Anyone looking for a hybrid mattress has probably heard of both DreamCloud and Bear Hybrid, but which is better and for whom is it better? In this post, we explore the major pros and cons for each bed.

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Bear Mattress vs DreamCloud: Hybrid Mattresses

On the surface, these beds are quite similar. Both use coils, a variety of foams, and both are over 13″ thick. But when you dig a little deeper, you find that there are some clear distinctions between the two. And if you’re in a hurry, here’s the gist of what you need to know.

  • Construction – Although the layers both beds use are fairly similar, there are a couple key differences.
  • Feel – The Bear Hybrid has more of a traditional pillow top feel. DreamCloud has a pillow top feel as well, but there’s a little memory foam mixed in too.
  • Price – Both beds are similar in terms of price, however, DreamCloud typically ends up being slightly cheaper after discounts.
  • Celliant — Bear is one of few mattresses that utilize a special textile called Celliant. This has been proven to promote restful sleep, among other things.
  • DreamCloud vs Bear Hybrid Mattress Comparison

Keep in mind that while there are only a few big differences between these beds, there is more to the story, which is why we’ve published individual reviews of DreamCloud and Bear Hybrid.

DreamCloud Premier
DreamCloud Premier
Why it’s Great
DreamCloud Premier is a memory foam hybrid mattress that comes with free shipping/returns and a full-year trial period.
Best for
People that like memory foam
If you want a hybrid bed that utilizes coils
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights
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$200 Off + $399 in Free Accessories

DreamCloud hasn’t been around as long as Bear Mattress, but it sure seems to be picking up speed in the eyes of consumers. And we can see why—it’s a nice mattress. It’s clearly well made, durable, and to be honest, looks like it belongs in a fancy hotel. But why should you get it over Bear Hybrid? Here ya go.

DreamCloud Is More Affordable

DreamCloud barely edges out the Bear Hybrid in terms of price. For comparison purposes, you’re looking at about $1,400 for a queen size DreamCloud mattress and $1,400 for a queen size Bear Hybrid.

However, the numbers above are in terms of MSRP. Both companies like to play the discount/coupon game. Generally speaking, you can usually expect to receive a $150-$250 discount on both beds depending on the time of year you’re looking. We’d recommend checking Bear’s website and DreamCloud’s website to see the current promotions both companies are currently running.

A Look Inside The DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud mattress is made up of six different layers and totals 15″ thick. From bottom to top, here’s what you’re looking at.

The bed starts with a thin layer for dense support foam to secure the coils above. Speaking of the coils, the next layer is comprised of 8″ pocketed coils. This is obviously the primary support structure for the mattress. On top of the coils is a layer of transition foam. The name pretty much says it all.

dreamcloud mattress layers
DreamCloud mattress layers

Next is a layer of gel memory foam. This layer provides an added element of comfort and pressure relief for sleepers. Lastly, you have a 1.5″ quilted euro top that is comprised of two different comfort foams.

Feel & Firmness Analysis

Although the DreamCloud mattress includes a thick layer of gel memory foam near its surface, we wouldn’t consider it a true memory foam mattress. We say that because the quilted euro top balances out the feel of the bed. You can still feel the memory foam in the mattress, it’s just not quite as distinct as the Layla mattress, for example. Overall, we’d say the bed has a pillow top feel with a little memory foam mixed in. Most of our team members here find the bed to be very comfortable.

dreamcloud mattress review stomach sleeper
Comfortable pillow top with a little bit of a memory foam feel

As far as firmness, it’s very similar to the Bear Hybrid. We think it lands right around a medium to medium-firm on our scale. The bed offers a nice balance between support, comfort and pressure relief. Accordingly, we think all types of sleepers will be just fine on the mattress. Side sleepers receive pressure relief for their hips and shoulders, yet back and stomach sleepers still get the necessary support under their lower back and trunk.

Bear Hybrid
Bear Hybrid
Why it’s Great
Bear Hybrid is a pillow top mattress with a fluffy feel and pocketed coils for support. It’s backed by a 20-year warranty.
Best for
If you want a pillow top mattress
All sleeping positions
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Pillow Top
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
100 Nights
20 Years
Made in

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Bear Hybrid is the company’s second—and in our opinion—best mattress. Let’s get into the reasons why you would buy it over the DreamCloud mattress.

Bear Hybrid Construction

The Bear Hybrid mattress uses six different layers that total 14″ thick. Like DreamCloud, the Bear Hybrid is a well-made mattress that is durable and supportive. Here’s a closer look at its construction.

bear hybrid mattress review construction
A look inside the Bear Hybrid mattress

As you can see above, the construction of the bed is actually somewhat similar to DreamCloud. The bed combines 8″ pocketed coils with a couple different foam layers and quilted pillow top. Really, the primary differences between the two beds come down to the pillow top and secondary layer, which affect feel. We discuss this in more detail below.

One thing that’s new with Bear Hybrid is that it’s now GREENGUARD Gold Certified by the UL Environment. Usually we don’t make a big fuss about certifications, but this particular one is very difficult to achieve—additional points awarded to Bear Hybrid.

What The Bear Hybrid Feels Like

The Bear Hybrid sort of feels like an innerspring bed with a thick, soft pillow top. It’s supremely comfortable and almost always has people saying “Wow, I really like this.”

It’s also worth noting the secondary layer has more of a neutral foam feel to it so you don’t really get any hint of memory foam like you do with DreamCloud. Also, the bed has plenty of bounce and is easy to switch positions on.

bear hybrid mattress review side sleepers
Bear has more of a traditional pillow top feel

On the soft-to-firm scale, we would peg Bear right in the middle at a medium. It can handle all types of sleepers: back, stomach, side, and combo. As a result, there’s really not a major difference between DreamCloud and Bear Hybrid when it comes to acceptable sleeping positions. The decision in this regard is ultimately going to come down to feel preference.

Celliant Cover

There are very few beds with a Celliant cover, Bear Hybrid is one of them. Celliant is a special textile that has been deemed by the FDA to meet the criteria of a wellness device. Apparently, it been proven to promote circulation, restful sleep, and a handful of other things. This is part of the reason that Bear gets branded as a mattress for athletes.

bear hybrid mattress review cover celliant
Up close with Bear Hybrid’s Celliant cover

Jeff, on our team, slept on Bear Hybrid for months and claims that he got incredible sleep. Was that due to the Celliant cover? Who knows. It could have just been that Bear Hybrid was comfortable and fit his sleeping preferences well. The bottom line is that it’s neat for Bear Hybrid to use the Celliant cover, but we don’t have any hard proof ourselves that it does what it claims it can do. You can read more about Celliant on Bear’s website.

Bear Hybrid Mattress vs DreamCloud Review Verdict

By now, you hopefully understand the primary differences between these beds. However, we understand buying a new mattress is a big deal and you still might be struggling with the decision. In our opinion, the decision between the two beds comes down to a few main factors.

  • Budget – If price is your chief concern, DreamCloud is likely the more affordable mattress.
  • Feel — If you want a little memory foam in your life, go DreamCloud. If not, go with the more traditional pillow top the Bear Hybrid offers.
  • Celliant Cover — The special cover on the Bear Hybrid mattress is supposed to help with recovery and wellness. As such, we see it being the better option for athletes and people who live an active lifestyle.

DreamCloud vs Bear Mattress: Company Policies

There are a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses out there and most of them have basically the same policies regarding shipping, returns, etc.. Bear and DreamCloud are no different. For starters, they both offer free shipping. Bear Hybrid ships compressed in a box while DreamCloud shows up in a bag. From there, the process is pretty much identical: remove the packaging, place the bed on its foundation, and give it a few minutes to fully inflate. Here’s a look at the unboxing process for Bear Hybrid.

With nearly every mattress that you can buy online, in addition to free shipping, you get a trial period so that you have an opportunity to experience the bed for yourself. Bear gives you 100 nights, while DreamCloud has a 365-night trial period, which just so you know, is only matched by Nectar. Regardless of the length of the trial period, the point is that you have the chance to form your own opinion about the bed. No one is lording over you telling you what to do. And at 3+ months, that should be more than enough time to decide yay or nay on the bed.

During this trial period you’re going to want to think critically about whether this is the bed. You also will want to break the mattress in by walking on it each night for about two weeks. This will ensure that it wears evenly throughout and doesn’t have areas where it’s softer/firmer. Additionally, you need to allow your body time to adjust to the bed. Because it’s different from what you’ve been sleeping on in the past, there’s a chance that you won’t love it right away. Even more, just so you know, all beds soften over time so it might be a good idea to start a little firmer and expect the bed to eventually soften to the state that you prefer.

As for anyone that’s plagued by buyer’s remorse, both DreamCloud and Bear offer completely free returns. In fact, if you decide that you don’t want the bed, you don’t need to do anything other than call them up and request the refund. They will even send someone (for free) to your house to pick up the bed. Often times it’s a charity or a non-profit in your local area. So, even in rejecting the bed, you’re kind of actually doing something nice for your community.

If you end up keeping DreamCloud, it comes with their “Everlong” warranty, which essentially is a tiered warranty with more coverage during the first 10 years. After the tenth year, they will re-cover or repair your bed, as opposed to replacing it. You can read the full DreamCloud warranty on their site.

Bear backs their bed with a 20-year warranty, which is about twice the length of the warranty for the average online mattress. Similar to that of DreamCloud, the Bear warranty is tiered with a split at year 10. You can read the full warranty on Bear’s website.

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