Beautyrest Hybrid mattress VS. Serta iComfort mattress
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Beautyrest vs. Serta Mattress Overview

The Beautyrest and Serta mattresses are both quite popular, but for very different reasons. The beds are made of different materials, so it really comes down to what type you prefer. Here are the two key differences between these beds:

  • Construction — The Beautyrest and Serta mattresses have different constructions. The Beautyrest is a hybrid bed, meaning it contains both coils and foam. The Serta is an all-foam mattress.
  • Body Type — If you weigh over 230 lbs and want a more durable, supportive mattress, you might prefer the Beautyrest. We think you’d get more of your money’s worth out of it.

Design & Construction

The Serta iComfort is a 13” all-foam mattress made up of three distinct layers:

  • Support foam — The Serta mattress has an all-foam core base.
  • Memory foam — The middle layer consists of 3 inches of thick EverCool Supreme Memory Foam to act as the transition.
  • Gel foam — The mattress is topped with one inch of TempActiv Max Gel Memory Foam to act as the comfort level

While the Serta is made of all-foam, the Beautyrest Hybrid mattress is a hybrid, meaning it consists of both coils and foam. Here’s a general breakdown of the layers inside the different Beautyrest hybrid beds:

  • Base layer — The bed’s foundation consists of proprietary pocketed coils designed to be supportive and resilient.
  • Center layer — Above the coils lays a half-inch thick layer of responsive foam, which acts as a transition layer between the firmer coils and softer foam.
  • Top layer — At the top of the Beautyrest bed is a one-inch layer of proprietary memory foam designed to be cooler and more responsive than most memory foam. Above that is a three-inch layer of AirCool Gel memory foam designed to be cooler than standard memory foam while still providing pressure relief.

In addition to its three layers, the Beautyrest mattress also has a column of dense foam around the perimeter to provide edge support.

Feel & Firmness 

Thanks to the combination of Beatyrest’s coils and foam, the mattress offers a nice balance between comfort and also support. When you buy your bed, you’ll have the choice of either soft or firm. The Plush model is a medium-soft to medium on the firmness scale. The Luxury Firm falls around a medium firm.

The Serta iComfort also comes with two firmness options. The Plush model is around a medium on the firmness scale, while the cushion firm is a medium firm to firm. Both beds have a dense memory foam feel. Serta has the characteristic of many memory foam beds, where you sink into it and feel a bit stuck in the bed.

Other Factors To Consider

Let’s talk about a few other factors to consider when shopping for your mattress. These factors are even more critical when you’ll be sharing your bed with a partner.

Edge Support 

Thanks to its dense foam column around the perimeter, the Beautyrest mattress has excellent edge support. You can sleep right on the edge without feeling like you are falling off. The edge support on the Serta doesn’t quite match up. It’s decent, but not as solid as the Beautyrest.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam beds often have excellent motion isolation, and the Serta is no exception. And even though the Beautyrest bed has coils at the base, it still isolates movement quite well. No matter which bed you choose, you don’t need to worry about being disturbed by your partner moving around throughout the night.


The Serta and Beautyrest mattresses are quite similar in that they both claim to have cooling technology and materials, yet we find them both to be temperature neutral. They won’t heat you up during the night, but they also won’t help to keep you cool.

Body Type Analysis

When shopping for a mattress, it’s important to find the right bed for your body type. Different types of beds are better suited for different types of sleepers.

  • Petite

    Both beds are well-suited to petite individuals. Keep in mind, though, that the beds will likely feel more firm to you. People under about 150 lbs can go with the Beautyrest hybrid, but Serta will be perfectly supportive. 

  • Normal

    Average-sized individuals will sleep well on either of these beds, and usually fare well on either all-foam or hybrid beds. 

  • Heavy

    While both beds can work for heavier individuals, the Beautyrest is probably the better option. Beds made with all-foam often lack the support for larger folks. If you prefer memory foam, Serta’s Cushion Firm model might work. Thanks to the Beautyrest’s coil layer, it is likely to provide more support for heavier individuals. But like the Serta bed, you’ll probably sleep more comfortably on the firm model.

  • Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers will sleep comfortably on both the Serta and Beautyrest mattress. The plush version of each bed will be the better option, as it will provide more needed pressure relief.

  • Combo Sleepers

    The combination of coils and foam makes the Beautyrest mattress a great choice for combination sleepers. You can sleep well in any position. If you or your partner tend to move around a lot in your sleep, the Serta might not be a great choice, as the all-foam bed will create a lot of resistance.

  • Back & Stomach Sleepers

    If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, you’ll sleep comfortably on both of these beds. In both cases, the Firm models will be a better choice, as they provide the support that back and stomach sleepers need. Though, the Plush Serta bed is also good for petite to average-weighted body types because it strikes a nice balance between comfort and support.