The Different Types Of Beds

You have many options when choosing a new bed frame to support your mattress, and we commend you for doing your research to ensure you get the best one. You can match a bed frame with the style of your home or a specific room, buy one with special high-tech features, or find a simple one that’ll get the job done at a low budget. Bed frames are an essential part of your new bed purchase, and some mattresses even require one in order to uphold its warranty.

Bed Frame Styles

Continue on below to learn all about the different types of bed frames you can purchase to compliment your mattress and or bedroom. 


Platform beds are durable and are generally pretty stylish. They are made of wood and have slats or woven slats that support the mattress, leaving room for air to get to the mattress’s bottom. There is no need for a box spring with a platform bed frame. 


Panel beds usually have a headboard and footboard (decorated panels). They are similar to platform beds, except there is an option for a box spring on a panel bed frame if you want one. You can find panel beds that are unfinished and paint the wood any color you’d like, or you can buy them already finished and ready to go. 


Sleigh beds are so aptly named because they look like — wait for it — sleighs. The headboard and footboards are curved like a sleigh, sometimes with the footboard bigger than the headboard. These beds frames are often made with wood or some metals, though, the wood used to make them can be very heavy. 


Canopy bed frames can give a luxury look to your bedroom, as they have tall posts coming from all four corners of the frame with connecting pieces at the top, making a box shape above your bed. You can leave it as it is, or drape fabric material over the bed’s top and sides. 


Trundle beds are popular with siblings because the bed frame holds two mattresses with one underneath that can be tucked away. The top mattress is always out, while the bottom mattress can be pulled out almost like a drawer. It’s a two-in-one bed, and perfect for small spaces. It’s a great alternative to bunk beds if you don’t want to take up that much space. 

Day Bed

Day beds are usually used in guest rooms or living rooms because they are not just used for sleeping. They can be used for sitting, lounging, reading, etc.. They can have a back on them or arm rests, much like a couch or sofa. 


The Murphy bed is named after William L. Murphy, and they are the kind that folds up into the wall during the day, to allow more space in your room. Murphy beds are perfect for you if you’re looking to save space, such as in a dorm room or apartment. 


Folding beds are more uncommon but they are also space savers. Sometimes they fold up into a couch, and sometimes they fold up into what looks like a cabinet. The design options are endless, and it all depends on how you want it to look and the space you’re looking to take up. 


The Divan bed also provides space-saving capabilities. Most of them have drawers built into the bottom for extra storage space. They have soft headboards, perfect for sitting, whether you like to read or watch movies. 


Futon beds can be used for sleeping at nighttime, then folded up to be used as a couch during the day. There’s a good variety of futon beds to choose from, and they come in a multitude of styles. The frames are usually made out of wood, or a type of metal. 

Futon Bunk

A futon bunk bed has a couch on the bottom and a mattress on the top, similar to a bunk bed. Rather than having a couch and a mattress separate from each other in your room, they’re stacked to allow for more space. 

Bunk with Trundle Bed

Need to sleep three people? The bunk with a trundle bed can get the job done. It’s a combination of a bunk bed and a trundle bed. There’s a top bed, bottom bed, and another bed underneath that pulls out when needed. These are perfect for parents with two or more kids sharing a room. 

Twin Over Full Bunk

A twin over full bunk bed is exactly what it sounds like — a twin mattress fits on the top, and a full mattress fits on the bottom. Whereas the traditional bunk bed fits two twin mattresses instead. 


Cabin beds have some great features, such as multiple drawers and cubbies for extra storage. Some even have a desk that pulls out when needed. Cabin beds are perfect for organization in your bedroom. 

Adjustable Bed Frame 

Adjustable bed frames can be moved into a few different positions. You can have it lie flat like a traditional bed, have the bottom bend up so your knees are bent when laying down, have the top at an incline so your upper half is in a seated position, or you can have both the top and bottom moved so you’re in a seated position with your legs bent. They are perfect for the individuals who watch TV or sleep in bed, post-surgery relief, snoring, or back pain. They also tend to be high off the ground, and allow for ample under-bed storage space. 

Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is a bed that folds up into a sofa during the day and folds out into a bed during the night. It can be an excellent place for guests to sleep when you have them over. 

Bed Frame Materials

There are some different bed frame types with different materials used. 


Metal bed frames are quite common and usually affordable. They are lighter than other options, so they are easier to move if needed. Some can be used with a box spring, while others don’t need one. 


Upholstered bed frames are becoming increasingly more popular. They are stylish with different types of fabrics and colors. They can also have a lovely, upholstered headboard, perfect for reading in bed. 


Wood bed frames have always been popular. They can be painted any color you want or even have designs carved into them. Many people shopping for a bed frame compare wood vs upholstered when deciding between different bed frame materials. 


A woven bed frame is made of wicker. They work well in country or beach style homes. Additionally, they are durable but also lightweight. 


Brass can make a beautiful bed frame that is both easy to move and heavy duty. They come in a variety of styles, some with head and footboards and some without. 

How To Choose A Bed Frame

Now that you’re up to date on the different types of bed frames and the materials used in making them, let’s get into the thing you should take into consideration when you’re buying a frame.  


Size is an essential factor when choosing a bed frame. Poster and canopy beds are beautiful but may not work for small homes. Adjustable bed frames, trundles, and bunk beds are great for saving space. If you need extra storage space, you might want to go with a cabin bed frame or divan with drawers and cubbies. 


Your budget is also a factor. The most affordable bed frames are made of wood or metal. More expensive frames are the adjustable beds, canopy beds, or poster beds. 


No matter what your style is, or what style you want for a particular room, you can find a bed frame that will fit it well. You don’t have to settle on something standard if you don’t want to, nor do you have to go all out and buy something fancy if it doesn’t suit you (or your budget). 

Storage Space

As you saw above, some bed frames come with cabinets or drawers where you can store away your things,  or allow for extra space underneath where you can keep boxes, suitcases, out-of-season clothing, etc.. 

Your Specific Needs

Do you want it to have a massage feature or be split down the middle (what an adjustable bed frame can offer)? Do you have two little kids, and they need a bunk bed? Maybe you have more than two kids and need a bunk bed with a trundle to sleep three people. Do you have limited space in our apartment and want a Murphy or folding bed? Think about any specific needs you may have while shopping for a bed frame. 

Slumber Yard Closing Thoughts

There are a wide variety of different types of bed frames, styles, materials, and sizes to choose from. We know online mattress accessory shopping can be a little overwhelming, so we’re here to guide you through the process. We hope this article helped give you a place to start, and you have an idea of which bed frame you might like best.