Saatva and DreamCloud are two of the most popular premium mattresses available online. While they do share a few similarities, they also differ in several ways. In this post, we focus on those differences so you can gain a better understanding of which mattress is best for your particular sleeping habits.

DreamCloud Premier mattress VS. Saatva Classic mattress
$1,398 – $2,298Price Range$935 – $2,195
$200 Off + $399 in Free AccessoriesOffer Up To $250 Off Applied In Cart
  • People that like memory foam
  • If you want a hybrid bed that utilizes coils
Best For
  • Consumers seeking a supportive innerspring mattress
  • Individuals who want multiple firmness options to choose from
365 NightsTrial Period365 Nights
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DreamCloud vs. Saatva Mattress Overview

If you don’t have a lot of time, here are the main points of differentiation between these two online beds.

  • Feel — The Saatva mattress has a traditional pillow top feel. The DreamCloud mattress has a pillow top feel as well, but with a little memory foam mixed in.
  • Price — Both beds are priced about the same, but DreamCloud ends up being slightly more affordable after considering discounts.
  • Firmness Options — The DreamCloud mattress comes in just one firmness option, while Satava is available in three comfort levels.
  • Sleeper Type – Saatva gets the edge for back and stomach sleepers, while DreamCloud gets the nod for side sleepers (just barely).

If you’re in the market for a premium new bed that screams high-quality, DreamCloud and Saatva are both great options within the online mattress market. Saatva is a luxury bedding brand within the online market known for its “affordable luxury” approach to its products. At the same time, DreamCloud is owned by Resident Home LLC, which also owns the popular Nectar memory foam mattress.

This review will focus on the DreamCloud Premier Mattress, the most premium model from the brand, and Saatva’s luxury innerspring bed. We’ll discuss our true thoughts on the bed, which we think they work best for, and if they’re worth their higher-than-average price tags.

Saatva vs. DreamCloud Video Comparison

Here’s a video that touches on the differences between the DreamCloud mattress vs. Saatva. However, we can’t fit everything into a video that’s just a few minutes long. As such, keep reading to learn more about these two popular online mattresses.

  • Saatva vs DreamCloud Video Review

DreamCloud Premier
DreamCloud Premier
Why it’s Great
DreamCloud Premier is a memory foam hybrid mattress that comes with free shipping/returns and a full-year trial period.
Best for
People that like memory foam
If you want a hybrid bed that utilizes coils
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights


$200 Off + $399 in Free Accessories
dreamcloud mattress review stomach sleeper
You can feel a little bit of the memory foam below the euro top

Design & Construction

The DreamCloud Premier mattress is a very thick and hefty mattress comprised of six layers, including 8″ coils, gel memory foam, and a quilted Euro-top. You can feel the memory foam in the mattress, but it’s not overwhelming. The Euro-top actually works to balance out the memory foam quite a bit, thanks to its airy, puffy feel. The best way we can describe it is that the DreamCloud Premier Mattress has a pillow top feel but with a little tinge of memory foam mixed in.

The Saatva mattress contains two layers of coils, including a steel coil innerspring unit. The top layer is a light and airy, comfortable pillow top covered in organic cotton. It’s reminiscent of the traditional beds you probably grew up sleeping on, but a heck of a lot more comfortable.

Feel & Firmness

If you like the feel of memory foam, chances are you’ll like the feel of DreamCloud Premier. As you will find out later, the Saatva mattress has more of a traditional pillow top feel, which you may or may not like better. It’s really just a personal preference decision.

Overall, we’d peg the DreamCloud Premier Mattress around a medium to medium-firm. The bed is soft-to-the-touch and offers sleepers a good amount of pressure relief. Though, we do want to mention that DreamCloud offers a flagship mattress that’s a tad bit softer, rated around a medium on the scale. It’s also a bit more affordable.

Because of its layers, the Saatva mattress has more of a traditional feel — a supportive, bouncy foundation with a comfortable and fluffy pillow top.

The Saatva mattress is available in three different firmness levels. You can choose between Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm models. The Luxury Firm option is their best seller. According to their website, the Luxury Firm model is favored by 80% of consumers.

Regardless, we really like that Saatva offers different options and gives consumers a choice. Having various options also means all sleeper types will find a model that best suits their particular sleeping preferences.

We found that the Luxury Firm model lands around a medium firm on our firmness scale. If you’re an extra heavy individual and need the most support possible, we’d recommend going with the Firm option.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to its construction and feel, there are a few extra factors to consider, especially if you’re sharing your bed with a partner.

Edge Support

Both DreamCloud and Saatva offer excellent edge support. This means you can lay on the perimeter of the bed without feeling as if you’re going to fall off. As a result, both beds have large sleeping spaces, and you can comfortably share them with a partner.

Motion Isolation

The DreamCloud or Saatva are both decent for motion isolation. Because both beds have innerspring, there’s likely to be a bit of bounce when one partner moves around. But overall, both do a pretty good job of isolation movement.


We would call both the Saatva and the DreamCloud temperature neutral. Neither bed does anything to regulate temperature or cool you when you sleep. They also don’t heat up at night, thanks to the increased airflow promoted by the coils.

Saatva Classic
Saatva Classic
Why it’s Great
Saatva Classic is the original innerspring mattress online. It comes in three firmness options, all of which have coils for support and a fluffy pillow top.
Best for
Consumers seeking a supportive innerspring mattress
Individuals who want multiple firmness options to choose from
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Pillow Top
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights
Made in


Up To $250 Off Applied In Cart

Body Type Analysis

  • Petite

    Petite individuals might think Saatva is a little overboard because of its back-to-back innerspring design, unless you’re a strict back and stomach sleeper who wants an extra supportive bed. 

  • Normal

    Average-sized individuals will be happy with either DreamCloud vs Saatva. Just keep your sleeping position in mind.

  • Heavy

    Sleepers who weigh over 230 lbs will really enjoy how supportive and durable both of these mattresses are. We consider each of them luxury hybrid beds and will be perfectly suitable for heavy individuals.

Sleeper Type Analysis

  • Side Sleepers

    Because you can feel the memory foam a little more in the DreamCloud Premier mattress, we’d give the slight edge for side sleeping. At the end of the day, the memory foam just wraps your shoulders and hips a little more than the top layers on the Saatva mattress. With that said, if you don’t like that sort of conforming sensation, the Saatva Plush Soft model will work just fine for side sleepers too. Again, it just comes down to your personal preference.

  • Back And Stomach Sleepers

    Back and stomach sleepers who weigh over ~130 lbs will likely be most comfortable on the Luxury Firm or Firm models from Saatva. We’d give the edge to the Luxury Firm Saatva Mattress in comparison to DreamCloud. It’s just going to provide a little more support and reinforcement under your lower back and trunk. However, petite back and stomach sleepers should be just fine on a DreamCloud Premier Mattress.

  • Combo Sleepers

    If you’re a side or combo sleeper, we’d recommend going with the Plush Soft model from Saatva because it’s right in between soft and firm.

Price Comparison Saatva vs. DreamCloud

saatva mattress review
Very nice mattress at a fair price point

This topic is a little tricky. If you compare DreamCloud vs. Saatva in terms of MSRP, DreamCloud is only a little more than Saatva. A queen mattress from DreamCloud will cost you about $1,600, and a queen mattress from Saatva will be around $1,570.

However, that’s not the full story here. DreamCloud is more aggressive when it comes to sales, discounts and promotions. You can usually expect to receive $200 off your DreamCloud mattress, which would take a queen size down to around the $1,200 mark. As such, DreamCloud is technically the more affordable mattress. Check the table above to see whether that promotion is still live.

Saatva typically doesn’t offer coupon codes or discounts throughout the year. With that said, we have seen them offer a $50-$200 discount around major holidays, so it might be a good idea to check the Saatva website to see if they’re currently offering a discount.

Saatva vs. DreamCloud Mattress Review Verdict

If you’ve read this far, you can now point out the major differences between DreamCloud vs. Saatva. However, as we stated earlier, these two mattresses do overlap in several categories. As such, we definitely understand if you’re still undecided. To help break the tie, ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • First, what’s your budget? If you’re on a tight budget, DreamCloud will likely be the more affordable option come checkout.
  • Next, what sort of feel do you prefer? If you like memory foam, go with DreamCloud. If you want to play it safe and go with more of a traditional mattress feel, go Saatva.
  • Lastly, what is your primary sleeping position? If you answered side and you like memory foam, go with DreamCloud. If you answered back or stomach, we’d recommend the firmer models Saatva offers.

Really those are the three big factors, and we hope we made your decision a little easier! Thanks for choosing the Slumber Yard and check out our other mattress comparisons if you’re interested in pitting other mattresses head-to-head.

Company Policy Comparison

DreamCloud’s return policy is pretty simple; the mattress comes with a 365 night trial period. You basically get to sleep on the bed for a full year risk-free. This is great for indecisive shoppers who aren’t exactly sure what they like or what they’re looking for in a mattress.

Saatva gives you 180 nights, which let’s face it, is still more than long enough to decide whether you like the bed. However, they will hit for you a $99 fee if you want to return the mattress.

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