In households with a couple or even an individual, many people enjoy the comfort of a bed larger than a twin or full. However, when choosing between a queen bed and a king bed, you need to weigh a few different factors. Your queen vs. king bed decision will be influenced by price, who sleeps in the bed and the space available in your home, among many other factors. Choosing a king vs. a queen bed wisely can help you get the night of sleep you desire, but that comes at a cost.

Queen vs. King Bed Comparison 

Mattresses are well-regulated so that you can expect a product with strong safety features (usually to avoid flammability) that is actually the size the company claims it to be.

Queen BedKing Bed
Length80 inches80 inches
Width60 inches76 inches
Price Range for a Mid-Range Mattress$600-$1200$900-$1500
Best for (who’s this mattress best for?)Individuals, couples, guest bedroomsCouples, Individuals who move in sleep, anyone who wants extra room

Queen Bed Size

Queen-sized beds have become a staple of common sleep arrangements. While a full-sized bed can technically sleep two people, they may feel cramped, while a queen-sized bed tends to make two people feel either comfortable or just close and snug. They are an affordable option, partially due to being a very standard size that nearly every mattress manufacturer offers. Queen beds are also fairly easy to move since they’re small enough, compared to the king-size, to slip through doorways.


  • Affordable and commonly available
  • Easy to maneuver/fit in many common bedrooms
  • Sleep one or two people


  • May feel cramped with two people and pets or small children
  • May not be enough room for two people who like their space in the bed

King Bed Size 

There’s an association of luxury with king-sized beds – yes, they cost a bit more to produce and thus buy as a consumer, but mostly the feeling of having lots of space to stretch out is a pleasant feeling for a lot of people. There are also times when a king-sized bed does a better job of filling a roomy bedroom and looking like the right ‘fit’ for space. Choosing between a queen and a king bed often comes down to how enjoyable it is to have extra space in the bed, especially if small children visit to sleep or dogs and cats want a spot as well.


  • Greater comfort
  • Looks good in a large room
  • Sleeps two people with ease and leaves room for pets or children


  • Higher price tag 
  • Harder to move in and out
  • Potentially make small bedrooms feel cramped or hard to maneuver

Factors To Consider When Deciding Which Size Is Best

  • The expenses associated with moving up in bed size aren’t just the cost of the mattress. Consider if you’ll have to replace sheets and pillowcases. Many people who move up to a king-sized bed get special extra-wide pillows as well, so that expense should be factored in.
  • Your space might technically fit a bigger bed, but make sure you consider maneuverability, not just the absolute minimum amount of space. Will your room feel cramped or uncomfortable with a bigger bed or will it retain a spacious feel?
  • If you need a new mattress regardless, it may only be a few hundred dollars more to upgrade to a king bed, but if you’re looking at replacing a still-functional queen bed, the cost jump may feel like a lot, compared to $0 to stick with what you have.
  • Do you have small children or pets? It’s often easier to get a comfortable night’s sleep if you are likely to have some sleeping visitors to the king-sized bed, versus a queen or smaller mattress. Large dogs or cats that like to move around at night are both less likely to disturb your sleep in a king-sized bed.
  • Consider the process of getting your bed moved in or moved out and how often that is likely to happen. King-sized beds are much heavier and don’t fit through doors as readily as queen beds, so maneuvering them should be at least some of the concern, especially if you move every few years.

Final Thoughts

There’s no one answer when it comes to queen vs. king bed, but there are factors that can sway you one way or the other. If you are looking for the most economical choice, have a small room and feel that you or you and your partner fit fine in a queen, this size is going to reward you. If you have a lot of bedroom space to fill, have small children or pets who like to spend time in the bed, or prefer to have lots of space, a king-sized bed might be the way to go. Either way, do some comparison shopping and make sure you try both types out before settling on your winner.


What is the difference between a king and a California king?

While a king-sized bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches, a California king measures 72 inches by 84 inches. They are longer for taller sleepers, but they are a little less wide.

What is the difference in king size beds?

Many people report more room or space when sleeping in a king bed, as well as enjoying the look of a larger bed in roomy bedrooms.

Which bed is bigger, queen or king?

A king sized bed is bigger than queen, with around 20% more width. 

What is a Texas king size bed?

A Texas king-sized bed is one of the oversized options for particularly tall people who want more than the standard king-sized bed dimensions; it measures 80 inches by 98 inches.