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Purple Mattress Pad (What Is It?)

A detailed round up of all Purple products, including pads, cushions and more.

In this post, we talk about all of Purple’s extra padding accessories, including pillows, a variety of seat cushions, and even dog beds, so that everyone in your family will be sitting or sleeping more comfortably.

Purple offers a wide selection of products for sitting, laying, and sleeping, all of which use the company’s unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. This special material was actually invented by the founders of the company and is used in several different industries beyond just bedding. For example, the material has been used in Dr. Scholl shoe inserts, Jansport backpack straps and Nickelodeon toys.

purple mattress review hyper elastic polymer topper bed online
Top down view of Hyper-Elastic Polymer

Overall, it’s a very unique material that has a gel-like feel. It’s bouncy and responsive yet it’s also soft and comfortable. It’s a temperature neutral material (i.e. it sleeps cooler than most foams) because the way it’s designed allows for a ton of airflow. You can read more about Hyper-Elastic Polymer here. For the rest of this post, let’s focus on the different products Purple offers.

Four Different Purple Beds To Choose From

The Original Purple bed is made of two layers of polyurethane foam and a 2″ layer of the company’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer. As the name implies, this was the first bed the company produced and last we checked, it’s still their best selling model. It also happens to be the most affordable mattress they offer. Overall, we think the Original Purple mattress is best for small and average sized people that spend time in all sleeping positions.

The Purple.2Purple.3, and Purple.4 were all released at the same time in early 2018. These models are hybrid mattresses that use individually wrapped coils for their primary support structures as opposed to dense poly foam like with the original model. As you might imagine, the New Purple mattress models are quite a bit more expensive than the Original Purple bed.

new purple mattress review 2 3 4 bed in a box
Slumber Yard team member Jeff on the Purple 4.0 mattress

The differences between the second, third, and fourth model really comes down to the Hyper-Elastic Polymer topper. The Purple.2 has 2” of topper, the Purple.3 has 3”, and, you guessed it, the Purple.4 has 4”. For more detail about how the three new models compare, be sure to check out our detailed Purple Mattress Comparison.

What Other Pad Products Does Purple Offer?

If you came here looking for a Purple mattress topper pad, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the company doesn’t offer one yet. If you want the unique experience of sleeping on top of Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer, you’re just going to have to take the leap and try out the whole bed. Fortunately, Purple makes a plethora of other products to pad whatever your heart desires.

Purple Mattress Protector
Purple offers a mattress protector on their website that’s stretchy and water-absorbent, without letting anything soak down into your bed. It’s also stain resistant and machine washable. It doesn’t actually pad the bed at all, but it will protect it.

Purple Blanket
Just recently in 2019, Purple started selling a blanket with a warm and cool side. You can learn more in our full Purple Blanket review.

Purple Pillow
The Purple Pillow is made of the same Hyper-Elastic Polymer material used in their mattresses. It’s pretty hefty at 10 lb, which is the heaviest pillow we’ve ever handled here at the Slumber Yard. It’s mostly used to pad your head. If you really wanted to get crafty, you could buy like 10 of them and pad your whole mattress, but at $99 a pillow, you might as well just get the mattress. You can read more about the pillow in our full Purple Pillow review.

purple pillow review grid hyper elastic polymer
Testing out the Purple Pillow

By the way, the pillow topper idea was not a serious suggestion. The Slumber Yard does not endorse using pillows as mattress toppers. That’s silly.

Purple Pet Bed
The Purple Pet Bed is great for giving your pup some extra padding. Its construction is similar to that of the Original Purple mattress, in that it has two layers of poly foam with a layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer on top. It’s supposedly antimicrobial, moisture-resistant, odor-neutralizing, and hypoallergenic, so that it will never stink up or get dirty. We imagine large breeds in particular will appreciate the upgrade to their sleeping situation. You can see the Purple Pet Bed on their website.

purple dog bed review mattress topper
Dogs need comfortable padding, too

Purple Seat Cushions
Purple has eight different seat cushions on their website, including a back cushion. Purple seat cushions are great for anyone who sits at a desk all day or long-distance drives. They’re also awesome for making sports games or park benches much more comfortable. In fact, this article states that gel-like seat cushions are preferable because they buckle in heavier areas so that the surrounding cells absorb the weight. This creates less pressure on your joints and more support for your spine.

They have an Ultimate Cushion (most popular), Royal Cushion, Double Cushion, Simply Cushion, Portable Cushion, Everywhere Cushion, and even a back cushion. Prices range from the Portable Cushion at $39 to the Ultimate Cushion which is $129. To learn more about all these seat cushion pads and other things, check out Purples’s website.

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