Typically we compare mattresses that are in the same category in terms of construction. While it's true that Awara and Casper both are online mattress brands, their flagship models are quite different. Casper is a foam mattress with a universally accommodating feel and Awara is a supportive latex hybrid that's a great pick for stomach and back sleepers. In this review we touch on the main reasons why one bed might be better for you than the other.

Awara mattress VS. Casper Original mattress
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  • People that want a hybrid mattress
  • If you have a tough time making up your mind (full-year trial period and free returns)
  • Mostly back and stomach sleepers
Best For
  • People that are looking for a comfortable, affordable mattress
  • Anyone that’s interested in a bed-in-a-box mattress
365 NightsTrial Period100 Nights
ForeverWarranty10 Years
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The best place to start when comparing two dissimilar mattresses is what they have in common. It’s not a giant list with these two beds, but worth going over nonetheless. For the record, in this post we are discussing how the Original Casper and Awara compare.

Casper offers other mattresses and you can see those on the company’s website, but we wanted to stay focused on the most popular, flagship model. With that out of the way, let’s run through a list of the commonalities with Casper and Awara:

  • Delivery — Both brands offer totally free shipping inside the contiguous United States. Casper typically ships via UPS, while Awara likes to use FedEx. The result is the same for you (i.e. you pay nothing extra for delivery).
  • Trial Periods — Casper and Awara Sleep both offer a risk-free trial period during which you can kick the tires with your new mattress. Casper lets you try the bed for 100 nights, while Awara Sleep gives you an absurdly long test window of 365 nights. Whether it’s three months or twelve months, you should have plenty of time to make a confident decision.
  • Return Policy — During those trial periods you get a “free return” option, meaning you can get all of your money back if you decide that you don’t want the mattress.

Both companies also have a respectable warranty with their mattresses. Casper offers the industry standard of 10 years, while Awara Sleep is backed by a “forever” warranty.

Why it’s Great
One of the most affordable natural mattresses online is Awara. It has 9″ pocketed coils and 4″ of latex foam. It also comes with a full-year trial period and free returns.
Best for
People that want a hybrid mattress
If you have a tough time making up your mind (full-year trial period and free returns)
Mostly back and stomach sleepers
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Latex Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights


$200 Off + $499 in Accessories

Reasons Why Awara Sleep Is Better — In this section we will discuss the main reasons you should consider Awara over Casper. Most of the advantages will center around Awara’s design and firmness rating.

Awara has coils, latex foam, wool, and organic cotton

Design — Perhaps the biggest differentiator for Awara is that it uses certain natural and organic materials such as natural latex foam and organic cotton. It actually has a fairly straightforward construction, but that’s part of the charm of Awara.

The bed has 9″ coils at the bottom that provide a great deal of support and make it a suitable option for people of all body types. Also, Awara has 4″ of Rainforest Alliance-Certified dunlop latex foam that is the primary cushioning layer for the mattress. The cover of the mattress is also made in part of organic cotton. You can see all of the certifications for Awara on their website, but suffice it so that it has plenty of them.

All together, Awara looks like a really expensive mattress that you’d find at a boutique health store. While the Original Casper mattress is targeting basically anyone that wants a comfy foam bed, Awara is specifically designed for people that want an eco-friendly mattress.

Feel Of The Mattress – Given that Awara has just two core layers (coils and latex foam) it feels like a bouncy, extra supportive bed. If you’ve ever felt latex foam before, you know that it has a spongy, airy quality to it. Most people acknowledge that latex foam is a premium, durable material given that it’s naturally-derived from the sap of a rubber tree.

Because of the latex/coil combo, Awara actually feels quite firm. We put it at about a medium-firm on the soft/firm scale, though a lot of our editors consider it a medium-firm+. This means that it’s a little firmer than the average bed with the medium-firm designation.

We prefer Awara for strict back and stomach sleepers

Another differentiator for Awara is its firmness level. It is indeed firmer than Casper and makes for a great mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

Cool Sleeping — Despite the fact that Awara is not a “cooling mattress” it does sleep cooler than the typical bed you’d buy online. We say this for several reasons. For starters, it’s a firmer bed and, generally speaking, firmer beds sleep cooler than softer ones. Even more, it has coils and latex foam, both of which allow for increased circulation.

Casper is a temperature-neutral bed as well, but if you twisted my arm to pick a winner, I’d give Awara the edge for hot sleepers.

Casper Original
Casper Original
Why it’s Great
Casper Original is the mattress that started it all. If you just want a comfortable foam mattress, it’s hard to do better than Casper.
Best for
People that are looking for a comfortable, affordable mattress
Anyone that’s interested in a bed-in-a-box mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Soft Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
100 Nights
10 Years
Made in

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Why Casper Is Better — There’s no denying that Casper is the more popular mattress, but what are the specific reasons why you’d purchase it over Awara? That’s what we will cover in the post below.

casper mattress review original
Casper is one of those beds that almost everyone finds comfortable

Price — Both Awara and Casper are designed to be the best mattress for the money, albeit in different ways. Awara is perhaps the most affordable natural and organic bed, while Casper is one of the nicest, most accommodating foam beds on the market. In either case, we are in no way complaining about price. We do agree that both offer a lot for your money.

Having said that, Casper is sometimes cheaper than Awara. From an MSRP perspective, the queen size Awara retails for around $1,500 while Casper is around $1,100. After applying a coupon code, both beds come down closer to around $1,000. However, sometimes Casper offers larger coupon codes that make their flagship bed slightly cheaper. You can check the current offers for Casper and Awara here.

Sleep Styles — Casper is objectively the better mattress for side sleepers. If you want pressure relief, Casper has that in spades. Now, it’s not just about side sleepers, as Casper can accommodate all sleeping styles. We just want to highlight that Casper will offer you more pressure relief than will Awara.

casper mattress review original side sleepers
For side sleepers, Casper gets the win

We rate Casper as a true medium on our firmness spectrum. Interestingly, Casper is the bed by which we judge the firmness rating of all other beds. It’s not too soft, nor too firm, and therefore can appeal to nearly everyone.

Design Of Casper — Casper has three layers of foam and is a really comfortable mattress with a neutral/soft foam feel. The bottom layer is dense foam just like many other foam online beds. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the bed is the second layer has a zoned support design that offers a little more support under your center of mass and more pressure relief under your shoulders.

casper original mattress review zoned support
The center third of the bed is slightly more dense

On top of the zoned support layer is an open cell foam (to help circulate airflow). All together, Casper has a soft foam feel that is near universally comfortable. We would guess that if you took 100 people off of the street 70-90% of them would either love or be just fine with Casper—it’s that accommodating.

Hybrid Option — While Awara is a latex hybrid mattress by default, Casper is an all-foam mattress by default, but you can upgrade to add coils. It is an 11″ mattress either way, but for those that want a little more support and bounce, you can pay a modest fee to get Casper Hybrid from their website.

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