There are a lot of bed in a box mattresses on the market, but relatively few are designed for heavier individuals. Big Fig was perhaps the first mattress in this category, but there are a few others that we hold in high regard as well, including the Titan mattress. In this guide we discuss how Big Fig compares to Titan, and why you'd purchase one bed over the other.

Big Fig mattress VS. Titan mattress
$1,399 – $1,999Price Range$699 – $1,299
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  • All body types
  • People that want a firmer, extra-supportive mattress
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  • Back and stomach sleepers who prefer firm mattresses
  • Heavy people seeking an affordable yet supportive bed
120 NightsTrial Period120 Nights
20 YearsWarranty10 Years
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You are most likely aware of this, but Big Fig and Brooklyn Bedding Titan are both mattresses for heavier people. As such, there is a good deal of overlap between these two beds, and you will probably be happy with either one.

In this section we explain some of the major areas of overlap, of which there are a few core items.

  • Hybrid Design — Both beds use pocketed coils for support, and overall have a bouncy/responsive/innerspring feel.
  • Policies — You get free shipping, a 120-night trial window, and free returns with Big Fig and Titan.
  • Made In USA — Big Fig is made in the United States, as is the Titan mattress.
  • Firmer Profile — Given that they’re designed for heavy people, both beds naturally have a firmer overall profile.

The list above might only have a few items, but at a high level, these are pretty much the same mattress. Both are extra supportive with a firmer profile, and they’re affordable. That’s really all you need to know. Still, we’ll go over the key differentiators for these beds in the sections below.

Why it’s Great
The Titan is a supportive hybrid mattress that has a firm, neutral-foam feel. The bed is specifically designed with heavy people in mind.
Best for
Back and stomach sleepers who prefer firm mattresses
Heavy people seeking an affordable yet supportive bed
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
120 Nights
10 Years
Made in

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Why Purchase The Titan Mattress — This is a firmer innerspring mattress from one of the largest bedding companies out there, and it happens to be startlingly affordable. The main reason to get Titan is that you want Big Fig, but can’t necessarily afford it.

titan mattress review from brooklyn bedding for heavy and obese people
Titan is 11″ thick with heavy duty TitanCaliber coils

Brooklyn Bedding makes a number of specialty mattresses, including Titan. Essentially what they did is start making a bed to fit every niche. For example, they now make Bloom, a natural and organic mattress meant to steal customers away from the Avocado Green Mattress. This is pretty much their goal for Titan as well: to take customers away from Big Fig.

Titan’s Hybrid Design

From 10,000 feet, the Titan mattress from Brooklyn Bedding has the same construction as the Big Fig mattress. The bed starts with a super dense foam and then has super-duty pocketed coils that are the primary support system. The coils not only offer support, but also a good deal of bounce, making it feel more like a traditional innerspring mattress.

titan mattress review from booklyn bedding construction and layers
A general breakdown of the Titan mattress

On top of the coils are two layers of comfort foams. The first is a proprietary TitanFlex foam and the second is a little memory foam. The goal here is to offer cushioning to go along with the support.

Overall, the Titan mattress feels like a firmer foam mattress with a lot of bounce, which unsurprisingly is pretty much exactly what Big Fig feels like. If you really want to split hairs though, you’ll feel a little more memory foam with Titan than you will with Big Fig, but for the average consumer they will feel really similar.

titan mattress review firmness

As you can see in our firmness chart above, Titan is a firm mattress, just like Big Fig. The best way to describe this bed is that it feels like laying on a thick bed of grass with a ton of support.

Titan Is Really Affordable

The biggest selling point for Brooklyn Bedding with the Titan mattress is not how supportive it is. The entire value proposition of this mattress is that it’s super supportive and really affordable.

Last time we checked, the Titan bed was under $1,100 for the queen mattress. That means that the Titan mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is actually more affordable than Casper, which is an all-foam mattress. After discount, we would not be surprised if you got Titan for between $800-900 for the queen.

The Big Fig mattress, on the other hand, is affordable but notably more expensive than the Titan mattress. The MSRP for a queen bed is $1,700, but after-discount you might be able to get Big Fig for closer to $1,400-1,500.

Cooling Options For Titan

Another differentiator for Titan—albeit less important than the price tag—is that you can make two cooling upgrades. During the checkout process, you can opt to add a “cooling top panel” to the mattress, which will cost you an extra ~$250. You can see the cooling top panel on Titan’s website here.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Eurotop Mattress Cover
Here’s a close up of a cooling top panel

The cooling top panel will be extremely similar to the cooling cover featured on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress. This cover will help to cool you down and keep you at a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

The second “cooling upgrade” is to purchase the Titan Mattress Topper in addition to the bed. This adds 3″ of talalay latex foam, which has an open cell structure and is a naturally cooler material than memory foam. The topper also has the cooling cover, which is sort of like the cherry on top. If we had our druthers, most people that get Titan would also get the topper.

Interestingly, if you get the topper, you will add about $500 to the queen size bed, but it still should be more affordable than Big Fig. Not only that, but you are essentially recreating the Big Fig mattress since you’re adding latex foam and a cooling cover.

Big Fig
Big Fig
Why it’s Great
Big Fig is a thick and durable hybrid mattress that’s made specifically for heavy individuals. It is the mattress for a “bigger figure.”
Best for
All body types
People that want a firmer, extra-supportive mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Soft Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
120 Nights
20 Years
Made in


R Off

Why Purchase Big Fig Instead — The number one reason to get Big Fig is that it’s what most people do. In other words, this is the most popular mattress for heavy people online. If you want the tried and true method, go for Big Fig. Sure, it will cost you more, but you’re keeping the bed for several years, so does it really matter?

big fig mattress review profile
Big Fig is one of the most supportive beds we’ve ever tested

Big Fig is a little thicker than Titan, at about 13″ in total, but it also offers a few features that you won’t get with Titan by default.

Foundation Included At Checkout

By default, Big Fig bundles in their mattress foundation at checkout. In fact, the cost of the bed already includes the price of the foundation. This way, you don’t need to worry about finding a suitable, extra-supportive foundation since it ships with the mattress.

big fig mattress foundation
You can see the Big Fig Foundation at the bottom

If you’d like, however, you can opt out of getting the foundation and save $100 in total. Big Fig doesn’t recommend this since the foundation is specifically made to ensure you get the proper support, but it’s nice that they at least give you the option to save a little more money.

Big Fig Has Coils And A Cooling Cover

Much like Titan, Big Fig has a coil support base and a few layers of comfort foams at the top. Interestingly, by default, Big Fig has latex foam as its primary comfort layer, which means they bed has a certain level of bounce that you don’t get with Titan.

big fig mattress review construction and layers
Big Fig uses latex foam for bounce and breathability

The latex foam also tends to breath more than memory foam, which is a good sign for hot sleepers. Not only that, but Big Fig has a cooling cover from the outset as well. It’s not quite as drastically cool as the optional cover for Titan, but it’s still really nice to have.

All in all, Big Fig will still feel fairly similar to Titan, but with a little more bounce. In other words, it feels like a supportive innerspring bed with a little foam on top.


We call Big Fig somewhere between a medium-firm and firm, but for all intents and purposes it’s really close to the firmness level of Titan.

As a result, both beds are best for stomach and back sleepers. The goal of the beds is to be more supportive than it is pressure relieving. That said, the heavier you are, the more it is acceptable to sleep on your side with these beds.

In fact, for the target demographic (that being larger folks), we think all sleeping positions are okay with these beds.

Final Comments On Titan Mattress vs Big Fig

We can’t tell you what to do, but we can say that we consider Titan and Big Fig to be very similar. As such, we’d feel comfortable with you choosing either mattress. If you want the case for each bed, here it is:

  • Titan — It’s more affordable and has several upgrades that might be interesting to you. It’s a great solution for heavier folks on a tight budget.
  • Big Fig — The more popular bed that comes with a mattress foundation and cooling cover by default. Overall, feels like the more responsive, supportive bed.

Other than those items, it’s difficult to drive a wedge between these two beds. Hopefully you found this comparison helpful. Feel free to visit our mattress sales page for deals on these beds and others. Thanks for coming to the one and only Slumber Yard!

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