Presidents Day is a celebrated time of the year to shop for a new mattress. Well-known retailers like JCPenney and Sears aren’t the only ones offering great promotions for the holiday. Several bed-in-a-box and online mattress companies are working to keep their prices competitive as well. You can anticipate finding some great sales on brands like CasperBig Fig, and Bear.

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When Do President’s Day Mattress Sales Start?

Presidents Day is always on the third Monday in February. Luckily for those who enjoy shopping, you don’t need to wait until Presidents Day day to take advantage of these incredible deals, though. Plenty of online mattress brands and retailers begin advertising their big sales up to seven days before the holiday. This means you’ll have time to compare beds and prices before making a decision.

Don’t worry if you forgot about all of the mattress sales going on because you were busy planning a holiday vacation or just simply relaxing. You will still have time after Presidents Day has come and gone to benefit from the advertised discounts. The majority of online mattress companies will let their discount codes remain valid for an additional three- to five days. Some brands will even go as far as running their sales for a week and a half after the holiday has passed.

Do You Need A Presidents Day Mattress Discount Code?

Yes and no. Some mattress brands will automatically apply the advertised promotional discount to your cart, and other brands will offer a promo code for you to manually enter yourself.

If you need to enter a code, the process is very straightforward. When you have found the mattress you’re interested in buying, click the “checkout” or “add to cart” button on the page. Once you’ve finished reviewing your order on the checkout page, find the box that says “apply code,” “add promo,” or something to that effect. This is where you will type in or paste the voucher code you got from our Mattress Deals Page. Click “apply” to wrap up the process, and your new total will reflect the savings.

Several online mattress companies will not provide a code for you to use in order to get a discount. Instead, they will automatically apply the Presidents Day voucher to your cart. Nectar is one such example that will usually take up to $125 off your purchase and gift you two free pillows automatically in the cart.

A Couple Of Our Favorite Bed-In-A-Box Holiday Deals

Mattress: Avocado Mattress
Synopsis: A natural and organic latex hybrid mattress perfect for back and stomach sleepers who want a firm, eco-friendly bed.
Deal: $100 Off By Using Code GREEN100

avocado green mattress review
The popular natural/organic Avocado Mattress

Mattress: Big Fig Mattress
Synopsis: A heavy-duty hybrid mattress specifically designed to be extra supportive for sleepers who weigh over 250 lbs.
Deal: $300 Off By Using Code SLUMBERYARD


big fig mattress review profile
An overview of Big Fig (short for “bigger figure”)

Mattress: My Green Mattress (Natural Escape Model)
Synopsis: Great choice for eco-conscious consumers on a budget. This mattress uses a combination of latex foam and coils that provide ample support.
Deal: 15% Off By Using Code SY15

my green mattress side sleeper review
Matt is a big fan of the Natural Escape mattress

Mattress: Brooklyn Bedding Mattress
Synopsis: A high-quality hybrid mattress with a medium firmness that suits all sleeper types and a neutral-foam feel. Brooklyn Bedding manufactures their own beds in the USA, making them more affordable than comparable beds. The brands also offer several other beds, including a bed for heavy folks and a budget-friendly mattress.
Deal: 25 Off By Using Code PRESIDENT25

brooklyn bedding signature mattress review bed in a box
A queen size Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress

Mattress: Casper Mattress
Synopsis: Casper offers several different beds, but their flagship is one of the most popular online mattresses on the market. This bed has an all-foam construction and is great for people under 230 lbs who want a neutral mattress with a medium firmness level.
Deal: 10/15% Off By Using Code PRES15

casper original mattress close up on tag
The extremely popular Casper Original mattress

Mattress: Nest Bedding Mattress
Synopsis: A premium mattress brand that offers high-quality beds from a thick hybrid mattress, a flippable hybrid option, or a natural and organic latex bed.
Deal: 20$ Off By Using Code PREZZZDAY

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review Back Sleeper
Their Signature Mattress is offered in multiple firmness levels and suits any sleeper type

Mattress: Nolah Mattress
Synopsis: Nolah is a popular online mattress brand with three different bed options: a soft Original 10″ bed perfect for side sleepers, a thick all-foam Signature 12″ mattress, and have since introduced their thick, Nolah Evolution 15″ hybrid mattress, which accommodates heavy sleepers.
Deal: Up To $800 Off depending on product

Nolah Original 10 Mattress Review Profile Overview
The Original 10″ all-foam mattress is best for petite to average-sized individuals

Mattress: Purple Mattress
Synopsis: Purple introduced a whole new type of mattress to the market, including stretchy, comfy, supportive Hyper-Elastic Polymer. They offer hybrid options and foam options with profiles that range from medium to medium-firm.
Deal: Up To $150 Off

purple mattress review new purple 2 bed in a box
The Purple 2 bed which includes a pocketed coil base layer, perfect for all body types (including heavy sleepers)

Mattress: Tuft and Needle Mattress
Synopsis: The flagship Tuft and Needle mattress is ultra accommodating and comfortable, not to mention very friendly on the wallet. It has a medium firmness level and a responsive, neutral-foam feel.
Deal: Up To 15% Off

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review Cover
Tuft and Needle’s flagship mattress

Mattress: Allswell accessories
Synopsis: Allswell is brought to you by Walmart, who was eager to join the online mattress market. They offer a wide range of accessories, including three different memory foam mattress toppers.
Deal: 20% Off By Using Code PREZ21

Allswell Copper Gel Graphite Topper Best List
The premium Allswell mattress topper with its cooling strip in the center

Also, our Mattress Finder Quiz is worth taking a look at if you’re having difficulty determining which bed is right for you.

Attention: Some Mattress Sales Can Be Disingenuous

Mind you, not every fantastic mattress sale should be taken at face value. Simply because a company is promoting a deal where they’re taking $250 off a particular bed doesn’t mean it’s a great bargain. In order to make their sales look more desirable than they truly are, some retailers and online mattress companies will use marketing gimmicks to build them up.

An example of a commonly used scheme is when the same product is sold in various stores, but they all have different names. This makes it difficult for a consumer to be able to properly compare prices for the same product. A salesperson can easily say that the bed you’re looking at is the last one they have in stock, and this would be the only time you could get it at that particular price. When you have nothing else to compare it to, you might feel like you’re left with no choice but to buy the mattress.

You’re probably asking yourself how are you supposed to know if you’re getting a great deal or not. Well, we recommend you take a look at our mattress reviews once you’ve figured out which mattress you’d like to purchase. We include a price section in all of our reviews that list what the true MSRP for each bed is and the discount you should anticipate to receive. This information will help you pin down whether a brand is being trustworthy with their deals or not.

Make Sure You Read The Disclaimers And Disclosures

Mattress companies will endorse incredible promotions all through the year, but you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket just yet. For example, a company will advertise a sale telling customers they will take $400 off of your purchase, but then the fine print will mention that the condition is you spend over a certain total amount.

This could mean you would need to add $2,800 worth of products in your cart in order to “save” $400. Not only would you get the bed you originally visited the website for, but you would also have to buy a bed frame, bed sheets, and a matching dog bed, as well, just to meet the total cart amount required for the discount.

Fortunately, most companies are very straightforward with their deals. That aside, it’s still in your best interest to diligently do your research and read everything before investing your money in anything, especially a mattress you plan on sleeping on every night for the next decade or so.

Should You Shop Online Or In-Store?

This is a question everyone should ask themselves, no matter what it is they’re in the market for. There’s a reason online shopping has become more commonplace and has quickly turned into the favored shopping method.

The mattress industry is no stranger to the online shopping fad. Unfortunately, not all consumers have a clear understanding of how their policies work, no matter how young or old they are.

People have been accustomed to visiting their local mattress store for numerous decades because online shopping for a new bed wasn’t possible then. This outdated way of shopping is why online mattress companies created and offer risk-free trial periods. Customers can now try before they (officially) buy.

Online companies usually offer up to three months, on average, to test the mattress in your own home. This will give you more than enough time to decide if the mattress is the right fit for you or not. Keep in mind that it’s advised that you keep the bed for the full 30-day “break-in period” before making a decision either way. If you determine during the trial period that you don’t like it, you can return the bed. Returns are typically free, and the company will usually take care of the removal process for you.

When you compare the prices that bed-in-a-box and direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies offer to those of local mattress retailers, you’ll find they are more financially modest. It’s simply a fact that overseeing a plethora of brick and mortar retail stores is more expensive than maintaining an online business. Therefore, DTC businesses can cut out the middle man and present customers with more competitive prices and discounts.

We understand why some people might still prefer to shop in-store; however, we also think there are several benefits to buying a new bed online when considering the points we listed above.

Important Mattress Considerations

There are many essential factors to consider when you’re in the market for a new mattress. Here is a quick summary of what those principal elements are. For more details on each subject, we recommend taking a look at our Mattress Buying Guide.

Construction – There is more than one type of mattress to choose from. Well-known options are traditional innerspring, all-foam, and hybrid beds. Each one has its own pros and cons.

Feel – Mattresses come in an assortment of feels. There is a latex foam feel, neutral-foam feel, and memory foam feel, to name a few. The feel of the bed you purchase should be based on your personal preference.

Firmness And Sleeper Type – Which positions you primarily sleep in are important to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the best mattress for you. For instance, people who mostly sleep on their side prefer softer beds to mold to their curves, while folks who sleep on their back and stomach prefer firmer ones to support their spine.

Body Type – How much you weigh directly affects how soft you perceive a mattress to feel. Bigger sleepers will usually feel like most beds are on the soft side because they put a lot of pressure into the mattress. On the other hand, petite sleepers will feel like most beds are too firm because they don’t exert very much pressure into them. So, if a heavyweight sleeper is searching for a mattress that is supportive, we recommend getting a firm bed.

Temperature Regulation – A mattress that has great cooling and airflow properties is recommended for folks who sleep hot or live in a warm climate. In order to make mattress covers cool to the touch, several bed-in-a-box companies incorporate unique textiles and fibers in the fabric to help them stay cool.

Responsiveness – Responsiveness relates to how quickly, or slowly, the top layers of a bed resurface when the pressure has been removed. Folks who switch positions a lot throughout the night or are active sleepers need to find a responsive mattress to move around on easily. Memory foam mattresses with slow responsiveness could leave you feeling stuck while you sleep.

Motion Isolation – If you or your partner are active sleepers, it’s very important to have a mattress that is great at isolating motion. A noteworthy way to ensure one will get a restful night’s sleep is to make sure they’re not jostled awake any time their partner switches sleeping positions or gets up to get a glass of water.

Edge Support – Mattresses with proper edge support will allow you and your partner to spread out on the bed easily without feeling like you’re going to roll onto the floor. Some solid edge support will provide both partners better use of the bed’s surface area.

Shipping And Returns With Bed-In-A-Box Mattresses

Regardless of the method your mattress arrives at your home in, the shipping cost is usually free. Some mattresses are rolled up in a protective bag, some are compressed in a box, and others arrive via white glove delivery. White glove delivery is when a delivery crew is sent to your home and they take care of the setup for you. There are also times when the delivery crew will haul away your old mattress for free to a charity, however, this option varies by mattress brand.

As we mentioned before, the majority of online beds come with a risk-free trial period. This is how bed-in-a-box companies avoid having hundreds of retail stores to look after. Instead, you get the opportunity to test the mattress from your own home and decide whether or not you want to keep it. 100 nights is the industry standard for trial periods; however, there are a fair amount of companies that extend that amount. The popular brand Brooklyn Bedding offers consumers 120 nights to test their beds.

If you decide during the trial period that you would like to return the mattress, the process is nothing to stress about. All you need to do is call the company’s customer service department, and they will take care of scheduling the mattress removal for you. Removal is usually free. Once the bed has been picked up from your home, you usually need to provide the company with proof of pick up receipt in order to receive your full refund.

Given all of the points listed above, you can begin to see why online shopping has been so well-received. When you can choose to test a bed from the comfort of your own home or spend time in a crowded retail store, the choice is an easy one.

Warranties With Online Beds

Online beds come with a warranty just like the ones you can buy in-store. The industry standard for a warranty is 10 years. The warranty will usually cover manufacturing defects in the mattresses cover, cracks or physical flaws in the foam, and body impressions larger than one inch. These are common things that are listed in warranties, but you should always read them to see what else is covered.

Just like with several trial periods, some companies exceed the industry standard for the warranty. For example, Nest Bedding goes above and beyond and offers a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. Again, it’s important to be diligent and read the details about each bed’s warranty before buying anything.

Caring For Online Mattresses

Although nearly all online mattresses come with a removable cover, it’s advised that you don’t attempt to machine wash them. There are only a few beds we’ve found that have machine-washable removable covers. YogaBed and Novosbed are two beds that come to mind that fall into this category.

If the mattress gets dirty over a long time of use, using your favorite mild detergent and some water to spot clean, it will do the trick. Simply apply a little bit of the mild detergent to the affected areas and carefully rub the spots with a damp washcloth.

Presidents Day Mattress Shopping Review

We hope this Presidents Day mattress guide has been nothing short of insightful. The bottom line is this is a popular time of the year to shop for a new bed. There’s a chance you might get your hands on a popular mattress with a great discount.

With that being said, it’s crucial to do your due diligence. You shouldn’t blindly accept the flowery rhetoric some retailers and mattress companies advertise. It pays to do some research of your own to properly determine which beds are right for your sleeping habits. This will help you separate the good deals from the bad ones.

Thanks again for choosing to spend your time with The Slumber Yard, and enjoy your long weekend.