Should you stick with a simple, comfortable mattress from Allswell or would it be worth it to fork out some extra dough for a premium Loom & Leaf mattress? In this post, we review the important highlights of these beds including price, construction, feel, firmness, and more in order to help you find your next perfect mattress.

Allswell mattress VS. Loom & Leaf mattress
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First, we want to do a quick briefing on the different information you’ll find in this post today.

  • Price — Depending on the mattress you buy, Loom & Leaf can cost you anywhere between $500-$1,000 more than Allswell.
  • Feel and Construction — A memory foam mattress made out of all-foam vs a neutral-foam hybrid bed.
  • Body Type — Allswell is extra supportive so it works for all body types, while Loom & Leaf is most ideal for petite to medium sized individuals.

Allswell vs Loom & Leaf

You might not be familiar with Allswell, but you’ve certainly heard of their parent company before — Walmart. That’s right, Walmart joined in on the bed-in-a-box game and incorporated their “low-price guarantee” concept into their mattress business model.

The original Allswell mattress (the one we’ll be focused on during this comparison) has topped just about every budget-friendly best list we’ve written, like our post on the best beds for the money and the best beds under $1,000, because it’s affordable without compromising quality.

Loom & Leaf, on the other hand, is a completely different ballgame than Allswell. Loom & Leaf is owned by the luxury brand Saatva who’s gained a reputation for their 5-star hotel worthy, yet decently affordable mattresses.

Loom & Leaf isn’t a budget mattress, but it’s not the most expensive memory foam mattress we’ve seen UPS wheel through our doors either. It definitely competes with the likes of other high-scale beds, though, as Loom & Leaf landed a spot on our post about the online space’s best luxury beds.

Why it’s Great
The Allswell is hybrid mattress that sells for a surprisingly low price and still comes with free shipping and returns.
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Budget shoppers
If you want an innerspring mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
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Memory Foam
Free Shipping
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100 Nights
10 years
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Allswell’s Hybrid Construction

Hybrid mattresses are beds that use both foam and coils, and they’re usually more supportive than your average all-foam bed like the Casper mattress or the Tuft & Needle mattress. The kicker with Allswell is that it’s cheaper than both of these mattresses.

We’re going to give you a breakdown of Allswell’s construction starting from the bottom. The first layer of this 10″ mattress is dense poly foam, which acts as a base to support the coils above.

allswell hybrid mattress review layers
The layers that make up a 10″ Allswell mattress

But they aren’t just any coils, the second layer is designed with a 6” thick system of pocketed coils. That means they move separately from one another, making it a better mattress for motion isolation (this is good news for couples).

For the transition layer, this bed uses a 2” thick slab of soft poly foam which also contributes to the comfortable feel of this bed. The bulk of this bed’s comfort, however, comes from the ¾” of gel memory foam inside the bed’s quilted cover.

Allswell Hybrid Mattress Cover
A look at the Allswell mattress in action

Again, the cover is quilted onto the bed so that means it’s definitely not removable or machine washable. So if you happen to spill or get a drool stain on your Allswell mattress, you’ll want to clean it up with a little hot water and a mild soap or detergent.

Allswell Has A Neutral-Ish Feel

Although your body is laying on top of a thin memory foam layer, this bed doesn’t feel like a memory foam bed. It’s more of a neutral-foam mattress with a tiny hint of memory foam. You won’t have to worry about a viscous feel in this bed, like you would on a Nectar mattress or TempurPedic.

It’s actually quite responsive, meaning it quickly bounces back to normal once pressure is applied. This is good news for combo sleepers, or those who tend to move around often on the mattress.

allswell hybrid mattress review firmness

On our scale where we evaluate firmness, we rated Allswell in between a medium and a medium-firm. We thought it offers great support while still being decently pressure relieving.

allswell hybrid mattress review stomach sleeper
Owen getting cozy on Allswell, good thing it works for stomach sleepers

Considering it leans towards the firmer side, though, we would say it’s best for back and stomach sleepers, and or medium to heavy side sleepers. Petite side sleepers or those who like a real plush mattress, however, might want to consider other beds.

Allswell Will Save You Money

You go to Walmart to save money on groceries or your every-day home products, so it’s only right they stay on brand and sell their mattress for a really low price. When you compare only the beds’ MSRP, you’re looking at about $375 for a queen size Allswell mattress, and around $1,900 for a queen size Loom & Leaf.

Both companies regularly offer $50-$200 off their beds. Still, that makes Allswell the obvious choice if you’re looking to save money, but keep in mind that Loom & Leaf is more affordable than other similar luxury mattresses.

Feel free to keep up with this page to stay up-to-date on the pricing, or you can stop by the Allswell website and Loom & Leaf website.

Loom & Leaf
Loom & Leaf
Why it’s Great
Loom & Leaf is one of the nicest, most luxurious memory foam mattresses online. It comes in two firmness profiles and has an organic cotton cover.
Best for
If you want a luxury memory foam mattress
People that want a firmer bed
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
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Memory Foam
Free Shipping
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360 Nights
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Loom & Leaf Has An All-Foam Construction

Average online mattresses are usually around 10” thick (like Allswell), but Loom & Leaf totals out to be between 11”-12”. The bottom starts off with a 5.5” layer of dense polyurethane foam to support the bed’s remaining layers.

The second layer is a transition loft pad, which basically just means it serves as a transition slab to neutralize the firm layer on the bottom so you don’t feel it when you lay down.

loom and leaf mattress review construction
A breakdown of Loom & Leaf’s construction

Next is a 2.5” layer of five pound visco-elastic memory foam for additional support and pressure relief. It’s a dense slab of memory foam, the stuff that you’re probably used to when you think about traditional memory foam.

Finally, the top comfort layer of this mattress is 2” of four pound gel-swirl memory foam which is soft-to-the-touch and pretty cozy (at least for those who enjoy memory foam).

This layer also contains special cooling technology, a special laminated sheet of cooling gel right underneath the cover. We’ll get into the specs of this technology in a bit, we actually dedicated a whole section to it.

Loom Leaf Mattress Review Cover Shot
Doesn’t the cover on this mattress scream luxury

Now we just want to mention their organic cotton cover with an additional ⅝” of soft foam to maximize comfort. In general, the cover gives the bed a premium, plush look that we think screams luxury.

Like Allswell’s cover, though, it’s not removable or machine washable. So if you get a wine or coffee spill, turn to warm water and a mild detergent for reinforcements.

Loom & Leaf Has Multiple Firmness Options

Now that you know about Loom & Leaf’s construction, you can probably guess how we’re going to describe its feel. It feels like soft, dense memory foam.

The tops layers of this mattress will contour to the curves of your body, and it’s pretty slow to respond to pressure (a.k.a. you’ll watch your hand imprint decompress very slowly after you press your hand down).

loom & leaf mattress review firmness for loom and leaf

As far as firmness goes, they have two different firmness levels, and we sure do love when brands give consumers options. In this case, you can choose between Relaxed Firm or Firm. We rated their Relaxed Firm a medium-firm on our scale, and the Firm was a solid firm.

With this in mind, Loom & Leaf is ideal for back and stomach sleepers because it’s really supportive, but we think most average to heavy side sleepers can enjoy it too because it does offer an ample amount of pressure relief. With that being said, Allswell will probably be more accommodating for side sleepers.

loom and leaf mattress review side sleepers
Owen on his side feeling Loom & Leaf’s pressure relieving properties

However, if you’re absolutely set on Loom & Leaf, average side sleepers would probably like Relaxed Firm, while heavy individuals who sleep on their side would likely find the Firm model most comfortable.

Combo sleepers should also consider the Relaxed Firm model, unless they believe they spend a majority of the night on their back or stomach.

Loom & Leaf Helps Hot Sleepers

Now let’s get into that cooling technology we mentioned earlier — hot sleepers, this is for you. The Loom & Leaf mattress has a cooling gel spinal panel laminated onto the top layer to actively help keep you cool.

loom and leaf mattress review
Construction of Loom & Leaf’s laminated cooling gel

The panel can be found in the center third of the mattress, where your mattresses commonly retain most of a person’s body heat. If you’re wondering if this stuff actually works, it’s the same material found in hospital burn units used to treat burn victims.

So memory foam lovers who sleep hot on most memory foam mattresses, you might want to give this one a try.

Our Verdict

After all is said and done, what are The Slumber Yard’s final thoughts regarding Allswell vs Loom & Leaf? If we were to purchase, which one would we choose? Well, we think it all depends on who you are and what you’re looking for in a bed.

  • Do you hate the feel of memory foam? You can barely feel it in the Allswell mattress
  • Are you a hot sleeper? Loom & Leaf is one of the cooler sleeping beds we’ve seen, especially for memory foam.
  • Do you weigh more than 250 lbs? Allswell will be more supportive
  • Are you interested in easy delivery, set up, and mattress removal? Loom & Leaf will do all of this for free.
  • Are you on a tight budget? Purchasing Allswell over Loom & Leaf can save you over $1,000.
  • In the market for a premium memory foam mattress? You get a pretty great value with Loom & Leaf.

And that’s all folks, we hope you found our comparison helpful. We know it can be a little overwhelming to navigate through the vast space of online mattresses, but we’re here to make the process a little easier. Feel free to read any of our other comparisons, or any full-length review where we individually discuss each mattress.