If you are searching for the perfect blanket, you want to make sure that it is the right size for what you plan on using it for. Whether you are the kind of person who has a blanket for every occasion and would wear a blanket as a fashion accessory if it were socially acceptable, or a person who can sleep under nothing but a sheet for ten out of the twelve months of the year, you likely want to make sure that your blanket is the right size for you and your use case. 

What Kind Of Blanket Are You Looking For?

When it comes to the dimensions of a blanket, it is a good idea to think about how you plan on using the blanket. Are you looking for a baby shower gift? Do you need to replace the throw blanket on your couch? Are you looking for a new comforter or duvet that will nicely cover your mattress? For all of these instances, you’ll probably want a different size and style of blanket. 

Honestly, blankets come in all shapes and sizes, and the dimensions for each size classification can also vary a bit from blanket to blanket. There is also a lot of variation in pricing. You can get a luxurious and expensive blanket made from high-quality materials, or a cheap but cozy enough blanket from Walmart, and everything in between.

Purple Gravity Weighted Blanket
Purple makes a pretty cozy blanket

Some things that you should account for when you are shopping for a blanket, especially one for your bed, is the way that you would like it to fit over your mattress. In general, you should account for a few extra inches of length on either side so that your blanket can be tucked in or draped over the side of your mattress. Also, if you have a mattress that is particularly tall (most average mattresses are about 11” tall) you might want to opt for a slightly larger blanket that won’t look dwarfed by your extra tall bed. 

What Size Blanket Do I Need?

Twin Size Bed

Twin mattresses are great for kids and for small spaces. Most twin sized mattresses measure around 39” by 75.” The standard twin size blanket dimensions will be around 66” by 90,” which gives about thirteen inches of blanket on either side to drape over the sides of the mattress and about 15 inches more on the top and bottom ends. The twin blanket size also makes it great to use on the couch, where it will be large enough to cover you, but not too big to take over the entire sofa.

There are also twin XL mattresses which are about 5” longer than traditional twin mattresses. These are great for college students and for studio apartments because they don’t take up much space, but are long enough for taller adults to sleep comfortably on. Twin XL blankets are usually 66”x 95”, adding a few inches all around the blanket. We find that it is pretty rare to find a twin XL blanket though, so in general a twin size blanket or a full size blanket should work perfectly fine for your twin XL mattress.

Full Size Bed

Full size mattresses, also known as “double beds,” are about 50% wider than a twin sized mattress, which makes them a good option for single adults who want a little bit of extra space and for couples who are on a tight budget. The full size mattress dimensions are 54” by 75”, and most full sized blankets will be around 80” by 90”.

This, again, means that there is a fair bit of space on all of the edges of the blanket to hang over the side of your mattress and will also account for displacement of the blanket when you sleep underneath it. By displacement, we mean that when you are laying on your bed, there is more surface area for the blanket to cover than when it is just draped flat over the surface of the mattress, so having a little extra material on the sides helps ensure that you don’t end up with one side of your body exposed to the cold.

Queen Size Bed

How about a queen? The standard queen size blanket dimensions are 90” by 100”. They are designed, logically, to fit on queen mattresses, which are generally 60” wide and 80” long.

layla weighted blanket review
A look at the Layla blanket on the queen size Layla mattress

To put this into perspective, 80 inches is equivalent to just over 6 ½ feet. Twin XL mattresses, queen sized mattresses, and king sized mattresses are all 80” long because most adults are shorter than 6’6”. When mattress sizes get larger, the width is the main thing that changes, because a wider bed allows for couples and single people alike to have more space to spread out on their mattress.

King Size Bed

King size mattresses are usually 76” wide and 80” long. They are most ideal for couples, especially if one or both or the partners are especially tall or have a larger frame. If you want a blanket that will be big enough to cover a bed this large, you should look for a king sized blanket. For reference, king size blanket dimensions are about 108” x 100”.

California king mattresses are similar to king sized mattresses but their dimensions are slightly different. While a standard king is 80” long, California kings are slightly longer and slightly narrower at 72” x 84,” making them a great choice for folks who are much taller than average. Blankets that are specifically made for California king mattresses should be around 104” by 108.”

What Is The Right Blanket Size For My Baby?

Baby blankets range from “lovey” size, which is 10” by 10”, to swaddling blankets, which are 47” by 47”. If you are looking for a blanket that will fit perfectly in a baby’s crib, try finding one that is 45” by 60”, which is the standard measurement for crib mattresses. Unlike other blankets, you don’t want a crib blanket to have any extra material because cribs don’t have a lot of extra space for the blanket to hang down or get tucked in, and it can also be a safety hazard for little ones if there is too much extra fabric. You can also find square receiving blankets that are the perfect size for swaddling a newborn. These blankets are usually 40” by 40”, a bit smaller than normal swaddling blankets, which can accommodate a growing baby.

What Is A Throw Blanket?

Personally, I have dubbed any blanket that I can toss on the back of my couch or the foot of my bed a throw blanket, but there is actually a little bit of specification about what distinguishes throw blankets from other types of blankets. These blankets are generally on the smaller side, at around 52” by 60,” and not meant to cover the entire body. They are great for adding a pop of color or a cozy decoration to an interior scheme and can provide a little bit of lightweight comfort when thrown onto your lap, but ultimately a throw blanket probably won’t keep you toasty in the dead of winter. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right size blanket really depends on where you plan on using it and how much material you like to cozy up with. For smaller beds and couches, you’re probably safe with a throw blanket or a twin or full size blanket. But for bigger beds, you’ll want to buy a blanket that matches your bed size.

Ultimately, no matter what temperature you prefer to sleep in, your comfort is key to a good night’s sleep. So hopefully this guide has provided some useful insights to help you find a blanket that will serve your sleeping situation perfectly.