how to stop your bed from squeaking

How To Stop A Bed From Squeaking

If you have a squeaky mattress, here are some options to make it stop.

There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky bed. In this post, we help you identify where the noise is coming from and give you all the details on how to stop your bed from squeaking.

Squeaky bed? Don’t worry, here are some tips that will help you identify the source and fix the issue to ensure you get a more restful night of sleep.


Between our stressful lives, the blue light coming from all our screens, caffeine, and noisy neighbors, the last thing that should that should be keeping you up at night is a bed that squeaks every time you move on it.

Stop your bed from squeaking making noise
Slumber Yard member JD can’t find where the noise is coming from

First, we’ll help you identify where all this noise is coming from. That’s the first and most important step. After that, we’ll walk you through the multiple options you have for getting rid of the squeak, depending on where the noise is coming from. You’re a grown adult, who shouldn’t have to take their rendezvous to the floor as to not wake up the rest of the house, and your bed shouldn’t creak like a retired athlete every time you settle in for the night.

How To Figure Out Why Your Bed Is Making Noise:

  • First, you need to figure out where the squeak is coming from. It could be your mattress, the box spring, or maybe your frame. To do this, you’re going to have to separate all the different bed items to inspect them separately. Hopefully you have enough space in your bedroom to place the mattress and box spring on the floor next to each other. If not, do one at a time.
  • Let’s start from top to bottom, beginning with the mattress. Mattresses rarely have squeaks in them, and it’s usually only hybrid mattresses, which have coils, that do squeak. We’ve never heard an all-foam make any noise, actually. Anyway, take your mattress and throw in on the floor and roll around on it or have your kids jump all over it. If it is the mattress that’s squeaking, check to see if it’s still under warranty. Some bed companies, like Nest Bedding or DreamCloud, have lifetime warranties. If your mattress isn’t under warranty anymore, then sorry, bud, but that simply means it’s time to get a new one. Try taking our mattress finder quiz to see what is a good option for you.
  • If it’s not the mattress, then check the box spring. The box spring is the most common source of bed squeaking. Same as you did the mattress, put the box spring on the floor and roll around on it. If you hear noise, it’s most likely an old spring or the wood rubbing up against something. We recommend you just get a new box spring. There are some good and affordable options on Amazon.
  • Even if there was a squeak from your box spring, you should probably check the frame, as well. Start by gently putting pressure on different parts of the bed frame and lightly shaking. That includes all four sides, the bottom bases, and the headboard. If you have a four poster bed, be sure to check the overhead, too. If noise is coming from the bed frame, you have a couple of options:

Tighten it up. Grab a screwdriver (or whatever) and tight up all the bolts and screws. Sometimes that’s all it takes. You could also try adding washers to steady things up.

Lubricate. Take some WD40 or beeswax to parts that you think are too tight and rubbing up against each other too much. You may need to apply a couple coats.

What doesn’t WD40 fix?!

Add padding. Take some of those old socks or T-shirts and layer them on top of the slats of your bed frame. This creates a barrier between the mattress and the wood or metal bed frame, so that they don’t have too much friction between them, which may be the cause of the awful squeaking noise.

Check the feet. The noise could be from the footing of your bed rubbing against the floor, especially if you have hardwood. This can even lead to scratching your floors, and nobody wants that. It could also be that the legs of your bed frame are uneven, causing the bed to rock. Try getting some furniture pads on Amazon to stop the friction between them or level it out. You could even take those extra old socks that we talked about above and use them (temporarily).

If all else fails, you could always return to your college days and just sleep with your mattress on the floor!

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