Brooklyn Bedding and GhostBed are two of the most popular mattress-in-a-box brands on Earth. Both brands are well-established and have a reputation for manufacturing high-quality mattresses. In this post, we pit the Original GhostBed against the Brooklyn Signature to help you better understand the relative advantages and disadvantages each bed provides.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress VS. GhostBed Original mattress
$599 – $1,374Price Range$895 – $1,650
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Brooklyn Signature vs GhostBed Synopsis

You lead a busy life and we realize that. To make things easy, here are the primary differences between these two beds.

  • Construction — The Brooklyn Signature is a hybrid bed (contains pocketed coils), while GhostBed is comprised entirely of foam.
  • Price — Although both mattresses are actually close in price, you can usually snag the Brooklyn Signature a little cheaper.
  • Motion Isolation — GhostBed gets the slight edge when it comes to limiting motion transfer.
  • Body Type — The Brooklyn Signature is the better option for heavier individuals.
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Those are just the quick points. Buying a new mattress is a big deal, so it’s important you get all the information. Keep reading to learn more about GhostBed and Brooklyn Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature
Brooklyn Bedding Signature
Why it’s Great
Brooklyn Bedding Signature is one of the best mattresses for the money online. It has pocketed coils, it’s made in the USA, comes in three firmness options, and sells for far less than you’d expect.
Best for
If you want a great mattress for the money
All body types
People that are looking for a coil mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Soft Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
120 Nights
10 Years
Made in

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What GhostBed And Brooklyn Bedding Have In Common

We typically hold similarities for the end of comparisons, but we thought we might want to include them up top in this particular case since both beds have some important ones to note.

Both Mattresses Have A Soft, Neutral-Foam Feel

One big feature that both mattresses have in common is their soft, neutral-foam feel. When we say neutral-foam feel, we’re basically saying that the mattresses are soft and comfortable, but the top layers just don’t conform and hug your body the way memory foam does.

Now technically, both mattresses do use a layer of memory foam, but they use different materials for their top layers. The Brooklyn Signature uses a layer of patented TitanFlex Comfort foam. This is a proprietary blend that is special to Brooklyn Bedding.

brooklyn bedding signature review mattress stomach and back sleepers
Both beds are quite comfortable

GhostBed, on the other hand, uses a 1.5″ layer of aerated latex foam for its top layer. However, the bed doesn’t have an overly latex feel to it like you get with Zenhaven or the IDLE Latex Hybrid. It feels like a blend between latex, memory foam, and poly foam.

Regardless, each bed is very comfortable and we’ve found that the soft, neutral-foam feel falls in the middle of the fairway for a lot of consumers. It seems like most people find both beds extremely accommodating no matter their material preference.

Really, the only difference between the beds in terms of feel is that the Brooklyn Signature has a little bit of bounce due to its pocketed coils.

Ideal For All Types Of Sleepers

Another commonality between Brooklyn and GhostBed is that both mattresses accommodate all sleeper types. It doesn’t matter whether you spend the majority of time on your back, stomach, or side.

GhostBed, despite coming in only one firmness level (medium), has a very nice balance between comfort and support. Side sleepers will get some pressure relief from the memory foam second layer, yet back and stomach sleepers will always feel properly supported.

ghostbed mattress review
Both mattresses accommodate all types of sleepers

The Brooklyn Signature is slightly different since it comes in three different firmness levels (Soft, Medium, and Firm). You’ll have to choose which model best suits your particular sleeping habits. Overall, we’d recommend side sleepers go with either the Soft or Medium version, and back and stomach sleepers go with the Firm version.

Temperature Regulation

We also think both mattresses will sleep temperature neutral. This can be a tricky topic to discuss since external factors play such a big role in how hot or cool you sleep. For example, what area of the country you live in, how often you run your air conditioner, and what sort of clothing you wear to bed are some of the things that factor in to your sleep temperature.

All in all, we just don’t think either GhostBed or the Brooklyn Signature will be the reason why you sleep cool or warm. The beds are not cool to the touch and won’t actively cool you down, but they won’t be the reason why you heat up either.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you might want to check out Brooklyn’s cooling mattress, the Aurora. Or you could always check out our list of the Best Cooling Mattresses.

In this section, we cover the primary areas in which the Brooklyn Signature differs from the Original GhostBed.

Firmness Options

As stated above, Brooklyn Bedding offers you some flexibility in that you can choose your firmness level (Soft, Medium, or Firm). Again, this means every type of sleeper will be able to find a bed that best suits their individual sleeping preferences.

However, GhostBed accommodates all sleeper types, as well, so this isn’t a huge win for Brooklyn Bedding.

Mattress Construction

One big advantage the Brooklyn Signature does have is its construction. It’s just a thicker and more premium mattress than GhostBed.

brooklyn bedding signature mattress review hybrid bed
Hard not to like Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Brooklyn Signature is comprised of five different layers and totals 12″ thick. Most notably, the bed uses 6″ pocketed coils for its main support structure. GhostBed, on the other hand, is comprised entirely of foam and uses a layer of high density poly foam for its support structure.

brooklyn bedding mattress review signature construction and layers
Brooklyn Signature construction

Just so you’re aware, coils tend to provide more support and last longer than dense support foams. This is the main reason why we give the edge to Brooklyn in terms of construction.

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Brooklyn Signature Is Cheaper (Usually)

In terms of MSRP, both GhostBed and the Brooklyn Signature are priced similarly. Both companies offer a queen size for around $950-$1,000.

However, the MSRP prices don’t really mean much at the end of the day. Both companies are fairly aggressive when it comes to sales and coupon codes. After you take into account discounts, the Brooklyn Signature is typically a little cheaper. Be sure to check the table above to see what both companies are currently offering.

Ideal For Heavy Sleepers

Piggybacking off the last point a little, we generally always steer big folks towards beds that contain coils. That’s because coils provide what we call bi-directional support, meaning the coils compress when pressure is applied, but also provide a little resistance.

In other words, the coils have a little give (like dense support foams), but they also push back against pressure. This is more ideal for heavy people who exert more stress on a bed.

As such, we recommend people that weigh over 250 lb go with Brooklyn rather than GhostBed. Further, we’d recommend heavy folks go with the Brooklyn Signature Firm version for maximum support.


This is probably a minor point, but the Brooklyn Signature is a little more responsive than GhostBed. The top layers of the Brooklyn Signature snap back into place immediately after pressure is released.

GhostBed, despite using latex foam (traditionally known for quick responsiveness), takes an extra second or two to fully regain its initial form.

All this means is that active sleepers (i.e. people who move around frequently) will most likely find it easier to switch sleeping positions on the Brooklyn Signature mattress.

GhostBed Original
GhostBed Original
Why it’s Great
The GhostBed is one of the original bed-in-a-box mattresses. It has three layers of coils and a mixed foam feel.
Best for
If you’re looking for a comfy foam bed
People on a budget
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
101 Nights
20 Years
Made in

32%  use code:  MSY32  in cart

32% Off

Now that we have reviewed the Brooklyn Signature mattress, let’s cover the areas in which GhostBed is different.

GhostBed Uses Latex Foam

As we mentioned above, the GhostBed mattress uses a layer of aerated latex foam. As such, for people who like latex foam, GhostBed gets the win over Brooklyn Bedding. Latex foam is generally very expensive, so if you’re looking for a latex bed, but you’re on a tight budget, GhostBed is a great option because it uses synthetic latex, which is more affordable than natural latex.

ghostbed mattress review construction image and layers
A look inside the GhostBed mattress

However, keep in mind, the bed still has more of a blended feel to it considering it also uses memory foam and poly foam.

If you’re looking for a true latex bed, be sure to check out our list of the Best Latex Mattresses.

Better Motion Isolation

One downside to coils (the advantages are discussed above) is that they give the bed some bounce, which can hinder motion isolation slightly. In general, we’ve found all-foam beds outperform hybrid and innerspring mattresses in this department.

That’s the case here. We’d have to give GhostBed the slight edge over Brooklyn in terms of limiting motion transfer. The GhostBed mattress does a good job of deadening movement.

ghostbed mattress review side sleeper
A nice option for light sleepers

Now don’t get us wrong, the Brooklyn Signature is not bad by any stretch of the imagination. It’s actually one of the better hybrid mattresses we’ve tested in this department. We don’t think you will have any issues with either of these mattresses.

Motion isolation is an important topic for couples to consider. Beds that have good motion isolation will make sure you don’t feel as much of your partner’s movements throughout the night. After all, being jostled awake every time your partner gets up or switches positions can lead to a restless night’s sleep. Luckily, we don’t think that will happen on either of these beds.

GhostBed vs Brooklyn Signature Review Verdict

You made it to the end! Thanks for sticking with us. As you read above, these beds have several similarities, but a few differences, as well. If you’re still struggling with the decision, ask yourself a couple questions, which should hopefully make the choice a little clearer.

First, what’s your budget? If you’re trying to save money, check above to see which company is currently offering a bigger discount and go with that one.

Next, how much do you weigh? If you weigh over 250 lb, the Brooklyn Signature is the way to go.

Really, those are the two primary factors in our eyes. This has been one of the tougher comparisons to complete. If you’re still stuck, we’d probably point you towards the Brooklyn Signature. At the end of the day, it’s just the more premium mattress.