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Cocoon vs Nectar Mattress

If you can only get one memory foam mattress, should it be Cocoon by Sealy or Nectar Sleep?

Last Updated: May 15, 2020

In the e-commerce space, memory foam mattresses are everywhere. Nectar and Sealy Cocoon are among the most popular, however, and in this comparison we will examine why you might want to get one bed over the other. We will touch on everything from overall feel to return policies.

Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam 35% Off Code: SY35Cocoon Chill is one of the best budget-tier cooling mattresses. It’s a firmer bed with a dense memory foam feel.
Nectar Memory Foam $100 Off + Gift Applied In CartNectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress online. It’s affordable, comfortable, and usually comes with free pillows.

Since there’s a lot to cover in this comparison, here’s a quick synopsis of the main points that we’ll be covering:

  • Models — Sealy Cocoon is technically offered in two models, while Nectar has just the one.
  • Pricing — There’s plenty to discuss here since Cocoon and Nectar are both borderline budget mattresses.
  • Design — We are going to dissect both beds to show what’s inside.
  • Shipping & Returns — Spoiler alert: both are free.
  • Firmness & Feel — While Nectar and Cocoon are both memory foam beds, they feel somewhat different.

Now that you have a basic idea of how this comparison will shake out, let’s run through some background on Cocoon and Nectar.

Background — Nectar And Sealy Cocoon

Let’s start with Cocoon since its parent company, Sealy, has been around the longest. In fact, the same company that owns Cocoon also owns TempurPedic, which is why you’ll see a lot of retailers carry both Sealy Posturepedic and TempurPedic products, or neither. TempurPedic Sealy International Inc. was actually formed in 2012 when TempurPedic acquired Sealy. As a whole, the company generates something like $3 billion in revenue each year, so clearly they know what they’re doing in the sleep space. Just a little fun fact for you: Sealy Corporation has been around since the late 1800s. Pretty crazy to think that the company has been around for over 130 years!

As for Nectar, it’s a newer company, but has exploded onto the scene. In their first year in business Nectar sold $55 million worth of mattresses and bedding products, according to Inc Magazine. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, thanks mostly to their budget-tier memory foam bed that competes directly with Cocoon, Leesa, Casper, and others.

Chill & Classic Models

Before we discuss the advantages of Cocoon we should make clear that we’re technically dealing with two mattress models:

  1. Cocoon Classic — a memory foam mattress for the budget-minded shopper.
  2. Cocoon Chill — same mattress as the Classic, but with a cooling cover for warmer sleepers.
cocoon mattress review by sealy chill vs classic
The Chill and Classic models look identical, aside from the tag on the side

Both models are also available in a “Soft” and “Firm” comfort profile, which allows you the flexibility to select whichever you think is best for you. As a heads up, both models are still fairly firm, and we will touch on this in the following sections.

Inside The Sealy Cocoon Mattresses

Cocoon has a basic construction that includes either two or three layers of foam. If you select the “Firm” model the bed will include a support core, made of poly foam, and a comfort layer, made of memory foam. Here’s a look at the “Firm” model:

cocoon mattress review chill bed by sealy construction and layers
The “Firm” Cocoon mattresses have two layers of foam

With the “Soft” models, you will see Sealy add back a transition layer to help soften up the mattress. The idea with this center layer is to prevent the sleeper from feeling the support core—we see this with a lot of mattresses, including Puffy and Leesa. Here’s a peak inside the “Soft” model.

cocoon by sealy review construction whats the mattress made of
The “Soft” models will have the transition layer

To be clear, there’s no right or wrong choice here with Cocoon—it all just comes down to your firmness preferences. If you want the slightly softer model, go with the “Soft” option, but if you prefer to sleep exclusively on your stomach or back, you might enjoy the “Firm” model more.

Gauging Cocoon’s Firmness Level

Despite the fact that Cocoon calls them “Soft” and “Firm” that’s not really an apt name for the firmness ratings. We consider both models to be closer to a medium-firm. In fact, the “Soft” sits just below a true medium-firm and the “Firm” is just a hair firmer than a medium-firm. Here’s a visual depiction of Cocoon’s firmness level.

cocoon chill mattress firmness

We should make a point to mention that firmness is not exact—hence the reason why we show ranges in the graphic above. We might consider Cocoon “Firm” to be a medium-firm, but if you’re 245 lbs, you’re probably going to argue that it’s closer to a medium.

In many cases, your weight is the biggest determining factor in your perception of firmness. Your height-to-weight ratio is actually the biggest determining factor, but we typically just say weight because it’s easier for consumers to calculate. The idea is that the more weight you concentrate in a given area, the more pressure you will apply in that area—and thus the softer the bed will appear.

Recommended Sleeping Positions

As we mentioned above, Cocoon “Soft” and “Firm” are both firmer in general. As such, we consider the “Soft” model to be ok for back, stomach, and combination sleepers, while the “Firm” model is pretty much entirely reserved for back and stomach sleepers due to its firmness level.

Again, this may be different for you, but through the eyes of the average American (around 190-200 lbs), the bed should be safely in our firmness ranges. But what do they feel like? The Cocoon mattresses have a dense, firmer memory foam feel; they’re not like the Layla mattress, which has a fluffy/airy memory foam feel.

We’d actually say that Cocoon feels quite a bit like Nectar, though, the temperature of your room will somewhat dictate the softness/firmness of your bed. You might not know this, but the warmer your room, the softer your memory foam mattress will appear. The inverse is true for colder rooms.

Cocoon Chill Is A Unique Option

If you’re a hot sleeper that loves memory foam, Cocoon Chill is a really nice option. It’s not quite as cool as GhostBed Luxe, but it’s also a lot more affordable. The bed has a special cover that tries to actively cool down the sleeper. You can read more about Cocoon Chill on their website.

Pricing Analysis For Nectar And Cocoon

Anyone that’s shopping online for a mattress is price conscious. To what degree, we don’t know, but one of the biggest selling points with Cocoon and Nectar is the pricing.

Nectar, for example, is about $800 for a queen size bed, and they typically throw in two free pillows with your purchase. Cocoon, on the other hand, plays around with pricing quite a bit. As of when we’re writing this (mid-2019), the queen size Chill mattress had an MSRP of between $900 and $1,000. After-discount, however, Cocoon Chill drops to around the $700 price point, and they tossed in a free pillow and sheet set. We can’t guarantee that they’re running the same promotion for you right now, but you can visit our Mattress Coupons and Deals page for current offers right now.

The bottom line is that Nectar and Cocoon should be under $1,000 for the queen size, both pre- and post-discount. Historically speaking, that makes them both highly affordable, if not safely in the budget category.

Cutting Open The Nectar Sleep Mattress

We cut open the Nectar (and Cocoon) mattress to see what’s inside, though, we would caution you to not do the same. In any case, Nectar is an all-foam bed with several layers. Here’s a look at the bed.

nectar mattress reviews construction memory foam
Nectar has three layers of foam, plus the quilted cover

Nectar starts with the typical dense poly foam and then has a transitional layer of memory foam (blue foam shown above). The primary comfort layer is actually comprised of two different foams. The first is the yellow foam you see above—that’s a denser, viscose memory foam. The second is the gel memory foam that’s quilted into the cover. The cover adds to the overall dense memory foam feel, but also adds even more cushioning to the mattress.

nectar mattress review for sleep bed in a box online cover
Here’s a close up look at Nectar’s quilted cover

Nectar, like Cocoon, does not have any coils, which means it’s intended for individuals that weigh under about 230 lbs. In fact, most foam beds are this way (i.e. designed for lighter weight individuals).

Estimating Nectar’s Firmness

Nectar is pretty much right in between a medium and medium-firm, a bit like the Cocoon “Soft” version. It should accomodate all sleep styles, though, if you’re a lightweight side sleeper you will most likely want something even softer. Here’s our list of the Best Soft & Plush Mattresses.

nectar mattress review firmness and feel

As we’ve mentioned, Nectar will have a true memory foam feel. You sink in and the bed provides a nice amount of pressure relief.

Nectar Has A Yearlong Test Window

In the world of online beds, free return policies are common—as are 100-night test windows—but a full-year test window is rare to see. That is indeed what Nectar offers. You can test the bed for an entire year before you have to make a firm commitment either way. That’s 12 full months to say “Yes” or “No.” Cocoon also has a trial period, but it’s 100 nights. Pretty crazy to think that both companies will allow you to try their beds for several months before you decide to keep it or not.

Our Closing Thoughts In This Comparison

We really try to avoid telling consumers what to do. We like to lay out the facts (and our opinions) and allow consumers to make their own decision. With that in mind, here are the major questions that you should be asking yourself when considering Nectar and Cocoon.

  • What’s your budget? If you can’t afford to pay more than $800, Nectar seems to be at the price point more often than Cocoon, though, Cocoon goes on sale a lot.
  • What’s your dominant sleep style? If you said back or stomach, Cocoon has the firmer models, though, we consider Nectar to be a nice option as well. For side sleepers, we would give Nectar the slide edge.
  • Are you fine with a three-month trial window? We consider it to be more than long enough, but if you need more time Nectar has the longer trial period.
  • What’s your weight? If you’re over about 230 lbs, you should check out our list of the Best Mattresses For Heavy and Obese People.
  • Do you want to try a cooling mattress? Cocoon Chill is a really nice place to start since it has the phase change cover.

If you need any more details make sure to read our full reviews or any of the other pieces of content we’ve published. Thanks for visiting the Slumber Yard. Hope you enjoyed the review!

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