Leesa makes two mattresses, including their flagship all-foam model and Leesa Sapira Hybrid, a luxury mattress with coils. Allswell, on the other hand, has a good-better-best model, offering three different mattresses at different price points and thicknesses. For this review, we focus on their most popular model, appropriately named The Allswell.

There’s plenty to discuss with Leesa and Allswell, but before we get started we should go over the main points we will be covering.

  • Pricing — No doubt about it, both brands offer affordable beds, but “The Allswell” model is ridiculously low-cost.
  • Design — Allswell sells hybrid mattresses ranging from 10″ to 14″ thick, while Leesa offers an all-foam bed and an 11″ coil model.
  • Feel — Allswell beds have more of a memory foam feel overall, while Leesa beds feel like a thick layer of soft foam.
  • Firmness rating — Both companies offer beds in the medium to medium firm zone. More on this below.
  • Shipping and returns — You get free shipping/returns and a 100-night trial with both brands. Also, a 10-year warranty.

So that’s the big stuff. If you’re still curious about how Leesa and Allswell compare, there’s a full-blown, in-depth review below.

Brief Overview Of Leesa And Allswell

Leesa was founded on the idea that you can get a great night’s sleep at a not-ludicrous price point. In other words, you don’t need to pay department store prices for a comfy bed. They’ve sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of mattresses since inception in 2014. Apparently, people really appreciate their less-is-more model, with which we’re totally onboard.

Allswell was founded by Walmart and operates under the mantra of everyday low prices. In fact, we are a little puzzled at how Allswell beds can be so affordable. They actually sell, for under $500, a hybrid mattress that’s made in the USA—no wonder Allswell made our list of the best cheap and inexpensive mattresses. In addition to that model, however, they have two other beds from which you can choose. More on this below.

Allswell Sells Three Different Beds

For the majority of this review we focus on Allswell’s flagship mattress, simply named “The Allswell.” That said, they also have “The Luxe” and “The Supreme,” which are upgraded models. So, what’s the difference between the three beds? Below is a graphic with a few noteworthy differences. You can also see the three models on Allswell’s website.

allswell mattress review luxe supreme hybrid comparison chart

The one thing that the chart above doesn’t mention is the feel and firmness of each model. We will discuss The Allswell below, but The Luxe feels like a soft, neutral mattress with coils and The Supreme feels like a memory foam hybrid (i.e. exactly what both beds are). All three beds are in the medium to medium-firm range, depending on your perspective and body type.

allswell mattress review firmness rating

Remember that your interpretation of firmness might not be the same as ours. If you’re closer to 230 lb, we expect that you will say all three beds are softer than we do. If you’re 120 lb, all three beds should feel quite a bit firmer to you. That’s because we rate the firmness levels of all beds through the lens of the average-size American (i.e. 160-220 lb).

The Allswell Construction And Feel

Let’s take a look inside The Allswell to better understand what it feels like. It starts with 6″ coils, a lot like what you’ll see on the Leesa Hybrid. Next is a layer of copper- and graphite-infused gel memory foam (basically the same design as Allswell’s mattress toppers). This acts as the primary comfort layer for the mattress.

allswell hybrid mattress review layers
The Allswell is 10″ thick with coils and various foams

The cover is also quilted and offers a little extra cushion for you. It’s not as thick or mounded as that of DreamCloud, but it’s a nice quilted cover nonetheless. It even has little “A” insignias throughout the cover, which is a nice touch.

So what does The Allswell feel like then? It feels like a firmer, neutral bed. Yes, it has the memory foam, however, there’s not much of it, so you really do float on top of the Allswell mattress more than anything. It is, indeed, firmer than Leesa and is great for back and stomach sleepers. It should also be fine for certain side sleepers, but it’s not sniffing our list of the best mattresses for side sleepers anytime soon.

One last thing for this section that we should add is that Allswell has coils, while Leesa does not. Now, clearly, these coils will affect the feel of the mattress—and certain people might prefer to have a bouncy mattress or now—but it is widely recognized that coil beds are better for heavy people than foam beds. To be fair, Leesa offers a hybrid mattress, so they do have an option for you, though, you’ll pay nearly 2x more for it.

Allswell Is Half The Price Of Leesa

Take this section with a grain of salt. There’s more to a mattress than the price. Remember, you will be using it for the next seven to ten years. With that out of the way, let’s discuss prices.

For a queen size, The Allswell sells for about $375, while Leesa is closer to $1,100. This is only half the story, however, because nearly all mattress brands run promotions and offer discounts and coupon codes.

Typically, Allswell will offer a deal, though, it changes somewhat frequently. On average, however, The Allswell will sell for about $325 after discount, and Leesa will be about $950. As you can see, The Allswell is an extremely cost-effective mattress, which is why it’s made many of our best mattress lists, including: Best Mattress for College.

Leesa Is Your Classic Foam Bed

Leesa has three foam layers and should work for almost everybody, excluding heavier folks. It starts with a dense foam on the bottom, then a transition layer of memory foam, and finally a proprietary foam called LSA 200.

leesa mattress review construction and layers
We’d be willing to bet that you’ll find Leesa comfortable

Now, just because Leesa has a memory foam layer does not mean that the bed feels like a memory foam mattress. Rather, Leesa feels like a 10″ layer of softer foam. It’s incredibly comfortable and accomodating. We always say that Leesa is the type of mattress that Republicans and Democrats can find common ground on. In other words, the majority of people are fine (or love) the way Leesa feels.

leesa mattress review firmness and feel

As the graphic above shows, we consider Leesa to be a medium on our firmness scale. It is softer than The Allswell and, therefore, is a smarter pick for side sleepers. This is not to say that Leesa is a soft or plush mattress, but that comparatively it’s the softer of the two mattresses. Leesa should also work just fine for the average back, stomach, and combination sleeper.

Reduced Motion Transfer

While we might grant Allswell the win in the edge support department, Leesa tends to offer more efficient motion isolation since it’s an all-foam bed. Motion isolation is key when one partner is—or both are—a light sleeper. In other words, a mattress that’s great at motion isolation will tend to help light sleepers sleep more soundly.

Allswell is better than the average 30-year-old innerspring mattress, but we have to acknowledge that Leesa would be preferable if you’re a particularly light sleeper.

So, What Should You Do?

As is so often the case, the right mattress for you depends on (shocker) you, and your personal preferences. For instance, if you’re over 250 lbs, you won’t want the Leesa mattress. Instead, you should research Leesa Hybrid and Allswell more. Regardless of your situation, here the questions you should be asking yourself when comparing Allswell and Leesa:

  • What type of mattress do you want? If you prefer an innerspring/bouncy bed, Allswell has more options for you. If you just want a bed that’s comfy and won’t crush your bank account, Leesa is a nice pick.
  • What price are you ok with paying? If you said “$1,000” well then both brands have options for you. If you said “$500” well Allswell is your next mattress.
  • Do you prefer a neutral, firm feel or a soft foam feel?
  • Are you a strict side sleeper? If so, Leesa and Allswell Luxe Hybrid are the best options.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful and thorough. If you’re still undecided, feel free to send us a note, or continue to peruse our site and other reviews. Thanks for visiting The Slumber Yard.

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