What Is Edge Support On A Mattress

You may have never heard of the term edge support until now when you started your mattress search. Maybe you just stumbled across this page and you still don’t know what it is. Essentially, it’s how supportive the perimeter of your mattress is. Why is this important? It might not be important for somebody who is a single sleeper on a queen size bed, but it will be for somebody who sleeps on a smaller mattress, or somebody who sleeps with a loved one.

Why Edge Support Is Important 

Have you ever been near the edge of a mattress, and you suddenly felt less stable? Maybe even like you were going to fall off? Some of you might have experienced this before, and others might have to deal with it often because of their partner who has a habit of hogging the bed. That unsupported, unstable sensation can occur when you’re sleeping near the edge of a mattress with bad perimeter support.

Co-sleepers and those who roll around on their mattress should look for a bed with solid edge support. This usually includes spring beds, hybrid mattresses, or beds built with an extra supportive perimeter like Casper Wave which includes foam encased coils which really helps make a mattresses’ edge feel more sturdy.

How We Test Edge Support

So how do we test edge support here at the Slumber Yard? You will see a section in each one of our mattress reviews where we discuss edge support, and that’s because we want to make sure we are covering all of the important mattress attributes someone might want to know before they buy a mattress.

For each round of mattress testing, we will have different bodies lay on the edge of a bed. We have team members with different weights ranging from petite, 150 lbs, 175 lbs, up to 250+ lbs who lay on the edge of a mattress. We lay stiff for a couple of seconds at the edge, roll to the center of the bed, then roll back to the edge. We then do this over and over again, to make sure we get consistent results. Some beds make us feel like we are supported, sometimes we feel like we are centimeters away from rolling off the side of the mattress.

Birch Mattress edge support
JD testing out edge support on Birch

We will convey our thoughts about how a bed’s edge support performed in our review, and we will do it honestly and authentically. Learn more about who we are and our main values behind the Slumber Yard below.

Why Trust Us?

We encourage our readers to question who they are receiving their information from, since this online mattress industry can get a little shady sometimes as far as “honest” reviews go. At the Slumber Yard, we are never paid for any of the content we create. A mattress will never make the top of our best list because we were compensated for it. All of our content is an authentic reflection of how our team members feel about each mattress.

We have tested over 150 mattresses, and many of them are stacked in our mattress storage room so we can reference them whenever we need to test out feel, firmness, edge support, etc. There are over 10 different Slumber Yard members, all with different weights and heights, who take part in testing the beds so we can see how different body and sleeper types perceive the same mattress. Essentially, we know how overwhelming the online mattress industry is, and we want to help customers navigate the space so they can find the best bed that accommodates their needs and budget.