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Casper Nova vs Casper Original Mattress

Our detailed comparison of the Original Casper vs Casper Nova Hybrid outlines the pros and cons of both beds.

Last Updated: July 21, 2020

As one of the most prominent bed-in-a-box brands in the world, it should come as no surprise that Casper continues to develop and release new products. Their latest innovation is the Casper Nova Hybrid mattress, which is designed to be the softest bed in the company’s lineup. In this review, we compare the Nova and the Original Casper mattress so you can determine which one best suits your sleep habits.

Casper Nova Hybrid Soft Foam $200 Off Code: SLUMBERYARDCasper Nova is an ultra plush mattress with a cloud-like feel. If you need a lot of pressure relief, we expect that you’ll like this bed.
Casper Original Soft Foam $100 Off Code: SLUMBERYARDCasper Original is the mattress that started it all. If you just want a comfortable foam mattress, it’s hard to do better than Casper.

Before we dive into the core details regarding each bed, allow us first to give you some context about how the Original Casper and Nova mattresses compare. Below are the key points of differentiation between the two.

  • Price – The Original Casper is more affordable than the Nova mattress. Comparing queen sizes, the difference comes out to around $800-$900.
  • Design – Both beds come in an all-foam and coil construction.
  • Firmness – The Casper Nova is slightly softer than Original Casper mattress.
  • Ideal Sleeping Positions – The Original Casper mattress comfortably accommodates sleepers in all positions, while the Casper Nova targets side sleepers in particular.

Those are the main points to keep in mind as you progress through this comparison. Now, let’s discuss the new Casper Nova mattress in more detail.

Inside The Casper Nova Mattress

The Casper Nova Hybrid mattress incorporates four different layers that total 12″ thick. Below is a quick summary of each layer.

  • Support Foam w/ Pocketed Coils – Serves as the support framework for the mattress.
  • Zoned Support Pro Memory Foam – Acts as a soft transition layer. The foam is split into different sections for targeted support and pressure relief.
  • Zoned Support Pro AirScape Foam – Like the layer underneath, this foam includes distinct zones that target specific regions of your body.
  • AirScape Foam – The true comfort layer for the mattress.
casper nova mattress review hybrid construction
Inside the Casper Nova Hybrid mattress

We should mention that Casper does offer an all-foam version of the Nova mattress, however, these models are only available to purchase in select retail locations. You can check the Casper website for more details regarding where to find the foam version of the Nova bed.

What The Nova Hybrid Feels Like

As we mentioned above, the top layer on the Nova mattress is made of a proprietary material Casper calls AirScape foam. It’s essentially a perforated poly foam that is more breathable than many of the foams you’ve tried in the past, including a lot of memory foams.

casper nova mattress review hybrid
A look at the Casper Nova Hybrid mattress

Overall, this special AirScape foam gives the Nova Hybrid mattress a neutral-foam feel. This just means Nova Hybrid feels like a comfy foam bed, plain and simple. It doesn’t conform to your body like a traditional memory foam mattress, nor does it feel have that spongy, bouncy feel like a latex bed.

Firmness Rating

It’s no secret the Nova Hybrid is the softest bed that Casper makes. We are calling this a medium-soft on our firmness scale, which makes Casper Nova Hybrid a noticeably softer than the Original Casper mattress.

Ideal For Side Sleepers

Given the plush firmness profile of the mattress, we think the Nova Hybrid is best suited for side sleepers. The comfort layers for the mattress form a soft and forgiving sleeping surface that is satisfying for your hips and shoulders.

casper nova mattress review hybrid side sleepers
Casper Nova Hybrid is a soft and plush mattress

Just to be clear, we think the Original Casper mattress will work for side sleepers as well, but it’s just not quite as ideal as the Nova Hybrid. Bottom line, if you spend the lion’s share of the night sleeping on your side, we’d urge you to strongly consider the Nova as long it matches up with your budget.

Original Casper Design Overview

There are two options of the Original Casper mattress available on Casper.com. The default model is the all-foam, but you can opt for Casper Hybrid if you prefer having the coils for support. Let’s look inside the foam version because that’s what most people will end up with. Also, Casper Hybrid just swaps the foam support core for pocketed coils that are foam-encased.

casper mattress review original construction
Inside the Original Casper mattress (do not cut open your bed!)

As you can see, the Original Casper bed is comprised of three layers. The first layer is either dense foam or pocketed coils (depending on the model). The center layer is memory foam that is split in thirds to create a “zoned support” design.

One thing that’s different with Casper Original is that you can’t feel the difference in the center third and top/bottom third as much as you can with Casper Nova. Put differently, we’d say the zoned support system is more apparent on Casper Nova, but we still think in the long run you’ll appreciate having the system on the Original bed.

On top of the zoned support memory foam is an open-cell foam that’s perforated to allow for more airflow circulation. This is what Casper is calling “AirScape” and you’ll see a similar setup (albeit more advanced) on the Nova as well.

As for the cover, it’s similar to that of the Nova, though it’s not exactly the same. Both of them, however, are really soft and have a fun, textured design.

Similar Feel As Nova Mattress

As you read above, the Original Casper mattress uses the same comfort layer as the Nova mattress. Unsurprisingly, the bed has a very similar feel.

casper mattress review original
Casper Original now has a space-age look

Just in case you missed what we said above about the Nova mattress, we’d describe it as having a comfortable neutral-foam feel. For the record, we view beds that have this sort of feel as being a safe pick. In our experience, it just seems like most consumers find neutral-foam beds accommodating.

Slightly Firmer Than Nova

The Original Casper is the company’s mass-market mattress. It’s designed to please a wide variety of sleepers. As such, it’s no surprise the bed lands near the middle of the firmness scale. This makes the Original Casper a couple notches firmer than the Nova.

Overall, we think the mattress rates out right around medium. The bed is not overly soft or excessively firm. Remember though, firmness is a subjective topic. How a particular mattress feels to you really depends on your height, weight and body type. For example, heavy people will likely think the Original Casper belongs on the soft end of the firmness scale, while smaller people may think it belongs on the firm side of the scale.

Better Suited For Back & Stomach Sleepers

Considering the Original Casper is a bit firmer than the Nova mattress, we think it’s more ideal for people who spend the majority of the night on their back or stomach. Typically, these types of sleepers prefer slightly firmer mattresses.

casper mattress review original back sleepers
Casper Original should work for all sleeping positions

Although we may not regard the Original Casper as one of the best mattresses for back or stomach sleepers on the market, it definitely skews more towards these types of sleepers compared to the Nova Hybrid.

The Original Casper Is More Affordable

The headline says it all. For people who are working with a limited budget, the Original Casper will be the more wallet-friendly choice.

Comparing queen sizes, the Original Casper is about $800-900 cheaper than the Nova Hybrid. If you compare the Original Casper Hybrid against the Nova Hybrid, that price difference comes out to be around $600-$700.

Keep in mind, Casper likes to play the discount game so the prices mentioned above are not likely what you’ll end up paying come checkout. In most cases, you can expect to receive around $100 off your purchase. Be sure to check Casper.com for current pricing and promotions.

Original Casper vs Casper Nova Hybrid Verdict

Thanks for sticking with us this far. Hopefully, we’ve been able to drive a distinct wedge between the Original Casper and Nova Hybrid mattresses. If you’re still undecided as to which mattress is best for you, let’s quickly review the primary decision points between these two beds.

Price – This point is fairly straightforward. If money is tight, you can save around $600-$900 by opting for the Original Casper mattress.

Firmness Preference – If you tend to favor soft beds over firm ones, then the Nova Hybrid is likely the way to go. If the opposite is true, then you’ll likely want to stick with the Original Casper mattress.

Primary Sleeping Position – For side sleepers, we’d recommend the Nova Hybrid mattress. For back and stomach sleepers, we’d suggest sticking with the Original Casper mattress since it’s slightly firmer.

Those are really the big three factors to keep in mind when considering these two mattresses. We hope you found this comparison helpful. Thanks for choosing The Slumber Yard.

Casper Company Policies: Warranty, Returns, And More

You could argue that Casper set the bar for company policy standards across the online mattress industry, as they were one of the first brands to introduce these perks for customers who buy a mattress. They recognize that buying a bed online is a little risky for some people, so Casper and other online brands try to sweeten the deal a bit.

For starters, regardless of the Casper mattress model you choose, it will be shipped for free to your front door in a big cardboard box. It won’t be mattress size, but trust us, your bed is safely compressed inside! It will only take a few days to show up on your porch, and your free trial will begin on the day of delivery.

That’s right, we said free trial period — they will offer customers 100 nights to test out their Casper mattress. Most people who buy one end up keeping their bed, but if you decide against it, you can reach out to customer service for a 100% refund. Most in-store retailers charge a return fee that could cost up to $100, so we appreciate online brands like Casper who let their customers return their beds with no strings attached.

If you do decide to keep your mattress, there’s good news. You’ll receive a 10-year warranty that covers certain parts of your mattress in case of a manufacturing defect. Before you purchase, though, we suggest that you look a little more into their warranty policy to find out exactly what is and isn’t covered on your new bed. Trust us, we know it can be tedious. But a mattress is a big purchase, this isn’t a vacuum cleaner we’re talking about. Accordingly, it’s best to read the fine print of a bedding brand’s warranty policy if you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on one of their products.

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