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Casper Nova vs Casper Original Mattress Comparison

Casper Nova vs Casper Original Mattress Comparison

Our detailed comparison of the Original Casper vs Casper Nova Hybrid outlines the pros and cons of both beds.

Last Updated: October 6, 2020

Matt Ross

As one of the most prominent bed-in-a-box brands in the world, it should come as no surprise that Casper continues to develop and release new products. Their latest innovation is the Casper Nova Hybrid mattress, which is designed to be the softest bed in the company's lineup. In this review, we compare the Nova and the Original Casper mattress so you can determine which one best suits your sleep habits.

Casper Nova vs. Casper Original Mattress Overview

Casper launched in 2014 with the Casper Original mattress, made of four types of foam. After years of success with the Original, the company debuted the Casper Nova, a hybrid mattress that features both foam and coils.

Before we dive into the core details regarding each bed, we wanted to give you some context about the Casper mattress comparison. Below are the key points of differentiation:

  • Price – Casper Original is more affordable than the Casper Nova. Comparing queen sizes, there’s a difference of about $900.
  • Firmness – The Casper Nova is slightly softer than Casper Original.
  • Ideal sleeping positions – The Casper Original mattress comfortably accommodates sleepers in all positions, while the Casper Nova targets side sleepers in particular.

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Those are the main points to keep in mind as you progress through this comparison.

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress Review

Casper stepped up its game with its new mattress, making the Casper Nova Hybrid stand out for people looking for a high-quality hybrid mattress.

Casper Nova Mattress Design And Materials

The Casper Nova Hybrid mattress incorporates four layers that total 12″ thick:

casper nova mattress review hybrid construction
Inside the Casper Nova Hybrid mattress
  • Base layers – Thin slab of support foam with pocketed coils which provides the framework for the bed
  • Zoned Support Pro Memory Foam – This layer is a soft transition layer to help minimize the feel of the coils, and the foam is divided into sections for targeted support and pressure relief
  • Zoned Support Pro AirScape Foam – Has distinct zones that target specific regions of your body to provide pressure relief and support where you need it most
  • AirScape Foam – The true comfort layer for the mattress, and it has an open-cell construction to help regulate temperature

Casper Nova Feel And Firmness

casper nova mattress review hybrid
A look at the Casper Nova Hybrid mattress

Casper Nova’s top layer of AirScape foam gives the mattress a neutral-foam feel. It feels like a comfy foam bed. It doesn’t conform to your body like a traditional memory foam mattress, nor does it feel have a spongy, bouncy feel like a latex bed.

The Nova Hybrid is the softest bed Casper makes, ranking as medium-soft on our firmness scale.

Casper Nova Mattress Sleeper Type Analysis

Given the plush firmness profile of the mattress, we think the Casper Nova Hybrid is best suited for side sleepers. The comfort layers for the mattress form a soft and forgiving sleeping surface that is satisfying for your hips and shoulders.

casper nova mattress review hybrid side sleepers
Casper Nova Hybrid is a soft and plush mattress

Casper Nova Is Best For All Body Types

The supportive hybrid construction of Casper Nova Hybrid make it an ideal choice for people who weigh over ~230 lbs because it provides more support than the original all-foam Casper Mattress.

Casper Original Mattress Review

The Casper Original gets a lot of attention for a reason — it’s accommodating for all sleeper types and very comfortable. See how it differs from the Nova and why it gets good reviews.

Casper Original Construction And Materials

There are two options of the Casper Original mattress, a foam and hybrid model. We’ll look at the foam version as that’s the most popular one. Here are the layers:

casper mattress review original construction
Inside the Original Casper mattress (do not cut open your bed!)
  • Base Layer — This dense foam layer supports the body without sinking or sagging
  • Transition layer – Memory foam slab designed with zoned support which gives you three comfort zones to align your spine and provide pressure relief
  • Comfort layer – This top layer is made with AirScape foam which is perforated to increase airflow, and it has a comfortable neutral feel

Casper Mattress Feel And Firmness

casper mattress review original
Casper Original now has a space-age look

The Casper Original has a neutral, soft foam feel. Even though it uses memory foam, you won’t feel like you’re sinking into the mattress. It’s actually quite responsive to pressure, and will bounce back quickly after pressing down on the bed.

It lands near the middle of the firmness scale, as we think the original Casper Mattress rates as a medium. It’s not overly soft, nor excessively firm.

Casper Original Mattress Sleeper Type Analysis

With the Casper Original’s ranking as a medium on the firmness scale, we think it’s ideal for all sleeping positions. It provides ample support for back and stomach sleepers, decent pressure relief for side sleepers, and it’s a good compromise for combo sleepers.

casper mattress review original back sleepers
Casper Original should work for all sleeping positions

The Original Casper Mattress Is More Affordable

The headline says it all. For people who are working with a limited budget, the Original Casper will be the more wallet-friendly choice. The queen size Casper Original, for example, retails for $1,095 rather than Casper Nova’s $1,995 price.

The Casper Original Is Best For Petite And Average Sleepers

With its layers of foam, the Casper Original is best for petite and lean sleepers. People over 225 pounds may not find enough support in the Casper Original and may prefer a mattress with innersprings or coils.

Casper Original vs. Casper Nova Pricing

The Casper Original is more affordable. Comparing the price for a queen size, Casper Original is about $900 cheaper than the Nova Hybrid. Casper does offer discounts and promotions, so the prices in the chart below are not likely what you’ll end up paying at checkout. In most cases, you can expect to receive around $100 off your purchaseCheck for current pricing and promotions.

SizeCasper NovaCasper Original
Twin XL$1,245$695
Cal King$2,295$1,295

* Price before sales or promotions

Original Casper Vs Casper Nova Hybrid Verdict

Thanks for sticking with us this far. Hopefully, we’ve been able to drive a distinct wedge between the Original Casper and Nova Hybrid mattresses. If you’re still undecided as to which mattress is best for you, let’s quickly review the primary decision points between these two beds.

Price – This point is fairly straightforward. If money is tight, you can save around $600-$900 by opting for the Original Casper mattress.

Body Type – If you weigh more than around 230 lbs, we think the Casper Nova Mattress will be a more supportive and durable option.

Primary Sleeping Position – For side sleepers, we’d recommend the Nova Hybrid mattress. For back and stomach sleepers, we’d suggest sticking with the Original Casper mattress since it’s slightly firmer.

Those are really the big three factors to keep in mind when considering these two mattresses. We hope you found this comparison helpful. Thanks for choosing The Slumber Yard.

Casper Mattress Ratings

  • BBB rating: A+. Casper gets close to a three-star rating from the Better Business Bureau based on 30 customer reviews.
  • Amazon reviews: The Casper Nova queen-size mattress received 4 and a half stars. With 16 customer rankings, 85% were rated with four or five stars. The Casper Original queen-sized mattress received 4 and a half stars. With 422 customer rankings, 87% were rated with four or five stars.

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  • Mattress protectors

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Casper Company Policies

Casper makes it easy for people to try out their mattresses by offering a generous trial period, along with free shipping.

  • Trial period length — 100 nights
  • Warranty policy — 10-year warranty
  • Shipping info — free shipping


Where can I buy a Casper Nova or Casper Original mattress?

Both models are sold online through the company’s website. You can also get them on Amazon or through company stores in the northeast.

Does Casper offer discounts?

The company often offers sales on its website for both mattresses. Casper also offers bundle deals when you combine the purchase of your mattress with other products, like a foundation, mattress protector, pillows or sheets.

After the free trial, what happens if I decide I don’t want the mattress?

If you decide within your 100-day trial period you don’t want the mattress, Casper will pick it up and give you a full refund.