Casper Nova and Casper Wave are two luxury online mattresses, but what's the difference between them? And why would you pay more for one over the other? We will cover these questions and much more in this comparison. At a high level, most of the Casper Wave vs Nova Hybrid debate centers around how much value you place on the upgraded "Zoned Support" system found in The Wave.

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  • If you want a truly plush/soft bed
  • Primary side sleepers
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  • People that are intrigued with Casper’s “Zoned Support” technology
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Casper Nova vs Casper Wave Mattress Review Overview

These are the two high-end beds from Casper, and both are hybrid mattresses. Naturally, people want to know the difference, and whether it’s worth it to pay more for Casper Wave Hybrid. Casper is a brand that made our best mattresses of 2021 list, so it is safe to say these are both very good beds.

The bulk of this guide centers around the differences and relative advantages for these beds, but we also wanted to go over what they have in common — which is a lot:

  • Hybrid design: While both beds are also available in an all-foam configuration, most people will be getting a hybrid, which will have coils.
  • Premium price: Casper Nova is more affordable than Caper Wave, but both are priced as luxury-tier mattresses.
  • Soft foam feel: They both have a neutral/soft foam feel.
  • Zoned support: Both beds featured a zoned support design, but it’s more advanced on the Wave.

If you want to know something specific, you can use these links to take you around the review:

Casper Wave vs Casper Nova Video

Casper Nova Mattress Review

casper nova mattress review hybrid

Nova Hybrid is the softest, most plush mattress that Casper offers. It is intended to offer maximum pressure relief and be best for arthritis and joint pain and other ailments that would possibly necessitate getting a soft mattress.

Casper Nova Design & Construction

Technically, there are two versions of the Nova, but you can only find the foam versions at a select few retailers. Here are the layers on the hybrid version:

  • Base layer — The base is a dense support foam.
  • Coils layer — The Nova Hybrid has pocketed coils and a perimeter of foam for better edge support.
  • Memory foam layer — This layer helps transition between the coils and the next layers so you don’t feel them.
  • Zoned support layer — The Zoned Support Pro system gives more support under your trunk and more pressure relief for your shoulders.
  • Comfort layer — This is is an open-cell foam, which Casper calls its AirScape technology. It is perforated for more airflow.
casper nova mattress review hybrid construction
Casper Nova Hybrid has coils and three layers of foam

Casper Nova Feel And Firmness

One major differentiator for Nova Hybrid is that it’s a really soft mattress. We are calling it a medium-soft, which makes it considerably softer than Casper Wave.

Capser Nova is a temperature neutral mattress, so it won’t heat you up or cool you off at night.

Is Caper Nova Good For Couples?

Both people need to like the softness of the bed. If so, then you just need to worry about edge support and motion isolation.

Motion Isolation

Casper Nova makes it so you shouldn’t feel much motion if your partner moves around at night.

Edge Support

For a soft bed, the Casper Nova has good edge support.

Casper Wave Mattress Review

casper wave hybrid mattress review side sleeper
The Wave Hybrid has a comfortable, neutral-foam feel

The number one reason to get Casper Wave is that it’s the most premium, advanced bed from the company. Is Casper Wave worth the price for those advantages? It will depend on the individual, but we do like the Casper Wave.

Casper Wave Mattress Construction And Design

Here are the layers of the Casper Wave:

  • Support foam with encased springs — This layer is a dense support foam with encased springs.
  • First zoned support layer — This layer is Polyfoam with gel pods and is under the core to keep your spine properly aligned.
  • Zoned memory foam — This is split into three zones to provide pressure relief and support at the right spots.
  • Natural latex foam — This works as a transition layer in the mattress.
  • Comfort layer — This is soft foam that serves as the primary comfort layer for the bed.
casper wave hybrid mattress zoned support
A side view of the support for the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress

The biggest difference between Casper Wave and other Casper models is the difference is its Hyper-Targeted Zoned Support comprised of little gel pods. This is a more advanced zoned support design.

Casper Wave Hybrid Firmness & Feel

As a whole, Casper Wave Hybrid has a neutral, soft foam feel, but it also feels incredibly supportive. Of all the Casper beds, it feels the most supportive and resilient. That is why we chose it as the best bed for back pain and a best mattress for sciatica.

Casper Wave is more firm than Casper Nova. The Wave is at a medium.

casper wave mattress review firmness rating

The Casper Wave is also temperature neutral.

Is Casper Wave Good For Couples?

The biggest thing in debading Casper Nova vs Casper wave is firmness and feel. If you will be sharing the bed and can agree on feel, this bed should work.

Edge Support

The Casper Wave won’t give you the sensation that you’re going to fall off if you get too close to the edges.

Motion Isolation

You are unlikely to wake up if your partner moves around in their sleep on the Casper Wave unless you are a particularly light sleeper.

Casper Policies

The good news about choosing between Casper Nova vs Casper Wave is that you’ll mostly get the same policies because the mattresses come from the same company. Here is what Casper offers:

  • Shipping — You’ll get free shipping with either bed. However, Casper Wave has an optional free white-glove delivery and in-home setup. You can still get a mattress-in-a-box if you’d like, but if you’d rather have someone else do all of the work, you can opt to schedule delivery and set up through Casper’s website.
  • Trail period and returns — You have 100 nights to try out your new bed from the day of delivery to see if you love it. If you don’t, Casper will fully refund your purchase and send someone to remove the bed for you. Casper will also try to donate your used mattress to a charity in need or recycle it.
  • Warranty — You will get a ten-year warranty on your mattress.

Here is a video of unboxing the Casper Wave mattress:


Casper Wave vs Casper Nova Prices

The main differences between these two mattresses are the firmness level and the price. Decide what type of sleeper you are and your budget, and go from there. If budget is a concern, Casper Nova is the better choice. Here are the prices of Casper Wave vs Casper Nova without any sales or coupons:

SizeCasper Nova MSRPCasper Wave MSRP
Twin XL$1,345$1,795
King/Cal King$2,395$3,095

That doesn’t account for any coupons, but if Casper is running a promotion, it would most likely offer it on both beds. You can go to to see if it is offering any specials today.

Wave vs Casper Nova Sleeper Analysis

Beds will fell different to you depending on your weight and sleeping position. Here is how the beds compare.

Side Sleepers

Casper Wave offers a lot of pressure relief, so side sleepers should find it to be one of the most comfortable mattresses. The Nova is best for side sleepers.

Back And Stomach Sleepers

Casper Wave’s advanced zoned support design will help make sure back and stomach sleepers can stay aligned. Back and stomach sleepers will likely find the Nova to be too soft.

Combo Sleepers

You shouldn’t have a problem with changing positions on either mattress.

Petite Sleepers

Petite sleepers will be comfotable on either bed.

Heavy Sleepers

When you put weight on a mattress, it feels softer, so heavier people will think mattresses are softer than petite or average sized sleepers. Because of that, the soft Casper Nova will likely be much too soft, but the Casper Wave will be a good option.

Casper Wave vs Nova Final Verdict

While the beds share a lot in common, luckily they have two or three major differences. As such, your decision will most likely hinge on the following items:

  • Firmness — Do you want a plush mattress, or one that’s in the medium range?
  • Pricing — What does your budget look like? If you’d like to pay just about $2,000 for the queen, Nova is the only option in this comparison.
  • Design — How interested are you in the upgraded zoned support on Casper Wave?

If you’re not sure either mattress is right for you, check out our other mattress comparisons. You can also compare the Casper Wave vs Casper Original and the Casper Nova vs Casper Original.

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What if I order a Casper Nova and decide I want a Casper Wave instead?

Casper offers a 100-night trial on their mattresses, so if you order a Casper Nova and don’t like it, you can return it and try a Casper Wave — or another Casper mattress — instead.

Which mattress is better for back sleepers?

The Casper Wave should be more comfortable for back sleepers. The Casper Nova is more on the plush side, which makes it more comfortable for side sleepers.

Which mattress is better for heavier people?

The Casper Wave will offer more support for heavier people and should be preferable. The Casper Nova is more on the soft side, and because heavier people settle into the mattresses more, the Casper Nova probably won’t offer much support.