If you're looking for a really affordable pocket coil mattress, The Allswell is a no-brainer for your list of beds to research. GhostBed, on the other hand, is one of the most sought after foam mattresses online. It has an interesting construction and is the type of bed most people find suitable. In this review we will put Allswell and GhostBed head to head to help you pick a winner.

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While Allswell and GhostBed are both online mattress brands, their beds themselves do not have a lot in common—at least when you look The Allswell and the Original GhostBed, which are the subject of this review. Having said that, let’s take a brief look at the commonalities for these two beds:

  • Free Delivery — You will not pay extra for shipping with GhostBed or Allswell, whether or not you use a coupon. Within about seven business days of placing the “order” button you should receive your new mattress.
  • Bed In A Box —Both companies compress their mattresses and ship them inside a box. The setup process for you will be mostly the same—should take around 15 minutes to get the beds all ready to go. It’s a pretty fun process, to be honest.
  • Free Returns — If you do not like GhostBed or Allswell within the first three months or so, you can get all of your money back. That’s right, GhostBed has a 101-night, and Allswell a 100-night, trial period. It’s risk-free to try these beds.
  • Multiple Models — As we mentioned, this review focuses on the Original GhostBed and The Allswell, however, both companies sell other beds as well.

That’s about it for commonalities. There’s more information about Allswell and GhostBed below.

Why Allswell Should Be Your Next Bed — Allswell is one of the most compelling mattresses online. And that’s not purely based on price. This is a nice hybrid mattress with a lot to offer.

allswell mattress review hybrid bed for heavy people walmart
“The Allswell” is a 10″ coil bed with a M to MF firmness profile

Price Of Allswell — If you know anything about Allswell you know that it’s affordable by any measure. The queen size Allswell is typically between $350 and $400. And, remember the bed is made in the United States. It’s rare to see such a nice bed that’s actually made in the USA at such a low price.

The price range mentioned above is for “The Allswell.” The other beds (“The Supreme” and “The Luxe”) are more expensive but have other advantages. You can check current pricing on AllswellHome.com for the base model, Supreme, and Luxe.

As for GhostBed, the original bed is their most affordable product. They also offer Luxe, Flex, and 3D Matrix. The Original bed is around $1,000 before any discounts. During a sales event, you can typically get the Original GhostBed for $800-900. You can check the current deals on GhostBed.com.

Overall Feel/Firmness — The Allswell is the entry level bed from the brand. It’s 10″ thick and has a firmness profile of about “medium” to “medium-firm.” It’s not a truly firm nor an ultra plush mattress. In general, it’s good for all sleeping styles, but out of the gate it’s probably better for back and stomach sleepers than anyone. Over time, however, side sleepers should be able to get comfortable.

allswell hybrid mattress review cover
The Allswell has a firm foam feel

As for how Allswell feels, despite the fact that it has memory foam, it really just feels like a responsive firm foam bed. You can tell that the bed has foam, but it’s not completely obvious that it uses memory foam in particular.

Because The Allswell has coils as its base it will also be quite responsive and supportive. Of all the budget mattresses out there, you’re getting a heck of a lot for your money with The Allswell.

Why Get GhostBed — We commonly say that GhostBed is a “mixed foam” mattress, meaning it doesn’t feel like your off-the-rack bed. Instead, the bed will feel different to different people because it uses three types of foam.

ghostbed mattress review
Here’s the Original GhostBed mattress

Mixed Foam Feel — What we mean by “mixed foam feel” or “blended foam feel” is that petite individuals will feel more of the latex foam on top, while medium-size and heavyset people will get more of the pressure relief from the memory foam.

That means that petite individuals will say GhostBed is firmer and more responsive, while people over 150 lbs will contend that it’s fairly neutral in firmness and offers plenty of pressure relief.

Sleeping Styles — We consider GhostBed to be softer than The Allswell. We place it at a “medium” on our firmness spectrum. As such, it truly can work for all sleeping styles for people under about 230 lbs. Whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper, you should be just fine with GhostBed.

ghostbed mattress review back sleepers
GhostBed can manage all sleeping styles

If you’re over ~230 lbs, you should consider one of GhostBed’s coil mattresses. In general, coil beds are more ideal for heavy individuals.

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