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bear mattress vs leesa review

Bear Mattress vs Leesa

Both have a softer foam feel, but we dig deeper in this Bear vs Leesa mattress review

Bear and Leesa are both considered industry veterans in the bed-in-a-box space. As such, both of their flagship beds are often lumped into the same category. However, as you will find out below, there are plenty of differences between the Leesa and Bear bed-in-a-box mattresses.
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Memory Foam Feel

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10" bed-in-a-box that has a soft, memory foam feel and a special Celliant cover that is designed to aid in recovery.
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Neutral-Foam Feel

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Popular bed-in-a-box that has a soft, neutral-foam feel. Overall, we think the mattress accommodates all types of sleepers.

Bear vs Leesa Mattress Synopsis

If you like to cut right to the chase, here is a quick overview of the differences between these two online mattresses.

  • Feel — The Bear mattress has a soft, memory foam feel, while the Leesa mattress has more of a neutral-foam feel.
  • Sleeper Type —We think the Bear mattress is more ideal for side sleepers, while the Leesa mattress is more ideal for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Price — The Bear mattress is more affordable than the Leesa mattress, plain and simple.
  • Special Celliant Cover — The Bear mattress contains a special Celliant cover that is supposed to help with recovery.

Those are the four primary differences, but, as usual, there’s more to the story. Keep reading to learn more about Leesa and Bear.

Bear Mattress


  • Folks who like a soft, memory foam feel
  • Side and combo sleepers
  • Petite and medium sized individuals
  • Consumers looking to spend $900 or less (after discounts)
  • People who live an active lifestyle (Celliant cover)

In addition to the Original Bear mattress (the focus of today’s comparison), the company also offers the Bear Hybrid mattress. As the name implies, this model incorporates coils in addition to layers of foam. It’s more expensive than the original model, but it’s definitely the better option for heavy people (250+ lb) due to its construction. Enough about the hybrid model, though, let’s discuss some of the advantages that the Original Bear mattress has over the Leesa mattress.

Memory Foam Feel

Perhaps the biggest distinction that can be drawn between the two mattresses is feel. In short, if you like the feel of memory foam, then the Bear mattress is the more ideal option. The bed uses a slab of graphite-gel memory foam for its top layer, which sort of conforms and contours to your body as you lay down.

bear mattress review stomach sleepers
Soft memory foam feel

Overall, we describe the bed as having a soft memory foam feel. We think it comes in around a medium-soft on the firmness scale. At the end of the day, it’s just not quite as firm of a memory foam feel compared to the likes of Cocoon Sealy or Nectar. All in all, though, it’s an extremely comfortable mattress. It’s one of those beds where you can’t help but let out an audible sigh of pleasure as you plop down on it after a long day at work.

As you will find out later in this comparison, the Leesa mattress uses a proprietary foam top layer and has more of a neutral-foam feel as a result.

Ideal For Side Sleepers

Given its firmness profile, we think the Bear mattress is ideal for side and combo sleepers. Generally speaking, soft beds (like Bear) that provide a good amount of pressure relief are preferable for people who spend a lot of time on their side. Firmer beds tend to cause discomfort, aches, and pains around the pressure points (hips and shoulders) of side sleepers after prolonged periods of time. Luckily, with the Bear mattress, the soft top layer of gel memory foam cradles your body’s curves extremely well. Our testing team found the bed to be very accommodating for strict side sleepers.

bear mattress review side sleepers
Lots of pressure relief for side sleepers

To be fair, we think the Leesa mattress will work for side sleepers, as well. However, if given the choice between the two, we’d have to give the edge to Bear. It’s just a little softer and provides a little more pressure relief than the Leesa mattress.

Bear Is More Affordable

This point is pretty straightforward. The Bear mattress is just more affordable than the Leesa mattress. For reference, a queen size Bear mattress has a MSRP of around $850, while a queen size Leesa mattress has a MSRP of around $1,000.

In reality, though, the MSRP prices don’t mean much. Both companies regularly offer deals, discounts, and promo codes. For example, Bear typically offers $100-$150 off their beds. You can check the green discount box on the right hand side of the screen or the company’s website to see what the current promotion is.

Leesa offers large discounts, as well. You can typically expect to receive a $130-$160 discount on your mattress purchase. We’d recommend you check out our Leesa deals page to see what the current promotion is.

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Special Celliant Cover

One feature that Bear likes to heavily promote with their flagship mattress is the special cover. To be specific, the cover incorporates Celliant, which is actually a FDA recognized wellness textile. According to the company’s website, Celliant technology is able to convert your body’s natural energy into infrared light, which in turn is supposed to enhance oxygen levels and improve sleep quality, health, and performance.

bear mattress review cover celiant
A closer look at the Celliant cover on the Bear mattress

To be clear, we’re not scientists here at The Slumber Yard so it’s difficult for us to comment on this subject. However, with that said, if Celliant is effective enough for the FDA, then it’s good in our book. As such, we see the Bear mattress as an excellent option for folks who live an active or healthy lifestyle. In fact, we even put Bear on our list of the Best Mattresses For Athletes.

Leesa Mattress


  • Folks who like more of a neutral-foam feel
  • All types of sleepers
  • Small and medium sized individuals
Leesa Mattress

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Like Bear, Leesa offers a more premium mattress model, as well. This model is called Sapira and it feels very similar to the Original Leesa (the focus of today’s comparison) all things considered, except it uses pocketed coils for its primary support structure. For more information on the Leesa Sapira mattress, make sure to check out our full review.

Neutral-Foam Feel

If memory foam isn’t your cup of tea, then it’s time to perk up because the Leesa mattress does not have an overt memory foam feel. The bed does use a layer of memory foam, but it’s used as a secondary comfort layer. Instead, Leesa uses a proprietary foam, which they call LSA200 for the top layer. This layer gives the bed more of what we call a neutral-foam feel, meaning it doesn’t quite conform or contour to your body the same way memory foam does.

leesa mattress review foam bed in a box back sleepers
A lot of folks like the neutral-foam feel of the Leesa mattress

Overall, the top layer of foam is still soft and comfortable (like memory foam), but it’s just a little more neutral in terms of functionality. At the end of the day, it seems like the majority of people find the bed to be very accommodating. If you’re not entirely sure what type of feel you’re looking for, the Leesa mattress is a safe bet.

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Back And Stomach Sleepers

To preface this entire section, let me start by saying we think the Leesa mattress is good for all types of sleepers. It doesn’t matter whether you primarily sleep on your back, stomach, or side. Overall, the bed offers a nice balance between support and pressure relief.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
Leesa is a very nice option for back and stomach sleepers

Compared to the Bear mattress, we do think the Leesa mattress is a hair firmer. It comes in right around a medium on the firmness scale, compared to a medium-soft with Bear.

leesa mattress review firmness and feel

As such, we do think the Leesa mattress is the better option for primary back and stomach sleepers. Generally speaking, these types of sleepers prefer firmer beds that provide a little more support under their trunk and lower back.

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What Leesa And Bear Have In Common

Above we described some of the areas in which Bear and Leesa differ, but the two mattresses also share a few similarities.

Body Type And Weight

Given the all-foam constructions of each bed, we think both mattresses are most ideal for petite and medium sized individuals. Typically, hybrid and innerspring beds that contain coils are preferable for heavy people (250+ lb). Coils, in general, provide more support and last longer than the dense poly foams that all-foam mattresses (like Leesa and Bear) use for their foundations.

leesa sapira mattress review construction and layers
Inside the Leesa Hybrid mattress (used to be called Sapira)

Given this, you can see why coils are preferred to support the pressure large folks exert on mattresses. If you fall into the heavy person category, you may want to check out our list of the Best Beds For Big Guys.

Temperature Regulation

After testing each bed, we think both mattresses sleep temperature neutral. In other words, we don’t think either mattress will be the primary reason why you heat up or cool off throughout the night. Neither mattress incorporates special cooling textiles or anything like that to actively keep you cool. With that said, our testing team never complained of waking up drenched in sweat or anything like that either.

Ultimately, we think external factors, like what temperature you set your thermostat at, will have more of an affect on how warm or cool you sleep. If you’re an especially warm sleeper that is concerned with staying cool, you may want to check out our list of the Best Cooling Mattresses.


Both mattresses are quite responsive, meaning the top layers snap back into position quickly after pressure is released. We kind of expected this from the Leesa mattress given its proprietary foam top layer, but the Bear mattress was a bit of a surprise. Typically, memory foam is slow to respond, but we found the top layer on the Bear mattress to be fairly responsive. Here, take a look for yourself.

leesa mattress review construction and layers
Both are all-foam beds, but Leesa responds more quickly

This means you won’t get any sort of that stuck-in-the-mud sensation with either bed, which is a good sign for combination sleepers who tend to rotate between positions frequently.

Considerations For Couples

Last up, we think both mattresses will work just fine for couples. The beds perform well in regard to edge support and motion isolation, which are two important factors for couples to consider. Motion isolation refers to how well a bed deadens movement so you don’t feel your partner’s tossing and turning throughout the night. Edge support is important for couples who share a smaller size bed. Couples that fall into this category will want to find a bed with good edge support so both individuals have ample room to spread out comfortably. Luckily, Leesa and Bear get passing grades in both departments.

Leesa Mattress vs Bear Review Verdict

You made it to the end of the comparison. You deserve a big pat on the back. Thanks for sticking with us. Buying a new mattress is a big deal, so we understand if you’re not completely sure of which bed to go with. In our eyes, this comparison really comes down to the following decision points:

Price — If you’re on a tight budget, the Bear mattress is likely the cheaper option.

Feel — If you like the feel of memory foam, Bear is the way to go. If not, play it safe and go with Leesa.

Sleeper Type — If you spend the majority of the night on your back or stomach, we’d recommend you go with Leesa. Likewise, if you spend a lot of time on your side, we think you’ll enjoy Bear a little more.

That’s it! Thanks for choosing The Slumber Yard.

Review Team

Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo

Combo Sleeper


Matt Ross

Back Sleeper


Jack Reynoso

Combo Sleeper

louis cote

Louis Côté

Side Sleeper

Company Policies

Both Leesa and Bear are online direct-to-consumer mattress companies, meaning they do not operate brick-and-mortar stores where you can test and purchase their beds. Don’t worry, though, both companies get around the lack of stores by offering extremely friendly customer policies. Let’s dig into these policies a little deeper, starting with Bear.

It’s important to note that all Bear mattresses come with free shipping. The bed will usually arrive compressed and rolled up in a box within four to seven business days. Once you see the box has arrived, just grab a family member or friend and move it to your room (queen size weighs around 70 lb). From there, you’ll want to remove the mattress from the box, cut the plastic, and unroll it onto your frame, foundation, or floor. Here’s a look at the Slumber Yard team doing exactly that.

From the day the bed is dropped off on your porch, Bear offers customers a 100-night risk-free trial period so you can test the bed and decide whether you want to keep it or not. If you’re a fan of the bed, great, it comes backed by a 10-year warranty, which covers certain manufacturing defects and material failures. If you decide the bed isn’t quite right for you during the trial period, don’t fret, the return/refund process is very simple. Just contact the Bear customer support team and they’ll arrange for the bed to be picked up from your home at no additional charge. Once the bed has been removed, just email the company a copy of the pick-up receipt and they’ll give you a full refund.

Leesa, for the most part, matches exactly what Bear offers. They too offer free shipping, free returns, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty. Just so you know, these policies are fairly standard for the bed-in-a-box industry. Other popular companies like Purple, Casper, and Tuft & Needle offer the same.

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