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casper vs cocoon sealy mattress review comparison bed in a box

Casper vs Cocoon by Sealy Mattress

Who wins in the Sealy Cocoon vs Casper mattress debate?

Cocoon by Sealy and Casper are both on the list of the most popular online mattresses. In fact, they're both toward to the top of that list. And for good reason—these are pretty nice mattresses at affordable price points. In this review, we discuss how Cocoon and Casper directly compare, particularly as it relates to firmness, design, feel, and price.
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Neutral Foam

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Probably the most popular bed-in-a-box mattress out there. Casper has a neutral feel and is almost universally comfortable.
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Memory Foam

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A memory foam bed-in-a-box from one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the world. Cocoon has a denser, firmer memory foam feel and is ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

Despite some general similarities, there’s actually a good deal of separation between Casper and Cocoon. In this comparison, we’ll walk through mini reviews of each bed and discuss why you might buy one over the other. For anyone that’s skimming, however, here are the key elements that you need to know when choosing between Casper and Cocoon.

  • Feel — They feel nothing alike and even have different firmness ratings.
  • Price — Before and after discounts, Cocoon ends up being the more affordable option.
  • Zoned Support Framework — Casper has a special transitional layer that offers support and pressure relief exactly where you need it.
  • Cooling Option — Only Cocoon has an active-cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

As you’d expect, that’s not the entire story for either mattress, which is why we’ve posted individual reviews of them. You can find those in the sections below and on our Mattress Reviews page.



  • Anyone that wants a bed with more of a neutral, soft foam feel
  • All types of sleepers (back, stomach, side, combo)
  • Those who want a safe pick (it seems like almost everyone likes the Casper mattress)

Casper was one of the pioneers in this whole bed-in-a-box mattress space. Despite the fact that the company has only been around since 2014, their standard Casper mattress is largely considered the online mattress and the company as a whole is valued at nearly $1 billion. With that in mind, let’s discuss what’s so special about the original Casper mattress. Remember, we’ve also posted a review of all three beds from the company (Casper, Essential, Wave).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of early 2019, Casper now offers two hybrid models including the Casper Hybrid mattress and the Wave Hybrid bed.

Casper Has a Neutral-Foam Feel

The original Casper model has a four-layer, all-foam construction that mixes polyurethane foam with memory foam. If we take a look at Casper’s new Wave Hybrid or Casper Hybrid, they’re pretty similar except the hybrids are slightly thicker and also have a layer of innerpsrings.

It only has one layer of memory foam and it’s actually one of the middle layers, which means the overall feel of the bed is neutral. The bed really just feels like a big slab of softer foam—it’s really comfortable.

casper mattress review construction and layers coupon code
Inside the original Casper mattress

As you can see above in the construction breakdown, the bed starts with a standard layer of support foam and then transitions up to an open-cell foam. The bed offers a nice amount of pressure relief thanks to those top two layers, but is still fairly supportive as a result of the support foam and transition foam. It strikes a nice balance between being soft and firm.


In fact, the overall firmness rating for this bed sits at about a proper medium (i.e. in the sweet spot). As a result, we think it will be great for back, stomach, side, and combination sleepers. It really is a versatile, nearly universally loved mattress.

Casper Has a Zoned Support Design

One of the more interesting things about the Casper mattress is that it’s actually slightly firmer and more supportive in the center third of the bed (where your trunk and hips will sit) and slightly softer in the top and bottom thirds (where your shoulders and feet will be). Put simply, this system offers more precise support. The design was actually borrowed from their Casper Wave mattress, albeit on a more limited scale.

casper mattress review stomach sleepers
You might not notice it, but the zoned support is there

We think this is a clever way to offer more pressure relief and more support, at the same time, with the same mattress. It’s subtle, but it definitely is a nice addition to the Casper mattress, and something that makes the bed stand out from the competition.

Cocoon by Sealy


  • Those who want a mattress with a true memory foam feel
  • Back, stomach, and combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers (they make a Chill version that actively cools you down)
  • Budget shoppers

Cocoon is Sealy’s response to the massive growth of the online mattress industry. It’s far more affordable than the other beds that the company offers (such as the Sealy Kelburn Hybrid) and is primarily targeting a different customer—price-conscious consumers. With that in mind, let’s explore how Sealy Cocoon stacks up against the industry heavyweight, Casper.

Cocoon by Sealy Has a True Memory Foam Feel

While Casper has more of a neutral feel, Cocoon has a dense memory foam feel. In fact, it’s firmer when you first lay on it, but it does soften after a few seconds. And, this is typical of memory foam mattresses, they soften when heat and pressure is applied.

You get a slight stuck-in-the-mud feeling with the Cocoon mattress. Although, it’s not overwhelming the way it is with the Zinus mattress. We attribute this to the fact that Cocoon is a firmer mattress that you will sleep more on top of, rather than sink into.

cocoon classic mattress review

As you can see, we’d put the Soft and Firm model around the medium-firm range on the soft/firm spectrum. That means they’ll be more ideal for back and stomach sleepers than they will for side sleepers.

cocoon by sealy review construction whats the mattress made of
A look inside the Cocoon mattress (Soft model shown)

Now, it might seem peculiar that the Soft and Firm model for the Cocoon mattress are both about a medium-firm, but it really has to do with the construction of the mattress. The only difference between the two models is the transition layer, or lack thereof.

The Soft model has a transition layer, which softens the bed up just a hair. The Firm model does away with that center strip of foam and increases the thickness of the support foam. The net result is a slightly firmer bed. Both are still 10″ thick in total.

Cocoon Is (Way) More Affordable

For anyone that’s especially price-conscious, Cocoon is going to be the obvious pick—assuming that you’re fine with the feel and firmness of the mattress. The MSRP of a queen size Cocoon Classic mattress is about $800 before any discounts. Casper, for the same size, is about $1,000. In other words, you will save around $200 (if not more) by getting the Cocoon Classic mattress versus Casper.

cocoon chill cover cool
Cocoon Classic is one of the most affordable online mattresses.

This is not to say that Casper is a bad value. In fact, we think Casper is a really nice mattress at a fair price point. We just think that for college students, anyone trying to fill a guest room or Airbnb, or budget shoppers, Cocoon is probably the smarter pickup.

Having said all of that, both brands do tend to offer mattress coupons to make their beds even cheaper. You can check offers on Casper’s website and the deals running on the Cocoon website. Typically, you’ll save anywhere from $50 to $125 on your purchase.

Cocoon Chill: Active Cooling Mattress

Anyone that gets hot flashes, nights sweats, or just sleeps really hot at night will appreciate that Sealy offers the Cocoon Chill mattress. This costs about $50 more than the Classic model, but it has a special cooling cover that’s actually cool to the touch.

cocoon classic mattress review edge support
Phase change cover on the Cocoon Chill mattress

This is one of the most affordable active-cooling mattresses available. The cover is actually so cool that it almost feels wet—it’s pretty remarkable. Cocoon Chill might not be as cool as Brooklyn Bedding Aurora or the Freya mattress, but it also is far more affordable.

Cocoon by Sealy vs Casper: Conclusion

For the most part, it all comes down to feel, firmness, and price. Do you want a neutral-foam bed? Do you like memory foam? Which sleeping position do you favor? What’s your budget?

If you’re open to spending a little more, but want the more popular, more neutral feeling bed, go with Casper—we doubt you’ll be disappointed. After all, there’s a reason that Casper is worth nearly a billion dollars.

If you’re a fan of memory foam and you tend to sleep on your back and/or stomach, Cocoon is the way to go—it’s a nice mattress for the money. Sealy knows what they’re doing, even if the Cocoon mattress is a relatively new product.

Review Team

Tharon Green

Stomach Sleeper

louis cote

Louis Côté

Side Sleeper


Owen Poole

Side Sleeper

Jon Gomez

Side Sleeper

Sealy Cocoon vs Casper: Buying Process

Like most bed-in-a-box mattress brands, Casper and Sealy offer completely free shipping with these mattresses. You probably knew that, but just in case you didn’t, you should always expect 100% free shipping whenever you buy a mattress online.

Both beds will ship via either FedEx, UPS, or DHL inside a four-foot cardboard box. The mattresses will be compressed and tightly wound up. The unboxing process is pretty simple and actually sort of fun. It takes about 10-20 minutes and is a two-person job, though, anyone with the proper motivation should be able to handle it by themselves. Here’s what the unboxing experience looks like.

The only catch when it comes to the unboxing process is that the mattress will still be compressed a bit even after you’ve removed all of the packaging. That’s because both beds have memory foam, which—at the risk of stating the obvious—remembers its shape. The beds will take up to 48-72 hours to fully inflate and firm up. This is completely normal, and something that we’ve seen with nearly every mattress you’ll be shopping for online.

Both brands also offer 100-night risk-free trial periods and completely free returns as standard policy items when you buy their respective mattress. About 95% of all online mattress brands offer the same terms.

Because, in large part, you can’t test these bed-in-a-box mattresses in person, they want you to be able to have plenty of time to make up your mind. Now, in the case of Casper, you can actually try the bed before you buy. Casper mattresses are sold in hundreds of Target stores (Target owns a part of Casper), as well as Casper’s own retail stores (the company plans to have up to 200 physical locations). There are other brands such as Tuft & Needle, Purple, and Tulo that are starting to sell in brick-and-mortar locations, as well. As of late 2018, the Cocoon mattress is only available online.

Moving over to warranties, Casper and Sealy offer 10-year industry-standard warranties. You can read the full warranty on Casper’s website and Cocoon’s website, but the gist of it is that you need to keep the beds on a proper foundation (as described on their websites), the warranty only covers the original purchaser, and it mostly protects against manufacturing defects.