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Casper Wave vs Casper Original Mattress Comparison

Casper Wave vs Casper Original Mattress Comparison

Is it worth it to pay up for Casper Wave or just get the Original Casper mattress?

Last Updated: January 5, 2021

Matt Ross

Casper has become one of the biggest mattress brands in the world. They compete not only with online brands, but also with more traditional brands. In this comparison, we are going to detail the differences between the Casper Wave Hybrid and Casper Original so you can pick the bed that best fits your sleeping preferences.

Casper Wave vs Casper Original Mattress Overview

  • Construction and design — One is a hybrid mattress and the other is all foam.
  • Price — The Wave is considerably more expensive than the Original bed.
  • Body types – Casper Wave suits all body types while the original is best for petite to average. 

Some people have heard so many good things about Casper that it’s not hard for them to decide that they want to go with this brand for their next mattress purchase. However, it might be a little harder to see which mattress from this well-known company is the best choice for a particular person or couple. By comparing Casper Original vs. Casper Wave, you may be able to come closer to an answer.

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Casper Wave vs Casper Video

Casper Wave Mattress Review

The Casper Wave is the most expensive mattress in Casper’s line up. It uses five layers of foam and an extra foam core.

Casper Wave Mattress Construction & Design

The Casper Wave Hybrid is the company’s high-end mattress. It’s basically a highly upgraded version of the Original Casper. It’s 13” thick, which is a little higher than most mattresses and has some other features that make it stand out. Its layers are:

  • Support layer – This layer has encased springs to be a strong foundation for the mattress.
  • Polyfoam – This layer has gel pods and is below the lower back and core so your spine stays aligned while you sleep.
  • Zoned memory foam -This has three zones to provide pressure relief and support at strategic areas so you are comfortable.
  • Natural latex foam – This transition layer adds some responsiveness.
  • Perforated comfort foam – This is the primary comfort layer of the mattress.
casper wave hybrid review cover
An overhead view of the Casper Wave Hybrid

Casper Wave Firmness And Feel

If you hate memory foam, you’re in luck because Casper Wave doesn’t feel much like memory foam. While Casper does use memory foam for one of the bed’s middle layers, the net result is a bed that offers pressure relief and support without any of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling. The Casper Wave Hybrid simply feels like a soft foam bed.

casper wave hybrid mattress review side sleeper
The Wave Hybrid has a comfortable, soft foam feel

You probably haven’t tried the zoned support system before, but it’s great. You can feel the extra support under your hips and trunk and the softness under your shoulders. If the bed is too soft under your core, you’ll get too much sag, which could cause lower back pain.

If you have too firm of a bed under your shoulders, you could experience continued shoulder pain since you aren’t able to get the requisite pressure relief. The zoned support system does its best to offer the best of both worlds.

casper wave hybrid mattress zoned support
A look at the different zones within the Wave Hybrid mattress

Is Casper Wave A Good Mattress For Couples?

If you or your partner are active in your sleep, the Casper Wave does a great job of limiting cross-mattress motion. It passed our test with flying colors.

Motion Isolation 

The Wave mattress offers layers of memory foam and polyfoam to mold to your body and reduce movement. Even better, the mattress coils are wrapped in another layer of foam to cushion movement and limit its effects on the mattress as a whole. Even if your partner moves a lot at night, the extra padding will help you shield you from the extra movement and disruption. 

Edge Support

The Original Casper mattress is also available in a hybrid model (aptly named the Casper Hybrid mattress).

The Wave Hybrid is Casper’s high-end mattress, which they say offers hyper-localized support and pressure relief. The bed features five different layers, including a special zoned support system that was first introduced on this bed, but has since made its way (somewhat) to the Original Casper Mattress.

The idea is for the bed to be more supportive—mainly under your hips and trunk—but softer under your shoulders and feet. It’s a clever idea and we could certainly feel the difference.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is one of the first things that we test at My Slumber Yard, and the Wave performs well here. This is a fantastic mattress for those who tend to run warm in their sleep. The Wave is specifically created to remain cool throughout the night with two layers of open-cell, breathable materials. This allows for improved air circulation, giving you a mattress that is the perfect choice when you need a mattress to keep you cool at night.

Casper Original Mattress Review

The Casper Original delivers a medium firm feel that still manages to remain breathable, cool and soft.

Casper Original Mattress Construction & Design

The Casper Original uses three layers of foam:

  • Support foam – This is the support system for the mattress.
  • Memory foam – The middle layer is a zoned layer of memory foam designed to support the areas of the body that need it most.
  • AirScape – AirScape is Casper’s name for the top layer, which is perforated to pull in airflow.

It features a knit polyester cover that is soft to the touch, and the aerated, cooling foam allows you to slowly sink into the mattress, simultaneously providing pressure while increasing breathability.   

Casper Original Mattress Feel And Firmness

casper mattress review original side sleepers
We would be shocked if you didn’t find Casper comfortable

The bed has an accommodating feel to it. It’s not too firm or soft, and it also offers a good amount of support. Of course, the heavier you are, the more support you’ll require, so if you’re around 250 lb or more, make sure to check out our list of the Best Beds for Heavy People.

Is Casper Original A Good Mattress For Couples?

Given that Casper is a well-known, reputable brand, it makes sense that people would stick with one of the industry leaders rather than test a product from a newer mattress brand. Many couples find this one of the best cheap mattresses for a budget.

casper mattress review original
Casper Original is the perfect “safe pick” for a lot of people

Motion Isolation 

Casper Original has enough foam padding that it manages to do a great job of isolating movement. You may feel some motion from your bedmate, but it should not interfere with your sleep or be too disruptive.

Edge Support

Casper Original gives robust, sturdy edge support that does not make you feel like you will roll off the bed. It holds true to a firm feel that holds up to your body weight for a comfortable, supportive and secure sleep. 

Temperature Regulation

There is a top mattress cover that is made of breathable materials to help cool the skin, as well as the usage of AirScape foam which is specifically ventilated to provide better airflow. However, this is an all-foam mattress, so it is missing the cooler temperatures of other materials like latex. 

Casper vs Casper Wave Mattress Price

The Original Casper Hybrid mattress is much more affordable than the Wave Hybrid, using fewer materials than the Wave. You’ll likely save around $1,000 by opting for the Original.

Casper OriginalCasper Wave
Twin XL$695$1,695
California King$1,295$2,995

Sleeper Analysis

When shopping for a new bed, consider your specific body needs. Factors like your weight and how you sleep can help you find the right mattress for your body type. 

Both mattresses utilize a zoned support system, however as you will find out, the Casper Wave Hybrid takes this to the next level.

Both of these beds use coils for their support foundations, but the overall design of each bed differs. For example, the Original Casper Hybrid is 11″ thick, while the Casper Wave Hybrid comes in at 13″ thick.

Casper Wave should work regardless of whether you’re a side, back, stomach, or combination sleeper. We put it in the medium category in terms of softness/firmness. The Original gives a softer feel that cradles the body for more sound sleep.

It just depends on how you sleep.

Side Sleepers

Casper Original is more of a firm mattress that can prove too hard for side sleepers, who are likely looking for more support. Instead, the Wave gives you pliable top layers to keep the mattress soft for sleep, making it a great mattress for side sleepers.

Back And Stomach Sleepers 

The Casper Original is one of the best mattresses for back pain because the foam cradles the back while supporting your spine. It’s a little soft for stomach sleepers, though, making the Wave a better choice.

Combination Sleepers

The Original was made with extra foam layers to provide extra support around and under the lumbar region, while softer foam layers cradle the shoulders and relieve extra pressure. The Wave also works for combination sleepers with its zoned support and extra foam padding. 

Heavy Individuals

The Original lacks the extra padding of the Wave, which makes it less suitable for heavier individuals. If you are looking for a mattress that will stand up to larger body sizes, the Wave will be a much better choice for you than the Original.  

Petite Individuals

The Original is a great choice for petite and lightweight individuals, because it lacks the greater padding of the Wave, which, in this case, would be rendered unnecessary by the smaller body size. The Wave may prove to have too much padding for smaller bodies.

Casper Wave vs Casper Mattress Review Verdict

The Casper Wave is not a cheap mattress. If you’re on a tight budget, you should consider the Original Casper mattress.

Besides design, construction and price, these two beds are fairly similar in terms of feel, firmness and suitable sleeping positions. The decision between the two boils down to your budget and how intrigued you are by the design of the Casper Wave Hybrid.

If you went mattress shopping and were hoping to get a dense memory foam feel, well then, you might want to look elsewhere because neither Casper Wave nor Casper Mattress have a true memory foam feel. Both feel like a soft foam, comfortable mattress. Casper comes in a box and is incredibly simple to set up. It’s perfect for cramped cities and anyone renting an apartment or duplex.

casper mattress review back sleeper
The Original Casper also comes in a hybrid version

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Company Policies

Casper has several customer-friendly policies to make the mattress buying process easier:

  • Trial period – You can try out either mattress for 100 nights. If for any reason you decide you don’t like the bed during the trial period, call the company to schedule a pickup and get your refund.
  • Shipping – Casper offers free shipping and free returns. Each bed will arrive compressed in a surprisingly small box. 
  • Warranty – Casper has a ten-year mattress warranty.

Other Casper Mattresses Compared

Casper Nova

The Casper Nova features the company’s signature zoned support but this is perhaps one of the softest mattresses out there. It is the best choice when you are looking for a bed that is soft and luxurious, while still delivering excellent support. However, it could prove too soft for some users, depending on how you sleep.

Casper Element

The Casper Element combines comfort with affordability as their most affordable bed. It has just three layers of the traditional Casper trio of memory foam, poly foam and high-density poly foam. It does not sink as much as other models, giving a more firm and supportive sleep.


Who is Casper Wave best for?

If you ask us, the Casper vs. Casper Wave conversation should center around how much you value the advanced zoned support system of the Wave Hybrid. If you want the latest and greatest tech, and you’re willing to pay more for it, fantastic, get the Wave. If you just want a comfortable foam mattress, the Original Casper will do just fine. We happen to really like the Original mattress, both in terms of comfort and value. However, the Casper Wave rates as one of the most comfortable mattresses online.

Which bed is the most wallet-friendly?

Casper retails for a fairly affordable price. Anyone that’s on a budget, but still cares about quality, will probably like Casper products. We’d put it more in the “attainable luxury” category.

How does shipping and returns work?

Casper keeps things easy, with free shipping and returns in the U.S. and Canada. It also ships to Alaska and Hawaii, but additional fees apply. In-home setup is also available at cost, and same-day delivery is even possible in certain areas of New York and Los Angeles.

For support, you can call (888) 498-0003, email or use the online chat portal on the website.

Does Casper original work for back sleepers?

The Casper Original is one the best mattresses for back sleepers that you can buy today. The mattress isn’t too soft but still provides enough cushion and support to cradle your body for comfortable sleep.