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brooklyn bedding vs casper mattress comparison

Brooklyn Bedding vs Casper Mattress

Should you pick Casper or the hybrid Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding and Casper are two of the most well-known bed-in-a-box brands on earth. While the two beds are frequently discussed together, most people don't realize there are a few key differences between the them. In this post, we break down the pros and cons of each mattress so you can make a more informed decision.
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Hybrid Mattress

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Brooklyn Bedding is a premium hybrid mattress that is available in three different firmness options. It could be the best value out there.

Soft Foam Mattress

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Casper is an 11" mattress that has a soft foam feel and accommodates all sleeper types. It's likely the most popular foam bed online.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress vs Casper Synopsis

If you came here just for the headlines, here are the primary points of differentiation between these two mattresses.

  • Construction — The Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid mattress (contains coils), while the original Casper is an all-foam bed. Casper does sell a few hybrid mattresses though.
  • Price — The Brooklyn Signature is more affordable than Casper.
  • Firmness Options — The Brooklyn Signature is available in three different firmness options, while Casper on comes in one firmness model.

There’s a lot more you’ll want to consider when shopping for a new mattress, though. Keep reading to learn more about Casper and Brooklyn Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress


  • Folks who want options (three firmness levels)
  • All body types
  • All sleeper types
  • People who prefer hybrid/coil beds
  • Individuals looking for a more premium bed

In this section, we cover the major advantages the Brooklyn Signature mattress has over the Casper mattress.

Firmness Options

As mentioned above, the Brooklyn Signature is available in three different firmness levels. Overall, we like the flexibility that Brooklyn offers. This flexibility means every type of sleeper will be able purchase a mattress that best suits their particular sleeping habits.

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brooklyn bedding signature mattress review hybrid bed
Three firmness levels to choose from

However, as we mentioned above, Casper is a very accommodating mattress, as well. It’s good for side, back, and stomach sleepers, too, so the firmness options aren’t a huge advantage for Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Signature Is More Affordable

This is a big advantage because everyone loves to save money. Depending on which size you get, the Brooklyn Signature is about $100-$250 less than the Original Casper mattress in terms of MSRP.

Both companies regularly offer coupon codes and promo codes, but Brooklyn seems to be quite a bit more aggressive. For example, Brooklyn often offers 20% off all their mattresses. That would make their queen size drop below the $775 mark, which is an absolute steal. Check the green box on your screen to see what kind of discount the company is currently offering.

High-Quality Construction

When it comes to how each mattress is made, Brooklyn definitely gets the win. It’s just a thicker bed that incorporates higher-quality materials.

Overall, the Brooklyn Signature comes in at 12″ thick and is comprised of five different layers. For comparison purposes, the Casper mattress is about 11″ thick and is comprised of three foam layers. (If you decide to opt for Casper Hybrid and Wave Hybrid then they’ll contain a blend of foam and coils).

brooklyn bedding signature mattress layers
Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress construction

The big advantage the Signature has over Casper is that it uses 6″ pocketed coils for its support structure. Generally, beds that have coils tend to provide more support and be more durable over the long haul.

With that said, if you’re leaning towards Casper but the only thing missing is coils, they began selling hybrid mattresses in early 2019 so you always have those options as well.

Better For Heavy People

Due the construction of the Brooklyn Signature, we think it’s the better option for heavy folks (250+ lb) over the original Casper mattress.

We almost always point people with heavier builds towards beds that contain coils because coils provide bi-directional support, meaning the coils have a little give (compress) just like dense support foams, but also push back against pressure (resistance). As such, beds that contain coils are just better equipped to support the extra force heavy people exert on a bed.

If you compare Brooklyn Signature to Casper’s new Wave Hybrid or Casper Hybrid, we’d say they’re equally suitable mattresses for heavy set folks. So if by the end of this comparison you like Casper more, take a look at their hybrids.

Casper Mattress


  • Folks who like a soft, neutral-foam feel
  • Back, stomach, and side sleepers
  • Individuals who prefer all-foam beds

In this section, we flip the script and cover the primary advantages the Original Casper mattress has over the Brooklyn Signature mattress. Keep in mind we’re only discussing the original Casper model in this comparison. They also offer Casper Wave Hybrid, Casper Element, and Casper Nova Hybrid.

Motion Isolation

This is one area where coils tend to be a disadvantage since they give the bed a little bounce. As such, we think Casper gets the slight edge when it comes to motion isolation. The bed does a great job of deadening movement.

That’s not to say the motion isolation on the Brooklyn Signature is bad by any means. It’s actually quite good for a hybrid mattress and won’t be an issue for the majority of sleepers. It just has a little more bounce than the Casper mattress.

casper mattress review original side sleepers
Casper is just too comfortable

This is an important topic for couples to consider. Good motion isolation means you won’t feel as much of your partner’s movements during the night. After all, no one wants to be jostled awake every time their partner gets up to sneak another chocolate chip cookie.

Removable Cover

This might be a small advantage, but the Casper mattress has a removable cover, while the Brooklyn Signature does not.

casper mattress review original cover
Casper now has a space-age cover

However, Casper recommends you do not machine wash the cover. If you happen to spill something on the bed, you should just spot clean it with a mild detergent and water. That’s actually how you’re supposed to clean the Brooklyn Signature, as well, so you can see why we said it was a minor advantage.

Still, it might be useful for some people to actually remove the cover in order to spot clean it.

Lighter And Easier To Move

This is another minor advantage, but the Casper mattress is lighter and easier to move. This is great for people who tend to move a lot or just switch rooms frequently. In other words, it’s a great mattress for military families or those who like to feng shui.

Casper Mattress vs Brooklyn Bedding Review Verdict

Congratulations, you made it to the end. As you probably noticed above, these two beds have a lot in common. For example, both mattresses have a soft, neutral-foam feel and accommodate all sleeper types.

However, when it comes to the relative advantages/disadvantages, it’s pretty one-sided. Brooklyn Bedding is the winner in this comparison. It’s more affordable, has a higher-quality construction.

If your only complaint is the original Casper’s lack of coils, head over to their website to find out a little more about Casper Hybrid and Wave Hybrid.

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