Tuft & Needle and Allswell Home are both considered reputable brands within the online mattress space. Allswell very well could be the best coil mattress and Tuft & Needle, the best foam mattress—at least within the budget tier. In this comparison review we will discuss the major relative pro's and con's for each of these beds.

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In this comparison we have mini reviews of both Allswell and Tuft & Needle, however, in an effort to make the story easier to digest, here’s a look at the main points:

  • Design — Allswell makes hybrid mattresses, while Tuft & Needle Original is an all-foam bed.
  • Pricing — Somehow Allswell is the more affordable mattress of the two.
  • Feel Of The Bed — Allswell has what we call a firm foam feel while Tuft and Needle has a general soft foam feel.
  • Body Types — If you’re over 230 lbs, you’re better off with a coil mattress. Otherwise, either bed will work just fine.
  • Firmness — Allswell is a tad firmer than Tuft and Needle. This has implications on approved sleeping styles.
  • Models — T&N and Allswell sell a number of different beds, but we will focus on the original/base model for both.

Aside from the list above, both brands offer free shipping and returns, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty.

Why Allswell Is Better — You can learn everything you need to know about Allswell is our full review, however, as it relates to this comparison, here’s why you might prefer Allswell.

allswell mattress review hybrid bed for heavy people walmart
A look at The Allswell (remember they offer two other beds)

Price — Incredibly, Allswell is cheaper than Tuft & Needle, by a wide margin. The queen size base model from Allswell has an MSRP of around $350-$400. And that’s before any promotions or discounts are applied. You can check Allswell’s website for their current deals.

As for Tuft & Needle, it’s also highly affordable with an MSRP of around $700 for the queen bed. Ordinarily, we would talk at length about what a great value Tuft & Needle is, but when you look at it next to Allswell, it’s hard to argue why T&N is more cost-effective. Even so, you can check T&N’s website for deals since they regularly do offer bundles and sales that can save you money.

Coil Design — There are two reasons why you might prefer the innerspring design of Allswell to the all-foam design of Tuft and Needle.

Firstly, for heavy individuals that weigh over ~230 lbs, a coil bed is recommended. Remember, though, Tuft and Needle does offer a hybrid model, but it’s far more expensive than the beds from Allswell. Whether you go with Tuft & Needle Hybrid or one of the Allswell mattresses, the fact remains that typically a coil bed is preferred for heavy people.

allswell hybrid mattress review stomach sleeper
Should work for everyone, but Allswell is best for back/stomach sleepers

The second reason a coil bed might be better for you is simply that some people prefer a little bounce with their mattress. Whether it’s nostalgia or comfort, we don’t know, but there are plenty of people that specifically ask us for hybrid or innerspring beds.

Firmness Level — Firmness is a relative subject, but everyone will agree that Allswell is a little firmer than Tuft & Needle. We consider Allswell to be a medium to medium-firm, whereas we rate T&N has a true medium.

As such, back and stomach sleepers will likely prefer Allswell, and side sleepers will likely prefer Tuft and Needle. It’s up to you.

Why Tuft & Needle Wins — As you’d expect, plenty of people prefer Tuft & Needle over Allswell. After all, T&N is (easily) a top 10 mattress brand online. Here are the major reason why Tuft and Needle is better.

tuft and needle mattress review edge support
A quick look at the original Tuft & Needle mattress

Overall Feel — It’s difficult to “place” the feel of Allswell. It just feels like a firmer mattress, but you can’t really tell what types of foams it uses (memory foam for the record). The same is true of Tuft & Needle; it just feels like a soft foam mattress.

In fact, Tuft and Needle doesn’t even really have a signature or unique feel. That’s part of the charm of the mattress—almost everyone finds T&N comfortable.

Side Sleepers — While T&N isn’t the best foam mattress for side sleepers, we would prefer it over Allswell for this type of sleeper. It offers a little more pressure relief and cushioning for your shoulders and hips.

tuft and needle mint mattress review side sleepers
Tuft & Needle Mint is designed just for side sleepers

You should also keep in mind that, while the original bed isn’t our favorite side sleeper bed, Tuft & Needle Mint is a simply fantastic mattress for side sleepers.

All Foam Design — Earlier we noted that there are advantages with a coil bed. The same is true of an all-foam bed. For instance, you have less bounce, which can make the sleeping experience more comfortable for people with fibromyalgia, body aches, other ailments.

In other words, a foam bed offers better motion isolation. If you sleep with a sensitive sleeper (or perhaps you wake easily), you’ll likely want a foam bed.

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