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amazonbasics vs casper mattress review

AmazonBasics vs Casper Mattress

Can the Amazon Basics mattress actually compete with most popular bed in a box, Casper?

Casper was one of the early pioneers of the mattress-in-a-box concept, while Amazon operates the most prominent online marketplace in the world. Despite the differences between the two businesses, both companies offer extremely popular beds. In this post, we compare and contrast the Original Casper and AmazonBasics mattresses.
amazonbasics memory foam mattress review

More Affordable

See on AmazonBasic all-foam bed-in-a-box that comes in three different thickness options. The mattress has a soft, neutral-foam feel with a slight hint of memory foam.
casper mattress review coupon

Industry Favorite

$100 Off + Gift


Popular four-layer mattress that has a soft, neutral-foam feel and accommodates all types of sleepers.

AmazonBasics Mattress vs Casper Synopsis

We understand not everyone loves reading about mattresses, so to speed things up, here are the primary points of differentiation between these two beds.

  • Price — The AmazonBasics mattress is much more affordable than the Original Casper.
  • Construction — Both beds have a somewhat simple construction, but the Casper mattress incorporates a special “Zoned Support” layer for added comfort and support. Casper also released two hybrid models (coils and foam).
  • Trial Period/Warranty — Casper offers a much longer trial period and warranty.

Those are the primary differences between the beds. As you will read below, the mattresses are actually quite similar in terms of feel, firmness, and temperature regulation. Keep reading to learn more.

Amazon Basics Mattress Comparison Overview

As you will learn in the coming sections, the AmazonBasics and Casper mattresses actually have a lot in common. The first portion of this post will focus on the differences between the two beds (surprisingly, there aren’t that many) and then near the end, we’ll summarize the areas in which they overlap. Let’s get to it already.

AmazonBasics Mattress


  • Folks who like soft, neutral-foam feel
  • Petite and medium sized individuals
  • All types of sleepers
  • Folks on a tight budget
  • Kids, teens, college students, and guest rooms

Amazon Mattress Options

One advantage the AmazonBasics mattress has over Casper is flexibility. The mattress is available in three different heights (a.k.a. thickness). You can choose between 8″, 10″, and 12″ options. Keep in mind that as you increase the thickness, the price increases, as well. Don’t worry, though, the bed’s construction largely stays the same regardless of the option you choose. Each model is comprised of three foam layers, only the thickness of the different layers changes.

amazon basics edge support
A closer look at the 8″ model, which is a great option for kids

Overall, it’s nice that the bed comes in various options. We think each model is best suited for a particular group of people and situations. For example, we think the 8″ model is an excellent choice for filling out kids’ rooms or for outfitting your camping trailer. The 10″ model is great for teenagers and young adults in college, and the 12″ model is for people who want a thicker, more durable bed (comparatively speaking).

To be fair, Casper doesn’t take a complete loss here. Even though the Original Casper mattress only comes in one option, the company offers two other foam beds and two hybrid beds, as well. The first is the Casper Essential, which is actually very similar to the 8″ AmazonBasics mattress, except it’s quite a bit more expensive. The other foam bed they offer is called the Casper Wave, which is a premium bed-in-a-box mattress that incorporates special zoned support technology.

The two hybrid models are the Casper Hybrid and Wave Hybrid which are slightly thicker than the original Casper, and they contain coils.

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More Affordable

This is the best part about the AmazonBasics mattresses. All three models are extremely affordable. In fact, they are among the cheapest beds you can buy online. Here’s how pricing compares to Casper based on a queen size mattress.

  • AmazonBasics 8″: $200
  • AmazonBasics 10″: $230
  • AmazonBasics 12″: $260
  • Original Casper: $1,000

As you can clearly see, Amazon wins this by a mile. AmazonBasics beds are about $700-$900 cheaper, depending on the model you choose. However, those are just the MSRP prices. Chances are you can snag each mattress listed above for less than the MSRP price.

Casper, like most bed-in-a-box companies, regularly offers coupon codes and promo codes. Typically, they offer around $50-$100 off, but around major holidays they’ll bump up the discount even more. You might want to keep an eye on to see what the company is currently offering.

Amazon doesn’t regularly offer discount codes for its AmazonBasics mattress, but we have noticed that pricing seems to fluctuate, almost on a weekly basis. You might be able to snag one of the mattress models for $30-$50 less than MSRP if you keep an eye on current pricing on Amazon.

Casper Mattress


  • Back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers
  • Folks intrigued by Casper's Zoned Support Foam
  • Individuals who want a soft, neutral-foam feel
  • Tentative mattress shoppers (100-night risk-free trial period)
Casper Mattress

$100 Off + Gift


Higher-Quality Construction

The Original Casper mattress is an all-foam bed-in-a-box that consists of four foam layers and totals 12″ thick. Most notably, the bed incorporates a special layer that Casper calls its “Zoned Support Foam.” What’s cool about this layer is that it’s actually split into thirds. The top and bottom portions are slightly softer to provide more pressure relief for your shoulders and legs and the middle portion is slightly firmer to provide more support under your lower back and hips. In addition, the Original Casper mattress is manufactured in the USA. I know that’s a big deal for some consumers who insist on buying American made products.

casper mattress review zone support system construction
An up-close look at one side of the Zoned Support System

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In early 2019, Casper released two new hybrid mattresses called Casper Wave and Casper Hybrid. They have similar constructions to the original Casper mattress which we’re discussing today, and the Casper Wave model. The main difference is the extra layer of coils inside the hybrids for more support and durability.

The AmazonBasics mattress, on the other hand, consists of three foam layers and doesn’t really have any standout features or technology built in. Overall, it’s just a very basic construction. Also, it’s worth noting that the AmazonBasics mattress is manufactured in China by a third party. However, the foams used in the bed are still CertiPUR-US certified (like Casper), which means they do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Longer Warranty And Trial Period

We already touched on this above, but it’s worth mentioning again. The Casper mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free trial period and a 10-year warranty. If you were sleep reading above (get it?) or you just missed it, the AmazonBasics mattress does not come with an official trial period. Also, the mattress is only backed by a one-year warranty. Out of all the mattresses we’ve reviewed, it’s only the bed with a warranty shorter than 10 years.

casper mattress review stomach sleepers
Extra 70 nights to test the Casper mattress

You might be asking why this is important? Well, it normally takes around 30-45 days for your body to adjust to a new bed and for the bed to properly break in. Given this, the extra 70 nights that Casper allows you test the bed is suddenly more relevant. If you buy the AmazonBasics mattress and like it at first, but then after day 30 it starts to break in too much for your liking, you’re out of luck.

Also, it doesn’t inspire much confidence that Amazon only backs their mattress with a one-year warranty. To play devil’s advocate, though, you could buy a new AmazonBasics bed every couple years and still come out ahead in terms of money spent compared to buying one Casper mattress.

What These Two Beds Have In Common

Above, we described how these two beds differ, but now it’s time to discuss their commonalities. Spoiler alert—they have a quite a few similarities. All in all, this was one of the more difficult comparisons for us to complete.

Feel, Firmness, And Sleeper Type

Both of these mattresses use memory foam in their construction. The AmazonBasics mattress uses it for its top layer, while the Capser mattress uses it for its secondary comfort layer. However, before you automatically classify both as “memory foam beds,” we actually wouldn’t say the mattresses have a traditional memory foam feel. Yes, you do get a slight memory foam sensation in which the top layers sort of wrap or hug your body, but it’s not overwhelming at all.

amazon basics side sleeper mattress
Soft, neutral-foam feel with a bit of memory foam sprinkled in

Overall, we’d say both beds have more of a generic, soft foam feel. The top layers simply do not contour or conform to your body as much as, say, the top layers on the Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress. Ultimately, the best way we can describe the feel of both mattresses is that they have a soft, neutral-foam feel with a hint of memory foam. If you want a bed with more of a traditional memory foam feel, be sure to check out our list of the Best Memory Foam Mattresses.

Besides feel, the mattresses are also similar in terms of firmness. We think both beds land around a medium on the firmness scale. Both mattresses find a pretty nice balance between support and pressure relief.


As such, we think all types of sleepers will be just fine on these beds. Whether you primarily sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you’ll find both mattresses to be very accommodating. Plus, another nice thing is that both mattresses are fairly responsive. This means the top layers pop back to position quickly after pressure is released and you won’t get any sort of that stuck-in-the-mud type feel that is common with beds that contain memory foam.

Generally speaking, the level of responsiveness shown above is a good sign for combination sleepers. People who rotate between positions frequently find it much easier to switch between positions on beds that have top layers that respond quickly.

Heavy People

Given the basic, all-foam construction of each bed, we don’t think the Original Casper and AmazonBasics mattresses are ideal for people who weigh more than 250 lb. Large individuals exert more force onto a mattress than petite and medium sized individuals and require beds that have a solid support framework.

Given this, we almost always recommend heavy folks go with a bed that contains coils instead. Coils (or innerspring units) provide more support than the dense poly foams that all-foam beds (like Casper and AmazonBasics) use for the foundations. In addition, coils have proven to be more durable over the long haul, as well.

If you’re reading this and you consider yourself a large individual, you should check out the new Casper Hybrid or Wave Hybrid. If these don’t tickle your fancy, take a look at our list of the Best Hybrid & Coil Mattresses. If you weigh less than 250 lb, though, the AmazonBasics and Casper mattresses will suffice just fine.

Casper Mattress vs AmazonBasics Comparison Verdict

Congratulations, you made it to the end of this mattress-in-a-box comparison. Hopefully by now, you understand how these two beds differ and where they overlap in terms of similarities. In our opinion, the decision between the two beds really boils down to two main factors. Ask yourself the following.

First, what’s your budget? If every dollar matters, go with the AmazonBasics mattress. You’ll end up saving several hundred dollars.

Next, do you know what type of bed or feel you want? If you’re not really sure what exactly you want, try Casper first. Take advantage of the 100-night risk-free trial period and really figure out what you like/dislike.

That’s it for this comparison. We hope it was helpful. Thanks for choosing The Slumber Yard.

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Matt Ross

Back Sleeper

Shipping, Returns, Trial Period, And Warranty

In today’s day and age, there’s no reason to be hesitant about buying a mattress online. Bed-in-a-box companies like Casper, Leesa, and Purple offer customer-friendly policies that make it extremely easy for consumers. Let’s dig a little deeper, starting with Casper.

First, the Original Casper mattress ships for free and arrives at your door compressed in a box. From there, just follow the lead of the Slumber Yard team below. Basically, all you have to do is move the box to your room and unroll the bed onto your existing frame or foundation. Once you get the bed all set up, it’s recommended you let the mattress breathe for about 24-48 hours before sleeping on it.

Once the mattress is delivered, Casper offers a 100-night risk-free trial period. Essentially, the company is allowing you to test the bed for more than three months to decide whether you truly like it or not. If, after 30 nights on the bed, you decide the Casper mattress isn’t for you, no worries, the return/refund process is very simple. All you have to do is contact Casper customer support and they’ll schedule a time for the mattress to be picked up and donated to a local charity. Once the bed has been picked up, the company will give you your money back. It’s as easy as that. In addition, the Casper mattress is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. You can read more about the warranty on the company’s website.

The policies we just reviewed are pretty standard for the bed-in-a-box industry. That’s exactly what popular brands like Tuft & Needle and Cocoon Sealy offer, as well. However, as you will find out below, Amazon’s policies relating to its AmazonBasics bed aren’t so consumer friendly.

The AmazonBasics bed-in-a-box ships for free, as well, but unfortunately, it does not come with a true trial period. Instead, you’ll be stuck with Amazon’s 30-day return policy as your “trial period.” Plus, returning a mattress via Amazon isn’t always cut and dry. We’ve heard some rumblings that select customers were unable to return a mattress that they purchased on the site. It’s probably a good idea to read up on Amazon’s return policy before purchasing. Lastly, the AmazonBasics bed-in-a-box only comes with a one-year warranty. I wasn’t a math major, but I can tell you that’s nine years shorter than most bed-in-a-box warranties.

Temperature Regulation

Overall, we think both of these mattresses sleep temperature neutral. Although both mattresses contain memory foam, which is known for retaining heat, we don’t think you’ll experience any issues in terms of warming up for two reasons. First, we wouldn’t consider either mattress to be overly soft or plush. In other words, you won’t immediately sink into the mattress and the top layers won’t engulf you. You’ll sleep more on top of each bed rather than in it. Next, it’s important to understand that mattresses have progressed quite a bit over the last couple decades. These aren’t memory foam beds from the 1990s. Beds these days (including Casper and AmazonBasics) are much better at regulating temperature.

With that said, don’t expect either of these beds to actively keep you cool either. Like we said earlier, both mattresses sleep temperature neutral. Given this, it’s safe to assume external factors, such as what climate you live in, what temperature you set your thermostat at, and what you wear to bed will play a more of a role in determining how warm or cool you sleep.

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Considerations For Couples

Lastly, we think the AmazonBasics and Casper mattresses will work for couples who share a bed. Both beds perform well when it comes motion isolation and edge support. Let’s talk about each factor individually.

First, both beds deaden movement extremely well. This isn’t a big surprise since all-foam beds generally outperform hybrid or innerspring beds in this department (there’s no bounce from the coils).

As you can see above, the water in the glass stays fairly steady despite the motion on the surface of the bed. This is good news for people who share a bed with an active sleeper who moves around a lot. The better a bed is at limiting motion transfer, the better night of sleep you’ll get (i.e. you won’t be jostled awake every time your partner moves).

Next, the two beds also provide fairly solid edge support. This is one department where hybrid and innerspring beds typically outperform all-foam beds, but we think the Casper and AmazonBasics beds will be just fine.

casper mattress review stomach edge support
Fine, but not great edge support

Good edge support is crucial for couples who share a smaller size mattress (full or queen). Beds that are solid around the perimeter provide more useful surface area for both partners to spread out and get comfortable.