It’s true you can’t fit a bed-in-a-box back in the box. But that doesn’t mean that returning your mattress is impossible. In fact, most online mattress companies have a fairly straightforward returns process with just a small amount of effort required on your end. 

Specific return policies will vary by brand, but in general, all you’ll need to do is reach out to your retailer and coordinate a truck to pick up your mattress. And the best part? As a bed-in-a-box customer, returning a mattress is usually free.

The Slumber Yard has created this guide to help you through the process and answer common questions about how to return an online mattress. We’ve also included the mattress return policies of several well-known bed-in-a-box companies, so you know what to expect before you buy.

Why Would You Want To Return A Mattress?

For the most part, online mattress shopping is extremely convenient, but one downside is that you can’t try out your bed before you buy it. There are several reasons why your mattress might not meet your expectations when it arrives, including firmness and temperature issues. Here are some reasons that you might return your bed-in-a-box mattress.

Wrong feel or firmness

Feel or firmness is the most likely reason that you will return your mattress. Maybe your bed is softer or firmer than you’d prefer. Or perhaps it has a memory foam feeling when you’d prefer a neutral-foam feeling. In either case, you should feel comfortable returning your mattress if it isn’t exactly what you want.

Sleeps too hot

If you’re someone who sleeps hot at night, you’ll want to look for a bed that keeps you cool (or is at least temperature-neutral). For reference, mattresses with coils create better airflow than all-foam beds — especially memory foam beds, which contour to your body and swaddle you through the night.

Not good for couples

When you sleep next to a significant other, it’s important that your mattress is sturdy enough to hold two people comfortably. If you feel like you’re falling off the edge of the bed or you’re waking up when your partner rolls around, you might consider returning your mattress for one with better edge support and motion isolation.

Too small or too big

Without seeing your mattress in person, it can be tough to gauge how it will fit in your bedroom. If you’re finding that your new bed is too small or large for your space, you could return it or exchange it for another size.

Return Process By Top Companies

Every company will have a different return policy, so before you buy a mattress, make sure to do your research. Here’s how to return a mattress in a box from some of the industry’s top companies.

CompanyReturn Policy
Amazon– Since Amazon sells products from many different brands, your mattress return policy will vary depending on which company you buy from.
– If you buy a mattress from Amazon, you’ll get the company’s 30-day return policy. However, if you purchase the mattress from the manufacturer (on Amazon), you should get the company’s standard return policy. Specific return instructions will depend on the seller. 
– It’s worth mentioning that returning a mattress to Amazon can be tricky, and some people have reported that they weren’t able to get a full refund for their purchase. We’d recommend reading the fine print closely before buying.
Casper– After a required 30-day adjustment period, you can return your mattress for free, up until 100 days after the delivery date.
– If your mattress is still in the original box, Casper will arrange a free UPS pickup. If it’s opened, the company will coordinate a free courier pickup. From there, your mattress will be donated to a local charity.
Saatva– If you decide that you don’t like your mattress during the 180-night trial, you can return it.
However, unlike many other mattress companies, Saatva charges a $99 fee for returns, which covers transportation and labor.
– Once your mattress is picked up, it will be donated to a veterans’ shelter or offered to an employee across Saatva’s delivery centers.
Purple– You can return your Purple mattress for free, as long as it’s in between 21 and 100 days of delivery.
– Once you’ve initiated the return process, the company will have a third party pick up the mattress from your home.
Nectar– Opened Nectar mattresses can be returned for free during the 365-day trial (as long as it’s been at least 30 days since it was delivered). Unopened beds can be returned immediately, up to 90 days after delivery.
– Since the trial period is so long, you could argue that Nectar has the best mattress return policy for a bed-in-a-box brand.
Puffy– Puffy’s return policy requires you to try the bed for at least 14 days before initiating a return. After that, you have until the end of the 101-night trial period to complete the return. The company will have your mattress donated to a local charity. 
– If you received any free promotional items (such as sheets) with your purchase, you can keep them or donate them.
– The value will be deducted from your return.
Layla– Layla allows mattress returns at any point within its 120-night trial. 
– If you decide to return your bed, the company will help you donate it to a person in need. You’ll just need to send a photo of the donation receipt as proof.
– If you live in a place that doesn’t allow mattress donations, Layla will have your bed recycled.
Brooklyn Bedding– You can return your Brooklyn Bedding mattress for a full refund between 30 and 120 days after delivery.
– If you bought your mattress from a retail location, contact the store to begin your refund. If you made an online purchase, you can start the process on the Brooklyn Bedding website.
– Brooklyn Bedding allows one return per customer per calendar year.
Helix– After the mandatory 30-day break-in period, you can request a refund from Helix (until the end of the 100-night sleep trial). Returns are free.
– Helix will coordinate with a local pickup partner to collect the mattress from your home and donate or recycle it.
– The company has a maximum of two returns per person or household.
Tuft & Needle– If you purchased your mattress directly from Tuft & Needle, you can return it for free within the 100-night trial period.
– The company will help you to find a local charity to donate your mattress and will issue a refund when you upload the receipt. If you can’t donate, Tuft & Needle will work with you on an alternate arrangement.
– If you purchased a Tuft & Needle bed through Amazon or Lowe’s, you will need to return it to that retailer.
– Tuft & Needle accepts one return per household per year.

What Happens To The Mattress You Return?

As you may have noticed from the brands’ return policies, most returned mattresses are donated to a charity or non-profit. Often, they’re given to organizations like the Salvation Army, women’s resource centers, or homeless shelters.

However, some states don’t allow used mattresses to be donated. In these places, your manufacturer will usually help you recycle your mattress so its parts can be repurposed. When recycling isn’t possible, your company may hire a waste removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK to take your bed to the landfill.

Too Long, Didn’t Read?

Simply put, returning a mattress that you bought online doesn’t have to be difficult. Specific instructions will depend on your manufacturer’s mattress return policy, but the process for how to return a mattress is fairly similar across the board.

You’ll initiate your return online, giving the company some information about your purchase and explaining the reason for your return. (Just make sure you’re requesting the refund within your trial period.) Once it’s been approved, your mattress company will arrange a pickup to donate your bed to a local charitable organization or recycle it.