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DreamCloud vs Purple Mattress

DreamCloud vs Purple Mattress

It might not be an apples-to-apples comparison, but DreamCloud and Purple mattress are both really nice options.

Last Updated: September 2, 2020

DreamCloud is a thick coil mattress and Purple offers something unseen before in the mattress industry. In today's review, we discuss why DreamCloud and Purple might be right for you. We cover topics like feel, firmness, acceptable sleeping positions and more.

DreamCloud Premier Memory Foam $200 Off + Gift Discount In CartDreamCloud Premier is a memory foam hybrid mattress that comes with free shipping/returns and a full-year trial period.
Purple Hybrid Unique Free Gifts w/ Mattress PurchasePurple Hybrid is a coil mattress that features a proprietary comfort layer called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It’s a unique mattress thats comfortable and great for hot sleepers.

Purple vs DreamCloud Review Overview

Before we discuss all of the little details about how DreamCloud and Purple compare, let’s run through a quick overview of the contents of this post.

  • Price Difference — DreamCloud is more expensive than the Original Purple, but cheaper than the Purple Hybrid mattresses.
  • Feel — The four Purple mattresses and DreamCloud feel completely different from each other.
  • Materials — DreamCloud is a memory foam mattress with 8″ pocketed coils and a pillow top, while Purple is a bed unlike any other.
  • Shipping & Returns — At a high level, everything here is the same, but we always like to mention how the entire buying process works.
  • Hot Sleepers — We think both brands offer beds that are fine for hot sleepers, but when push comes to shove, Purple is the winner.
  • Different Models — DreamCloud has just one, but Purple makes the Original Purple and three different hybrid mattresses. We discuss all models in this review.

Those are the major highlights for now, but there’s a lot more you’ll want to consider before making a final purchase decision. Keep reading for more details.

DreamCloud vs Purple — Comparing Prices

With the exception of the Original Purple mattress, DreamCloud is the cheaper option. Comparing queen sizes, DreamCloud retails for $1,400, while the Purple Hybrid beds range from $1,600 to $3,000. That’s before applying a promo code, however.

DreamCloud frequently (nearly always) runs deals on their website that will bring the price down to about $1,200. Therefore, the more realistic price comparison is $1,200 for DreamCloud and, at minimum, $1,600 for Purple (based on queen sizes).

Purple isn’t all that fond of promoting cash discounts the way DreamCloud does. That said, frequently Purple will offer bundles and sales on their website to help incentivize purchases—particularly during major holidays.

We’re not really convinced that in this case that a price comparison is all that fair since the beds are nothing alike. If we were comparing two memory foam mattresses that you buy on Amazon, a price comparison would be lot more appropriate. In any case, at least you’re now aware of what the beds retail for.

A Look At DreamCloud’s Construction

DreamCloud is one of the more unique memory foam beds in that it combines 8″ pocketed coils with various layers of memory foam and poly foam in addition to a 1.5″ quilted euro top.

dreamcloud mattress review cover
A closer look at the DreamCloud mattress

While DreamCloud technically is a memory foam mattress, you wouldn’t really know it given the bed has a quilted pillow top. For most people, it’s just going to feel like a traditional pillow top mattress, but with a hint of memory foam underneath.

Which Sleeping Positions Are Acceptable?

The DreamCloud mattress recently underwent a few changes. Previously, the bed landed around a medium-firm on the firmness scale, which made it an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers in particular. However, the mattress is now a tad bit softer. We think it belongs closer to a medium to medium-firm rating.

dreamcloud mattress review side sleeper
The updated DreamCloud mattress is now better for side sleepers

As such, we now think the bed comfortably accommodates sleepers in all positions. It’s still good for back and stomach sleepers. The pillow top and 8″ pocketed coils make sure of that. However, the bed is now more forgiving and offers a good amount of pressure relief as well. This is good news for side sleepers who need an extra bit of comfort for their hips and shoulders.

What’s So Special About Purple?

It’s all about the comfort layer. All Purple mattresses have a top layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer which is a gel-like material that can apparently be stretched about 15x its resting state. You won’t find this on other mattresses either (aside from Intellibed), so it’s a big differentiator for Purple.

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
Great for airflow and great for comfort

As you can tell, Hyper-Elastic Polymer is anything but ordinary. It’s basically an enormous, rectangular Dr. Scholl’s insole. I know that sounds odd—and it is—but it really makes Purple beds special.

That top layer is both firm and soft, at the same time. When you lay on your side, the pressure relief is immediately apparent under your hips and shoulders. When you lay on your back or stomach, you feel almost as if you’re weightless. It’s like a zero gravity situation that you simply cannot experience on a foam mattress.

How Are The Purple Beds Different?

If you didn’t already know, the company makes four different models: the original Purple, Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier 3, and Purple Hybrid Premier 4. Just for reference, the three Purple hybrid mattresses used to be known as the New Purple 2, New Purple 3 and New Purple 4. They have a lot in common, but there’s enough that’s different that you’ll want to learn more before you make your final decision. For instance, all of the Purple Hybrid mattresses have 7.5″ pocketed coils as opposed to the support foam that you see on the original.

purple mattress review new purple 2 bed in a box
All of the Purple Hybrid mattresses have pretty much the same upgraded design

Original Purple — The bed has a foam support core and 2″ of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It also is the most affordable bed from the company. You can see the current pricing on Purple.com, but expect the queen to be about $1,000-$1,100.

Purple Hybrid — This is the firmest bed in their lineup, but it’s no where near the firmness level of DreamCloud. The Purple Hybrid has 2″ of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It’s just fine for all sleeping positions, but back/stomach sleepers will like it the most. This particular model used to be called the New Purple 2.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 — This is pretty much a flat medium on the firmness scale. It has 3″ of Hyper-Elastic Polymer and is suitable for all sleep styles. This bed used to be called the New Purple 3.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4 — The most expensive bed from the company, the Hybrid Premier 4 (formerly known as the New Purple 4) gives you an unmatched level of support and comfort. This is the model that makes you feel near weightless given that it has 4″ of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. As a warning, though, this bed is not cheap.

A Refuge For Hot Sleepers

While Purple doesn’t offer cooling mattresses per se, they do make beds with above-average amounts of airflow. As you can see in the video we placed in the first section, Hyper-Elastic Polymer by its design allows for hundreds of pockets of air, which work to keep your sleeping temperature neutral. And that’s an important point—you’re likely not going to be cold with a Purple bed, but you certainly won’t heat up like you did on memory foam beds from the early 2000s.

purple mattress topper hyper-elastic polymer
This should get hot sleepers all riled up

The material itself, Hyper-Elastic Polymer, also fends off body heat better than most foams. in other words, you aren’t going to find a situation where the top layer is trapping heat and further warming you up. It pretty much just remains at a neutral temperature.

Final Verdict: Purple vs DreamCloud

Given the level of praise we’ve heaped on both of these brands, I’m sure you can tell that even we are having a hard time awarding a winner. With that in mind, here’s a quick run through of the major points again.

  • What is your budget? If you want a hybrid mattress for around $1,200-$1,400, DreamCloud is the clear choice.
  • Do you want a pillow top mattress or a new-age, totally unique bed? This might be the most important question to answer.
  • Are you an extra-hot sleeper? If so, Purple beds offer multiple benefits related to temperature regulation.
  • Can you see yourself changing your mind after six months? If so, DreamCloud has the full-year test window, so that might be the way to go. Remember, Purple offers a 100-night test window.
  • Are you in the middle of moving right now? If so, do not order Purple until you get to your new house. All Purple beds are (painfully) un-fun to move. DreamCloud isn’t fun either, but it’s not bad.

At the end of the day, the decision is all yours. Keep in mind you can always visit DreamCloud’s website and Purple.com to see their current deals. Perhaps that will help you make your mind up.

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What To Expect: Buying Purple Or DreamCloud

There’s a few things you can expect with all of these beds that sell online. The first thing is free shipping—you won’t pay anything extra for the delivery of your new mattress. Interestingly enough, both Purple and DreamCloud ship rolled up inside a large bag, not a box.

They both have the white glove delivery option as well. It’s free with Purple if you opt for one of the Hybrid Premier models, but DreamCloud charges a modest fee. Regardless, the setup process is as simple as it possibly could be. All you have to do is remove the bed from the bag, cut open the shrink wrapping, and allow the bed to inflate. It takes five to tens minutes depending on if you have a friend there helping you.

Both companies also offer a trial period in which you can take your time to come to a conclusion about the bed. What’s nice is that these are risk-free trial periods, so there’s no pressure to keep your new mattress. Purple has the standard 100-night window and DreamCloud gives you an entire year. That wasn’t a typo. DreamCloud gives you a full 365 days to make your mind up about the bed.

If you decide you don’t want DreamCloud or Purple during those trial periods, you can just return them for free and get all of your money back. All that’s required of you is that you pick up the phone, call customer service, and request a refund. No need to take the mattress somewhere—the companies should send someone to your house to remove it for you.

Moving over to warranties, typically you’ll get a 10-year warranty with a bed that you purchase online. That is indeed the case with Purple, but DreamCloud has an “Everlong” warranty, which you can read about on the company’s website.