across many excellent mattress sales throughout the year, however, you shouldn’t be quick to buy into them. There’s a chance you will catch a company promoting a deal where they will take say $350 off your purchase, but the small print at the bottom of the page says you need to spend over a certain amount in order to trigger the discount.

A situation like this could mean that in order for you to “save” $350, you would need to spend $2,750 on products. Not only would you need to buy the actual mattress but also a bed frame, pillows, and sheets just to get the discount.

Luckily for consumers, most companies are forthright with their discounts. With that in mind, it’s highly recommended that you set aside time to do your own research and read the fine print before taking a chance on any mattress.

Is It Better To Shop Online Or In-Store?

No matter what type of product you’re shopping around for, this is a question that should cross your mind all the time. There’s no denying that online shopping has become a large part of society and there’s a reason for that.
Not surprisingly, the online mattress industry is doing very well thanks to the online shopping trend. Regrettably, not everyone really understands how company policies work for online mattress brands.

The option to buy beds online wasn’t always a possibility. Most people, especially older ones, are probably used to shopping for new beds at their local mattress stores. In order to combat this, online mattress offer what’s called a sleep trial or risk-free trial period. These trial periods give customers the opportunity try the mattress of their choice before they make an official purchase.

On average, the trial periods give you up to three months to test the mattress from the comfort of your own home. This allows you plenty of time to be able to make an educated decision on whether the bed is right for you or not. Keep in mind it’s best you sleep on the bed for at least 30 nights before you make a final decision. It usually takes about that long to properly break-in a new mattress and get a sense of the true feel. You can return the bed during the trial period, usually for free, if you decide the bed isn’t quite your cup of tea.

When you’re doing your research, you’ll find that the prices direct-to-consumer (DTC) and bed-in-a-box companies offer are a bit more reasonable than local mattress stores. That’s because it’s much easier and cheaper to operate an online business than it is a chain of brick and mortar retail stores. As such, online mattress companies are able to pass along savings to consumers.

Although we think online shopping has its benefits, we understand why plenty of people still prefer to do their shopping in-store. However, there’s no denying that buying a mattress online is a great option when you consider all the factors we listed above.

Other Points To Consider

There are several important components to take into account when you’re looking for a new bed. Below is a quick overview of those key factors. You can always take a look at our Mattress Buyer Guide for an in-depth look at each subject.

Construction – There are many types of mattresses to pick from and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. A few notable options are all-foam, hybrid, and traditional innerspring mattresses.

Feel – What type of bed you choose to buy is solely determined by your personal preference. That being said, all mattresses are available in a variety of feels. A few options are memory foam feel, latex foam feel, and neutral-foam feel.

Firmness And Sleeper Type – It’s important that you consider your primary sleeping positions when you’re in the market for a new mattress. For example, folks who sleep on their stomach and back prefer firm beds that offer a lotof support, while side sleepers prefer softer beds that mold to their curves.

Body Type – How much or little you weigh affects how soft a mattress will feel to you. Petite sleepers tend to feel like the majority of mattresses are too firm because they don’t put a lot of pressure in the mattress. Alternatively, bigger sleepers feel like most beds are soft because they exert a lot of pressure into them.

Temperature Regulation – People who live in a warmer climate, or sleep hot at night, would do well in finding a mattress with air flow and cooling properties. There are a few bed-in-a-box brands that include special fibers in the fabric of the cover to make it feel cool to the touch.

Responsiveness – How slowly or quickly the top layers of a mattress resurface when pressure has been removed is what responsiveness pertains to. Active sleepers will find it’s easier to switch positions on a responsive bed. Memory foam beds with a slow responsiveness could leave one feeling stuck and immobile.

Motion Isolation – It’s key to have a bed that does a good job of isolating motion if you or your partner are active sleepers. No one likes to be rattled awake every time their partner switches sleeping positions, after all.

Edge Support – A mattress with the appropriate amount of edge support will make it so you and your partner can spread out on the bed without feeling like you have to huddle in the center of it. Adequate edge support will give both people much better use of the surface area.

Shipping And Returns

Regardless of how your new bed arrives, most online mattresses come with free shipping. Some mattresses are compressed in a box, some are rolled up in a protective bag, and others are delivered via white glove delivery. For those unfamiliar with white glove delivery, this is when a delivery crew comes to your home, does all of the heavy lifting for you, and sets up the new bed. Some online companies will also offer free removal of your old mattress and the crew will haul it away, as well.

As we previously mentioned, the majority of online beds come with a risk-free trial period. This means you get the chance to test the bed from your own home for a few months to decide if you like it or not. The industry standard for trials is 100 nights, although you will come across various companies that offer more time than that. Layla, for example, offers 120-risk free nights to test the mattress.

If you decide during the trial period that you want to return the bed, the process is fairly easy to get through. Just give the company’s customer service department a call and they will handle scheduling a day to have the mattress removed from your home. This is typically done at no additional charge to you. The company will issue your full refund after you provide proof of the pick up receipt you got after the bed was picked up.

It’s easy to see why purchasing a mattress online has become so popular. Why test a bed for five minutes in a busy retail store when you can sleep on one for upward of three months in your own home?

Mattress Warranties

Pretty much all online mattresses come with a warranty, just like the beds you find in-store. Most beds come with a 10 year warranty that covers manufacturing defects to the mattress cover, physical flaws to the foam, and indentations greater than one inch. Always be sure to read a mattresses warranty in detail before buying anything.

As with the trial period, there are some companies that will exceed the industry standard length of a warranty. Big Fig, for example, doubles the standard and offers a 20-year warranty.

How To Take Care Of Your Mattress

For the most part, online beds come with a removable cover, however, it’s not recommended you machine wash them. We’ve only found a small handful of mattresses that have removable covers that are safe to machine wash.

An alternative option to machine washing your mattress cover is spot cleaning the dirty areas with some water and a mild detergent. Just apply a little bit of your favorite mild detergent on the affected areas and gently blot the spots with a damp washcloth.

Memorial Day Mattress Shopping Verdict

We hope this Memorial Day mattress guide has been beneficial to you on your search for a new bed. At the end of the day, this is truly one of the greatest times of the year to buy a mattress. There’s a chance you could find a fantastic discount on some of the more popular mattresses in the market.

With that in mind, it’s important that you do a bit of research on your own and read the fine print. Never accept the marketing rhetoric mattress retailers and companies use at face value. Doing these things will make it easier for you to find a bed that is best for your particular sleeping habits and pick apart the good deals from the bad ones.

Thanks again for choosing to spend your time with The Slumber Yard, and enjoy your holiday weekend.