It’s pretty easy to remember to clean your sheets or your comforter or pillowcases. What may not be as easy or intuitive is remembering to clean other parts of your bed — like the mattress topper if you’ve got one. Cleaning routines can vary based on what your topper is made out of and what the dirt situation might be with it. It is best to deep clean your mattress topper (which is different from a mattress pad) a few times a year and routinely clean it every few weeks with spot-cleaning treatments in the interim. Keeping it clean not only makes the routine cleaning process easier, but it can also keep your mattress topper in good condition. This can lengthen the lifespan and also make sure you’re not trapping any allergens in it!

How to Routinely Clean a Mattress Topper

Though you might be inclined to throw a mattress topper in the washing machine, you’d best not. Unless the care tag on your mattress topper specifically says it’s machine washable, you should operate under the assumption that it requires hand washing. Luckily, it’s really easy to routinely clean a mattress topper.

What You Need

  • Vacuum
  • Warm water
  • Gentle soap
  • Rag
  • Baking soda


  1. Remove the mattress topper and set it down on the floor.
  2. Vacuum any debris off the mattress topper. 
  3. Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress topper.
  4. Vacuum after a few hours. 
  5. Air dry.

How to Deep-Clean a Mattress Topper

Deep cleaning a mattress topper isn’t any harder than routinely cleaning it. Plus, if you’ve been routinely cleaning it, deep cleaning is much simpler. It’s not a bad idea to deep clean the mattress topper every few months to keep it in good condition and to keep the allergens away.

What You Need

  • Vacuum
  • Cool water
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle
  • Baking soda
  • Rag


  1. Remove mattress topper and place on the floor.
  2. Vacuum any debris off the mattress topper.
  3. Mix the vinegar and cool water and pour into the spray bottle.
  4. Spray the mattress topper with the solution but try not to get it soaked. 
  5. Dab the wet areas with the rag.
  6. Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress topper and let sit for a few hours.
  7. Vacuum again.
  8. Air dry.

How to Remove Stains from a Mattress Topper 

Stains happen. Whether you’ve got yellowing stains from sweat and body oil or you’ve spilled something in bed (we’ve all been there), there are ways you can get those stains out. It just requires a bit of mixing to make a solution to clean with.  

What You Need

  • Cool water
  • Gentle soap, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda
  • Rag
  • Toothbrush


  1. Mix the water with either soap, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda to make a cleaning solution. 
  2. Using the toothbrush, scrub the stained spot.
  3. Let sit but try not to let it soak.
  4. Use the rag to wipe away the cleaning solution.
  5. Repeat as needed until the stain is out.
  6. Air dry.

After Materials 

  • Baking soda + water: A baking soda and water paste can be used for any light stains. Scrub it in with a toothbrush and let sit before rinsing off.
  • Water + gentle soap: Water and soap are simple cleaning solutions that will work on spots.
  • Water + vinegar: Vinegar is a natural cleaning solution that will work on light stains.
  • Water + hydrogen peroxide: This is a stronger cleaner that you can use on real stains like blood. Just don’t use this on memory foam.
  • Enzyme cleaner: These cleaners can work on blood stains as well, along with sweat and other bodily fluids.

Special Considerations for Memory Foam Mattress Toppers 

Wondering how to clean a special memory foam mattress topper? It’s not too different from cleaning any other mattress topper. Memory foam can absorb the liquid you’re cleaning your mattress topper with, so it’s important to keep that in mind. While it’s fine to use small amounts of water and vinegar to clean a memory foam mattress topper, it’s best to use it sparingly. Also, keep in mind that any harsher cleaning agents can damage the foam. While using something like hydrogen peroxide or bleach solution can be effective in ridding a set-in stain, it’s not recommended to use those on memory foam because it will break down the foam and cause your memory foam mattress topper to deteriorate faster. It’s also not recommended to machine wash a memory foam mattress topper ever or steam clean it. Either one of these can seriously damage the foam, which is something you definitely don’t want to do because it’ll just ruin it.


Can you put a foam mattress topper in the washing machine?

You cannot. If you need to wash a foam mattress topper, spot clean it with water and gentle soap or vinegar. Use a rag to scrub any stains and allow it to fully air dry before putting it back on the bed.

What causes yellow stains on mattress toppers? 

Yellow stains on a mattress topper are usually from body fluids like sweat or oil. This is very common and can be treated with a cleaning solution of water and vinegar or baking soda. 

Can you steam clean a memory foam mattress topper?

It’s not recommended to steam clean a memory foam mattress topper. The steam can damage the memory foam and hurt the integrity of it. Instead, stick to cleaning it gently with soap and water. 

Final Thoughts

When considering how to wash a mattress topper, there are a few things to keep in mind. Cleaning a mattress topper is very important to maintain the integrity of the topper and to keep you from sleeping in any allergens. It’s a process that shouldn’t be intimidating at all and can easily be done with household items. It’s not a bad idea to clean your mattress topper with a vacuum every time you change your sheets and deep clean it every few months. This will keep it in tip-top shape.