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casper nova vs casper wave mattress comparison

Casper Nova vs Casper Wave Mattress

In this comparison, our editors explore whether you should get Casper Nova Hybrid or Casper Wave Hybrid.

Casper Nova and Casper Wave are two luxury online mattresses, but what's the difference between them? And why would you pay more for one over the other? We will cover these questions and much more in this comparison. At a high level, most of the Casper Wave vs Nova Hybrid debate centers around how much value you place on the upgraded "Zoned Support" system found in The Wave.
casper nova mattress review foam hybrid

Soft/Plush Mattress

$200 Off


The Nova Hybrid is Casper's affordable luxury mattress, meaning it's more advanced and expensive than Casper Original, but not quite as premium as Casper Wave Hybrid. This is also the most plush mattress from Casper at the moment.
casper wave hybrid mattress review

Medium Firmness

$200 Off


The Wave Hybrid is the best of the best from Casper, but you'll be paying for it. This is the only bed to feature a "Hyper-Targeted Zoned Support" system made from little gel pods. If you can afford it, chances are you will really like the Casper Wave Hybrid.

These are the two high end beds from Casper, and both are hybrid mattresses. Naturally, people want to know the difference, and whether it’s worth it to pay more for Casper Wave Hybrid. The bulk of this guide centers around the differences and relative advantages for these beds, but we also wanted to go over what they have in common — which is a lot.

  • Hybrid Design — While both beds are also available at certain stores in an all-foam configuration, most people will be getting Casper Nova Hybrid and Casper Wave Hybrid, which both have coils.
  • Premium Price — Yes, Casper Nova is more affordable than Caper Wave, but both are priced as luxury-tier mattresses.
  • Soft Foam Feel — They both have a neutral/soft foam feel (i.e. nothing like a viscous memory foam feel).
  • Zoned Support — Both beds featured a zoned support design, though, it’s more advanced on the Wave.
  • Shipping/Returns — Shipping and returns are completely free in the contiguous United States. Both beds have a 10-year warranty.
  • Bed-In-A-Box — Despite being the most advanced beds from Casper, they still ship in a box, and typically arrive within 3-5 business days of placing your order.

So, the gist of it is that the Nova Hybrid and Wave Hybrid share a lot in common, but the main differences have to do with (1) design, (2) firmness rating, and (3) price.

Casper Nova Hybrid


  • People that want a plush mattress
  • If you prefer a responsive, yet extra pressure relieving mattress
  • Side sleepers
  • Anyone that wants a hybrid mattress

Why You Should Buy Casper Nova — So far, Nova Hybrid is the softest, most plush mattress that Casper has offered. Their other beds are not firm per se, but Casper Nova Hybrid is certainly intended to offer maximum pressure relief, and help folks with shoulder pain, arthritis and joint pain, and other ailments that would possibly necessitate getting a soft mattress.

casper nova mattress review hybrid
If you like a “plush” feel, allow us to introduce you to Casper Nova Hybrid

By offering the Nova Hybrid, Casper now has a mattress that competes directly with the likes of Brentwood Home and Tuft & Needle Mint. In other words, most of their beds are in the “medium” firmness range, so by offering the Nova Hybrid, they are able to accommodate petite side sleepers and those that prefer a more plush feel.

Casper Nova Is More Affordable

Before we discuss the design and firmness of the bed, let’s go over pricing. As of now, Casper Nova and Casper Wave are about $2,000 and $2,600 for the queen, respectively.

Now, that doesn’t account for any coupons, but if Casper is running a promotion,  they’d most likely offer it on both beds. You can go to Casper.com to see their specials today, though, we aren’t totally certain if they’re offering anything at the moment.

Extra Plush Design

At the risk of belaboring the point, one major differentiator for Nova Hybrid is that it’s a really soft mattress. We are calling it a “medium-soft” which makes it considerably softer than Casper Wave.

To be clear, we are not saying that it is better than Casper Wave for side sleepers, but if you do prefer a plush feel, you will most likely prefer Casper Nova.

The Construction Of Nova Hybrid

Technically, there are two different versions of the Nova and Wave. Both beds are available in an all-foam design and a hybrid. That said, you can only find the foam versions at a select few retailers. Instead, most people will be purchasing the hybrid versions because you can find those on Casper.com and at their physical retail stores.

casper nova mattress review hybrid construction
Casper Nova Hybrid has coils and three layers of foam

Both beds start with pocketed coils, but the comfort portion is different. With the Nova Hybrid, it has memory foam right on top of the coils. Supposedly, this layer is split into seven zones. This layer is what adds the “Pro” in the “Zoned Support Pro” system.

Next is the traditional “Zoned Support” layer that is a split into thirds. The center third is firmer, while the top and bottom are softer to offer more pressure relief. The difference is subtle, but you can somewhat feel the zoned support.

casper nova mattress review hybrid side sleepers
Casper Nova is among the most plush mattresses we’ve reviewed

The top layer, and the primary comfort layer, is an open-cell foam that’s perforated (or what Casper calls “AirScape”). You will see essentially the same foam on the Wave Hybrid as well.

Casper Wave Hybrid


  • If you want one of the most advanced mattresses online
  • All sleeping positions
  • People that want a bed that's not firm or soft (it's in between)
  • Anyone that's not price sensitive

Why You Might Consider Casper Wave — The number one reason to get Casper Wave is that it’s the most premium, advanced bed from the company. Practically speaking, will that really move the needle for a lot of people? We aren’t totally sure, but we do really like Casper Wave.

casper wave hybrid mattress review side sleeper
The Wave Hybrid has a comfortable, neutral-foam feel

If you can afford Casper Wave Hybrid, there is a very high likelihood you’ll like it, especially if you want a really nice bed that’s not too firm or soft.

Firmness Rating For Wave Hybrid

As we’ve noted, Casper Nova is considerably softer than the Wave Hybrid, which we consider to be a medium on our firmness scale. That means that side sleepers should be plenty happy with the Wave, but the bigger difference is that back and stomach sleepers should universally prefer the Wave over the Nova.

casper wave mattress review firmness rating

In general, we expect Casper Wave to be just fine for all sleeping positions. That said, if you are looking for a firm mattress, or one that’s truly plush, obviously Casper Wave is not that.

Design Of The Wave

The Wave is different from the other Casper beds for a few reasons, but the biggest difference is its “Hyper-Targeted Zoned Support” comprised of little gel pods.

casper wave hybrid mattress zoned support
A side view of the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress

Those little gel pods do basically the same thing as the foam zoned support you see on Casper Nova and Casper Mattress, but the idea that its more advanced and durable. On top of the zoned support layer is memory foam, followed by latex foam, and, finally, an open-cell comfort foam on top.

As a whole, Casper Wave Hybrid has a neutral, soft foam feel, but it also feels incredibly supportive. Of all the Casper beds, it definitely feels the most supportive and resilient.

Final Verdict – What To Do

While the beds share a lot in common, luckily they have two or three major differences. As such, your decision will most likely hinge on the following items:

  • Firmness — Do you want a plush mattress, or one that’s in the medium range?
  • Pricing — What does your budget look like? If you’d like to pay under $2,000 for the queen, Nova is the only option in this comparison.
  • Design — How interested are you in the upgraded zoned support on Casper Wave?

That’s about it. Hopefully you found this mattress comparison helpful and insightful. We’ve done a lot of content with Casper, so if you have any more questions, feel free to do a quick search on our site or email us.

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