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dreamcloud vs puffy mattress review and comparison deal

DreamCloud vs Puffy Mattress

For anyone that likes to shop or read reviews online, DreamCloud and Puffy are two mattresses that you'll want to checkout.

While DreamCloud, Puffy, and Puffy Lux are three unique beds, there's plenty to like with all of them. And given that they're unique, it makes the decision making process easier because you'll most likely be drawn to one mattress over the other almost immediately. For example, Puffy and Puffy Lux are all-foam beds, while DreamCloud is a hybrid bed that incorporates coils for added support.
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Hybrid Mattress

$200 Off + Gift

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DreamCloud is a high-quality, hybrid mattress that combines 8" pocketed coils, gel memory foam and a quilted euro top. It also carries a fairly affordable price tag after you take into account discounts and coupon codes.
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Soft Foam Mattress

$300 Off + Gift

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Puffy is an accomodating mattress that blends a classic foam feel with memory foam. It's suitable for all sleeping styles, as it sits right in the middle in terms of softness/firmness. Puffy even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Before we dissect DreamCloud and Puffy, let’s start with a quick overview of the notable points for this review.

  • Design — These beds are completely different in terms of construction (coil bed vs foam bed).
  • Pricing — Puffy is the more affordable option between the two beds.
  • Policies — We always cover shipping, returns, etc. in our posts, and this comparison is no different.

Clearly, there’s more to know about both beds, which is precisely why we’ve taken the time to write such an extensive post below. Hope it helps!

Background On Puffy And DreamCloud

Puffy is a foam bed—a bit like Leesa or Casper—that’s targeting young professionals whom want a nice bed at a comforting price. The bed actually exploded onto the scene after being featured on the Ellen Show. Since then, it has grown to be a top tier brand, at least in the online space. They’ve had so much success that they’ve even released Puffy Lux, an upgraded, extra-soft mattress.

DreamCloud is absolutely nothing like Puffy, and many other online mattresses—and that’s part of the reason it’s become so popular. It’s focused on the consumer that is a little more established in their life and wants a luxury mattress for a fair price. It’s actually meant to compete mostly with the likes of WinkBed, Saatva, etc. That’s not to say that Puffy and DreamCloud do not compete—they certainly do, which is why we’ve created this post—but it’s also true that DreamCloud is branded to be more in the “Hotel Luxury” category of beds.



  • Anyone that wants a supportive coil mattress for around $1,200-$1,400 (queen size)
  • All types of sleepers (side, back, stomach and combo)
  • If you always need a way out (DreamCloud comes with a 365-night trial period)
  • Individuals of all sizes
  • Anyone that likes pillow top mattresses

$200 Off + Gift

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Several Layers Of Foam And Coils

The biggest difference between Puffy and DreamCloud is what’s under the hood. DreamCloud has 8″ pocketed coils alongside several layers of memory foam and poly foam. That, in and of itself, is different from the all-foam design of Puffy and Puffy Lux. To be clear, there is no single best design to a mattress, but DreamCloud sure seems to be onto something with its 15″ construction that blends various foams with coils.

dreamcloud mattress layers
DreamCloud mattress construction

The DreamCloud mattress also has a quilted euro top that gives the bed an added element of comfort. All in all, due to DreamCloud’s hybrid design, we give it the clear edge over Puffy when it comes to which is the better mattress for heavy and obese people. This is consistent with what we’ve said in the past—heavy people should first try out coil/hybrid beds because they tend to be more durable in the long run.

DreamCloud’s Trial Window

I know that we mentioned this elsewhere in the review, but it’s worth emphasizing that you can try out DreamCloud for a full year, risk free. “What does that mean?” you might ask. It means that you can sleep on the mattress, watch TV on the mattress, jump on the mattress, and generally test the mattress for a full year before you need to make a definitive decision.

dreamcloud mattress review side sleeper
Owen loves the full year trial period with DreamCloud

And if you opt to return it, that’s completely free. Talk about being confident in your products. Off the top of my head, only Nectar, Brentwood Home, and one or two others offer a full-year test window.

UPDATE: DreamCloud Is Now Slightly Softer

DreamCloud recently made a couple changes to the mattress. Previously, the bed landed around a medium-firm designation, however now, it’s slightly softer. You can read more about what the company changed in our full updated review.

dreamcloud mattress review firmness

Given the changes, the DreamCloud mattress is now more comparable to Puffy in terms of firmness. Previously, we thought the bed was most ideal for back and stomach sleepers, but now, we think it’s a solid option for all types of sleepers, including people who spend a lot of time on their side.



  • People that want a comfy bed with a classic foam feel (a little memory foam mixed in also)
  • Individuals intrigued by a bed with a lifetime warranty
  • If you like to deep clean your house (the cover is machine washable)
  • Small and medium size individuals
  • People that prefer to spend under $900 for a new queen bed (after discount)

$300 Off + Gift

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Puffy Costs Less Than DreamCloud

Here’s a quick breakdown of the prices for the queen size mattresses, before any discounts. Puffy sells for about $1,150 and DreamCloud, $1,400. After applying a discount, however, Puffy ends up at about $850 for the queen while DreamCloud is $1,200.

Clearly, both are affordable, but you can technically save around $250 by going with Puffy over DreamCloud. By the way, you can always check out our Mattress Coupons/Deals page if you want to look for current offers on 50+ beds. We try to update that on a weekly, if not a daily, basis.

Puffy Has A Three-Layer Foam Design

In contrast to the hybrid design of DreamCloud, Puffy has the classic three-layer foam construction somewhat like GhostBed or Leesa—different foams, but same general concept. The bed starts with a support core, often referred to as “Support Foam” or “Foam Base.” All that means is that it’s a basic, dense foam that serves as the bed’s foundation. Next is a transitional layer that Puffy calls “Climate Comfort Foam” which helps to soften the mattress and stop sleepers from feeling the dense support foam.

puffy mattress layers
Here’s an inside look at Puffy’s three-foam design

As we have labeled in the image above, Puffy’s primary comfort layer is called “Cooling Cloud Foam,” which is essentially a gel memory foam. It has a really comfortable feel and just because it’s memory foam doesn’t mean that it provides resistance when you go to rotate sleeping positions.

In fact, we’d say overall Puffy has a more neutral, soft foam feel with perhaps a bit of memory foam mixed in. If you can envision a blend of Leesa and Nectar, that’s somewhat how Puffy feels. It’s a comfortable bed for sure, and it’s quite accommodating.

Puffy Is Universally Accommodating As Well

Overall, we rate Puffy at pretty much a true medium on our softness/firmness scale—though some team members consider it a medium+. It’s accommodating for all sleeping styles. Keep in mind, though, that we rate firmness from the perspective of the average American—about 200 lbs, give or take. Someone that’s heavier will perceive Puffy and all other beds to be softer. Inversely, petite individuals will claim both of these beds are firmer.

puffy mattress review firmness and feel

Puffy is one of those beds that offers pressure relief, but it’s not so soft that you don’t feel supported. For petite and average size individuals, you should be just fine on the Puffy mattress.

Puffy Also Has A Special Cover

We rave about DreamCloud’s quilted euro top, but in all fairness Puffy has a unique and interesting cover as well. At first glance, it looks fairy unassuming—just like any other polyester cover. In reality, however, the cover is “stain resistant” and machine washable.

puffy lux mattress review
We really like that Puffy added a washable cover

Most of these online beds have removable covers, but very few have a washable cover. As such, Puffy ends up being a really nice mattress for kids, and anyone that’s concerned with deep cleaning their room. The cover isn’t the easiest thing to remove and put back, but the mere fact that it’s washable helps to differentiate Puffy.

Let’s Not Forget: Puffy Lux vs DreamCloud

If you’re familiar with Puffy, you’re likely aware that the brand also has a luxury option called Puffy Lux. You can read more about the bed in our full review, but the gist of what you need to know is that it’s a soft mattress with a memory foam feel. In this review, Puffy Lux is definitely the winner when it comes to side sleepers looking for extra pressure relief. That said, because it’s softer, it’s not our top pick for strict back or stomach sleepers. There’s just always a trade off whenever you go mattress shopping.

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