If you spend any time on YouTube or watching TV, you’ve likely seen a commercial for the Pillow Cube. This pillow dubs itself the “best and most comfortable pillow for side sleepers on the market.” As a side sleeper, I decided to test it myself for 30 days and see if this pillow is everything it claims to be. 

What’s the Pillow Cube Made Of? 

The Pillow Cube is made of viscoelastic polyurethane and carbon fibers — I know, these words don’t mean anything to me either. In easier-to-understand terms, it’s a medium-firm foam that’s soft to the touch. Your hand won’t sink when you put pressure on the pillow — it softly sits at the top. This means when you rest your head on the pillow, it’s positioned perfectly with your shoulders and neck, so you’re not straining your neck by having your head sit too high or too low. 

Which Pillow Cube Did I Try? 

There are two sizes: Pillow Cube Classic and Pillow Cube Pro. The Pillow Cube Classic is 12×12 and offers 5-inch or 6-inch heights. The Pillow Cube Pro is 12×24 and comes in three different heights: 4 inches, 5 inches, or 6 inches. Prices start at $89.99 and vary depending on the pillow size. The pillow of my choice was the 5-inch Pillow Cube Classic. 

How Was My Transition to the Pillow Cube? 

When I received the Pillow Cube through the mail, I was extremely skeptical. It seemed too small for my toddler’s head, so how would my adult-size head fit on it? I tested it in the living room on the floor and realized it actually put my head at a perfect angle. I was able to comfortably lay on my side with my arm nestled next to the pillow. 

My first night on the Pillow Cube was a bit rough. I wasn’t used to having such a small pillow, so I fell/rolled off of it a few times and woke myself up. I was previously sleeping on the Casper Pillow, which is significantly larger. 

Casper Pillow (Left) and Pillow Cube (Right)

It took me a couple more nights to get used to the pillow’s size, but ever since then (April 2021), I’ve loved my new pillow and how it’s changed my sleep and life. 

What I Love About It 

The Pillow Cube has transformed my sleep in a number of ways, but these are the things I especially love about it: 

No more headaches!

I used to sleep on the Casper Pillow, which is for all types of sleepers, and I would wake up with a headache at least once every other week and neck pain pretty regularly. Since I changed to the Pillow Cube, I’ve only had two headaches — from April to now! And both headaches were because I used the pillow incorrectly, meaning I was laying on my back with it (read more about that in the “what I dislike” section). When I fall asleep on the pillow properly (side sleeping), I wake up in the morning with no neck pain or headaches! 

I wake up feeling rested

I made a lot of adjustments to my sleep environment over the past six months. All of these adjustments helped me get more restful sleep, but the Pillow Cube has had the most impact. I am no longer finding myself waking up in the middle of the night or tossing and turning all night. I’m now falling asleep relatively quickly and waking up feeling rested. 

It’s a comfortable sleeping position

My preferred sleeping position is on my side (obviously) with my arm resting next to the pillow. Because of the Pillow Cube Classic’s side, I’m able to do that very comfortably. With my Casper Pillow, I had to either sleep on the edge of the pillow or shove my arm into the side of the pillow. It’s clear that the Pillow Cube is made for side sleepers with side sleepers in mind. 

What I Dislike About It

The Pillow Cube has transformed my sleep, but there are three things I don’t love about it: 

It can only be used for side sleeping

The Pillow Cube is amazing for side sleeping, but it’s not great for anything besides that. For example, when we watch “Cocomelon” in bed on Sundays with my son, I can’t use my Pillow Cube without straining my neck. 

It can’t be washed 

I unfortunately learned this the hard way. I had bedbugs years ago, and I take some bizarre precautions as a result of that. When I receive new bedding, pillows, blankets, or anything that goes in my bedroom, I’ll run it through the washing machine in hot water, then dry it on high heat (heat kills bedbugs). 

As such, I washed my Pillow Cube when I received it. I assumed that the pillow would be machine washable and threw it in. Spoiler: It wasn’t. It went through the washing machine fine, but it was ripped up in the dryer (see the photos below). It turns out the pillow can’t be washed, and that’s clearly stated in the FAQs on the Pillow Cube’s site. Thankfully, the pillow is still functional and can still be used. 

Pillow Cube after being washed

The price is a bit steep

A solid pillow isn’t a bad investment, but paying almost $100 for a 12×12 cube seems a bit steep. On the bright side, the company offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, which means you can request an exchange or refund within 60 days. Pillow Cube pays for shipping for exchanges, but you’re on the hook for $20 if you opt for a refund, which isn’t great. 

Is the Pillow Cube Worth Trying? 

If you’re an exclusive side-sleeper and you don’t mind making around a $100 investment on a pillow, I would absolutely recommend trying the Pillow Cube. On the other hand, if that’s above your budget, I’d recommend trying one of the other pillows for side sleepers with a smaller price tag.

Too Long, Didn’t Read? 

While it’s a bit of an investment (almost $100), the Pillow Cube is worth trying if you’re an exclusive side sleeper. This pillow helped me get rid of neck pain and headaches — I highly recommend it!