Our Mission

At the Slumber Yard we strive to help you select the right bed for you. We understand that shopping for a mattress can be frustrating and intimidating. There are dozens of brands and hundreds of models to choose from—not to mention the question of whether you should shop online or in-store. We don’t want to sell you a bed or push you in one direction or the other. Our job is to help you think about what’s right for you.

We aren’t mattress experts or scientists—although we do occasionally consult them in our review process—we are normal people just trying to do good work. Our mattress reviews, pillow reviews, and everything else we publish are from the perspective of the average consumer and that’s why we think they are so helpful.

To date, we have reached millions of consumers from around the world. We create all of our content—whether in video or written form—with the central goal of making it helpful, entertaining (as much as possible), and concise. We think about helpfulness first because it’s unequivocally the most important aspect of our reviews. We want to answer as many of your questions as possible—even ones that you hadn’t thought of.

Our research is thorough; our testing is practical; and our opinions are well-thought-out and to the point. We also often times consult other industry review sites such as The Wirecutter, Consumer Reports, and Forbes in our research process. Entertainment is often overlooked when it comes to reviews. The fact of the matter is that you’re researching bedding products and that can be extremely boring. We try to liven things up a little to remind you that, although we test products for a living, we’re normal people too.

Occasionally, we will pop jokes and make random references just to make things a little more fun. And with regard to concision, we think that’s important too. In the words of our editor Kaite Kale, “We like to say more with less.” Bottom line with all of this: we work extremely hard and have an entire staff of people that are dedicated to bringing you the best content online for bedding products.

Advertising & Affiliate Marketing

As you’ve probably noticed by now, all of our reviews are offered to you for free and our website has next to no display ads. We do this on purpose because we think ads can distract from the content on our site and ultimately can lead to a poor consumer experience.

Instead of display ads, in order to make our business sustainable we use affiliate marketing, which means when you make purchases through a lot of the external links on our site we may earn a small referral fee (at no extra cost to you). A few examples of affiliate links on our site include when you see links that say “Check Price” or “$50 Off Coupon Code” or “See on Amazon.” You will see these links on our mattress coupons page and many of the reviews, comparisons, and best lists.

In the event that you return a purchase made through our links, often times, we make nothing. Therefore, it is in our best interest to be thorough and helpful and to recommend only the best products that we genuinely think you will like. The simple fact is that our business is expensive to run; we employ a lot of people and have myriad expenses related to testing products.

Affiliate marketing is the best solution that we’ve found in terms of benefiting everyone. For the record also, many of the largest and most respected websites rely on affiliate marketing. These include CNET, TheVerge, Business Insider, GQ, Men’s Health, and dozens of others. There is nothing more important to us than making consumers happy. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us.

Product Reviews

We do not accept money to provide positive or negative reviews nor do we allow anyone outside of our company to dictate what products we cover. We review all of these product independently and often times we purchase these products with our own money; we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars buying products just to review them.

That said, we also do allow brands and retailers to send us products so that we can review them; most of the products reviewed on this website were sent to us for free. We do not consider these products a form of compensation nor do we allow them to influence our opinion of such products. In fact, when we are done reviewing products (including mattresses) we often store them away in our office until we need to use again for a comparison or other review. We lease a large office space that has a dedicated storage wing, specifically to house products for future use. We also run a giveaway club where every month we give away a mattress to one of the members of our audience.