What Is A Pillow Top?

First, let’s start with what a pillow top is. For simplicity sake, it’s an additional layer of padding on the top of your mattress. They can be found on all types of beds, like memory foam or latex mattresses, but are most commonly found on top of innerspring beds. They provide extra cushioning, contouring, and comfort. They also help to make extra firm mattresses more comfortable overall.

Euro Top vs Pillow Top Mattress Comparison

To be clear, a Euro top is a type of pillow top. Just like how a thumb is a finger, but not all fingers are thumbs—the same applies in this instance. The difference is that a conventional pillow top is an extra layer sewn on top of the mattress. This means there is a gap between the pillow top and the mattress.

Euro pillow tops have some padding underneath the top layer, and are supposed to cover the entire top surface of the mattress so that it is flush with the edges of the bed. This makes it so it doesn’t look like an extra layer just sitting on top of the mattress, but is more so a part of the mattress.

saatva mattress review
A look at the euro pillow top on the Saatva mattress

While pillow tops can be made of memory foam, latex foam, fibers, gel, wool, or other materials, a Euro top is usually is made of foam or fiberfill and is typically of better quality than a pillow top. Euro tops are usually thicker and denser because they are packed with more material, whereas pillow tops only appear to be thick, but they have a gap between the pillow top and the layer underneath.

Euro pillow tops tend to be denser than the standard pillow top, as well. Also, because Euro tops are stitched on underneath the cover, it can’t move or shift shape the way that other pillow tops can. Euro tops, overall, tend to have a cleaner look, and are usually more durable and supportive.

stearns and foster estate addison grace mattress review
A look at the pillow top on a Stearns & Foster mattress

Some other benefits of a Euro pillow top include reduced motion transfer (especially for innerspring beds) and an adjusted firmness level, which makes the mattress more customizable for different sleeper types and body types.

Euro Top Mattress Reviews

The Euro top mattresses that we’ve reviewed here at the Slumber Yard are more of the luxury quality kind—specifically, the Saatva mattress and WinkBed.

Saatva is definitely a luxury brand, but their prices are surprisingly affordable considering the quality of their mattresses. Their flagship Saatva mattress is made with an innerspring base layer, then a layer of pocketed coils, followed by a layer of memory foam. On top of all that is their Euro pillow top, as well as an organic cotton cover.

saatva mattress reviews back sleepers
The “O-Dog” taking a nap on the Saatva mattress

The dual layers of coils provide great support, but then the memory foam and pillow top add comfort. Saatva also offers three different firmness levels to choose from, those being Plush Soft, Luxury Firm (which is the most popular option), and Firm. This is the type of bed you can expect to find in a really nice hotel room.

WinkBed is another hotel-luxury mattress. It’s a very thick mattress at 15” (in fact, this is one of the thickest beds we’ve tested so far), and we like that each mattress is handmade in Wisconsin. The construction of this bed is a little layer of support foam followed by pocketed coils, microcoils, and then their 2” thick Euro pillow top. The Euro top is made of “Hypersoft foam” to help provide localized support.

winkbed mattress reviews side sleepers
Jack “The Bear” enjoying the WinkBed mattress

The cover of this mattress is made with tencel, which is supposed to be soft and absorbent. This mattress also offers multiple firmness levels, including Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firmer. We say that Wink Bed is one of the most durable and burliest beds we’ve ever seen.

Are There Pillow Top Mattress Pads Or Toppers?

Yes! They aren’t as plush or thick as mattresses, but they still help. Keep in mind that most of the time, they will make your mattress feel softer. There are a lot of good options out there, but we like the Linenspa Mattress Topper on Amazon because it’s comfortable and not that expensive.

Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress? Are There Double Sided Pillow Top Beds?

We’ve tested over 100 mattresses here at the Slumber Yard, and we have yet to see a double sided pillow top or euro top mattress. If you know of one, send it our way so that we can test it out. For now, you likely won’t find a flippable mattress with pillow tops on both sides so instead you’ll have to check out IDLELayla or Zenhaven if you want that kind of flexibility.

Pillow Top Mattress Sheets

Pillow top mattresses are usually a little thicker, so you may need to invest in some deep sheets. You can shop for deep pocket sheets on Amazon or ask your favorite sheet provider if they make extra deep sheets for your fancy pillow top mattress.

Who Will Benefit From A Euro Top?

Euro tops provide additional support, padding, and comfort. This can be really beneficial for those with orthopedic issues, back pain, or who require extra padding on their mattress.

Please consult your doctor before getting a new mattress if you do have back issuesneck and shoulder pain, or fibromyalgia, but the extra padding from a Euro-top mattress is usually a great way to provide you more comfort.