Hybrid Mattress Overview

Hybrid mattresses take two different construction styles and combine them into one bed, which present many benefits for a wide variety of sleepers.

Hybrid mattresses usually have a base layer made of foam, which helps create stability and sturdiness. Then, they include a support level made up of pocket-wrapped coils or an innerspring system. Above the support level is a layer of memory foam, latex, or gel to provide cushion and comfort. Finally, some hybrid mattresses also include a pillow top to increase comfort.


  • Support: Thanks to the coils within the mattress, hybrids provide more support than strictly memory foam beds.
  • Comfort: Hybrid mattresses have layers of foam and many also include a pillow top. As a result, they provide for a comfortable night of sleep.
  • Breathability: The coils within hybrid mattresses help to increase airflow and make them more breathable.
  • Motion transfer: Thanks to the memory foam top, hybrid mattresses reduce motion transfer.


  • Temperature control: Memory foam often retains heat. Because that foam makes up the top layers of the bed, it might make for a hot sleep environment.
  • Price: Hybrid mattresses tend to be more expensive than many strictly memory foam or spring mattresses.

Who Should Consider Getting A Hybrid Mattress

Because of the blended construction methods used, hybrid mattresses are a great option for many different types of sleepers. 

Thanks to the combination of the memory foam and spring styles, these mattresses can be comfortable for back, side, stomach, and combination sleepers. They’re also ideal for people who sleep with a partner because they reduce motion transfer.

Hybrid mattresses are also a good alternative for heavy people that like the foam mattress feeling, but need extra support. If you are over 230 pounds, a memory foam mattress could feel too plush and make it hard to change positions during the night. The coils in the hybrid mattress can make it firm enough to offer good support for a heavier body, but it’s still soft enough for side and combo sleepers.

As we’ve mentioned, hybrid mattresses come at a higher price point than many others on the market. As a result, they are well-suited for people who are looking for a long-term mattress and willing to make an investment in their sleep comfort.

Hybrid mattresses combine comfort and support and typically come with medium firmness, making them an overall versatile bed.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid mattresses combine the construction styles of both memory foam and spring beds. They often also include a pillow top, taking the benefits of many different popular mattress styles. They provide the increased support of a spring mattress with the comfort of a memory foam mattress. They may be more expensive than other types of mattresses, but they last longer and can be a smart investment in the long run.


What is the difference between a hybrid mattress and a regular mattress?

Memory foam and spring mattresses are two of the most common types of mattresses on the market. Hybrid mattresses combine these two construction styles into a single bed. This combination gives them the support of spring mattresses with the comfort of memory foam beds.

Spring only mattresses can be too firm and bouncy for side and combination sleepers or for people with light sleep who may be startled by their partner’s movement. While a memory foam mattress may be too soft for back and stomach sleepers. Also, people who weigh over 230 pounds may find that they sink too deep in the memory foam mattress making it difficult to change positions through the night.

What is better, memory foam or hybrid mattress?

There’s no one right mattress for every — it depends on your sleep preference and needs. A hybrid has the benefits of a memory foam mattress, while also including the perks of a spring mattress. That being said, some sleepers may prefer just spring or memory foam mattresses.

Do you need a boxspring with a hybrid mattress?

Unlike traditional spring mattresses, hybrid mattresses don’t require a box spring. Instead, you can set them directly on top of a bed platform or frame.

How long do hybrid mattresses last?

Hybrid mattresses typically last anywhere from 7-10 years. Many mattress companies offer a 10-year limited warranty on their beds, ensuring that you get their full value. As you shop for your hybrid mattress, be sure to pay attention to each company’s warranty period. That could be a sign of how long they expect their mattress to last.