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How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding Around

How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding Around

What can you do to prevent mattress movement?

There’s nothing more annoying than a mattress that won’t stay in place. In this post, we discuss how you can keep your mattress from sliding on a metal frame or platform bed. We also cover some helpful options that you can purchase on Amazon at a fairly cheap price.

There is something just so pesky and annoying about a mattress sliding around on its bed frame or box spring. We move around in our sleep, but the bed shouldn’t move around with you. Whether you’re having a pillow fight, a restless night, or an intimate rendezvous, the last thing you need to worry about is your bed sliding around and you ending up on the floor. Thankfully, there are some simple and incredibly affordable products you can order off Amazon that will easily fix this problem for you.

This is a major issue

Also, you might want some help from a friend or family member with this. Mattresses can be heavy and need to be adjusted from opposite sides at the same time.

What Causes A Mattress To Slide

Little to no friction. This is the usual culprit to a mattress that’s slip and sliding all over the place, especially if you have a two sided memory foam or latex foam mattress. This happens because the material doesn’t get a good enough grip against your bed frame to keep it in place.

Old mattress. Like almost everything on this earth besides fine wine, quality decreases with age. Think back at the time you purchased your mattress, how long has it been since then? If your answer is ten years or older, the cause of your mattress moving could simply be old age. After years of continuous use, mattresses will collect a layer of your body oil and dirt on the bottom, hence the sliding.

Improper support. The answer to your issue may be that your bed frame is too big for your mattress, or the legs to your bed frame are sliding around. Most bed frames come up a few inches from the slats so that the mattress sits down in the frame, which helps to keep it in place. Sometimes these frames have extra space between the sides and the mattress to accommodate any bedding, but if there’s too much space, your mattress might slide around a bit. The legs could also have something to do with it, if they’re wooden and sliding on a slippery surface.

Options To Stop Mattress Movement

Mattress non-slip pad. This is an easy and economical way to stop, and further prevent any slipping and sliding of your mattress. They come in rubber options, which is the same material used to keep carpets in place or what people sometimes use to line their cupboard shelves, and some foam options. Simply place it between your mattress and your box spring or bed frame and you’re done. They also shouldn’t change the feel of the bed, because they’re so thin.

You’ll need to know the measurements of your bed, first. For example, the standard queen size mattress is 60” wide by 80” long. This will help you to make sure you’re getting the correct size product for you bed. You might even want to go a little bigger than the size of your bed, as you can always trim down, so have a pair of scissors close by. If you sleep on a California king and can’t find a size big enough, you can pair two separate mats together.

A cheaper method would be to purchase rubber matting, or take the one underneath your area rug in your living room. Cut it to fit the size of your mattress, and use it as a makeshift non-slip mattress pad. It might sound silly, but you could also use a thin yoga mat or welcome mat if you have either one of these items laying around the house.

Some people have also claimed that double sided carpet tape works too, but we aren’t 100% sure about this one. Of course, this is a great go-to if all else fails.

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Velcro. Did you know that Velcro comes in stick-on strips? They have adhesive on one side, which you stick down to the bottom of your mattress and on your box spring or bed frame. Make sure the loop pieces are opposite the hook pieces, and that they’ll match up when you put the mattress back on its intended surface. The strips should attach to one another, stopping the mattress from moving around.

Bed frame. If your bed isn’t secure within your frame, meaning there are some empty inches either length or width wise, your bed has room to wiggle. Your options are to get a new bed frame that fits accordingly, or you can fill the space with something like wood planks or rolled up towels for a short term remedy. You could also get a different size mattress, which leads us to our next option.

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Mattress model. You might want to consider getting a new mattress. Sometimes two-sided or flippable mattresses have comfortable material on them but it isn’t slip resistant. Or they aren’t stable enough, which leads to rocking, slipping, and moving. Check first to see if your mattress is still under its trial period or warranty, in which it can sometimes be returned or replaced free of charge. If your bed is 10 years or older, it might be time to get a new one anyway. We suggest you look into a one-sided mattress so it’s more likely to stay in place. The bottom of a one-sided mattress is flatter, and meant to face down on a hard surface. Try out our Mattress Finder Quiz, and go from there.

Vacuum under your mattress. Odds are, you’ve only done it once or twice, if that. Your mattress collects dust and dirt over the years it sits in your bedroom, and it can eventually cause it to move around your bed frame.  So try giving your mattress and box spring a good vacuum and see if that does the trick.

If none of these tips and tricks help you out, it looks like you might be sleeping on the couch or in a sleeping bag on the floor.