GhostBed and Casper are two of the leading mattress-in-a-box companies on earth and they're similar in a lot of ways. However, in this post, we'll do our best to break down each bed so you can decide which mattress is best for your particular body type and sleeping habits.

GhostBed Mattress vs Casper Synopsis

GhostBed and Casper are similar in a lot of ways. Really, there are only a few differences between the two, so if you’re short on time, here’s the skinny:

  • Types of Foam — GhostBed uses a combination of latex foam and memory foam. Some people may prefer this mix.
  • Zoned Support Technology — The Casper bed utilizes a special zoned support layer. Read below to see what this entails.
  • Responsiveness — The Casper mattress is a bit more responsive than GhostBed. We’ll discuss how this affects combo sleepers.
  • Price — GhostBed has the price advantage over Casper.
  • Hybrid Models — Both brands offer hybrid mattresses (i.e. beds with coils). You can see them on and

There’s obviously a lot more that goes into mattress shopping, though. Keep reading to learn more about each of these beds. There’s only so much information we can jam into one video.

For those of you who maybe don’t know, GhostBed is Nature’s Sleep bed-in-a-box brand. Nature’s Sleep is a well-respected bedding company that has been around for decades. They offer several different products, including sheets, pillows, and more. But you didn’t come here to talk about Nature’s Sleep. Let’s discuss the GhostBed.

About The Original GhostBed Mattress

The original GhostBed mattress is an 11″ thick all-foam bed that is comprised of three layers. Like most bed-in-a-box mattresses, it starts with a thick layer of support foam on the bottom. For the middle layer, GhostBed uses a layer of gel memory foam, and on top they use a layer of aerated latex foam.

GhostBed is one of the few beds out there that uses a combination of memory foam and latex foam. As such, the bed sort of takes characteristics from both types of foam. It’s very soft and comfortable (which you’d expect from memory foam), yet it doesn’t quite contour or hug your body that way traditional memory foam does (it’s more like latex foam in that regard).

ghostbed mattress review construction image and layers
A peek inside the GhostBed mattress

The result is a soft, blended feel. If you knew nothing about the bed and you lay down on it, you wouldn’t be able to discern whether it’s memory foam or latex foam. As such, we’d ultimately say it has a soft, neutral-foam feel.

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The top layers are a little slow to respond, though. If you roll over or get up off the bed, the top layers just take an extra second or two to fully pop back to their original state. All this means is that combo sleepers may find they have to exert a little more effort when switching between positions.

Firmness Estimate For GhostBed

In terms of firmness, we think GhostBed comes in right around a medium on the firmness scale. Overall, the bed strikes a nice balance between comfort, pressure relief, and support. We think this mattress is ideal for all kinds of sleepers. It ultimately doesn’t matter how you spend the majority of your time sleeping. Back, stomach, and side sleepers will all find this bed quite accommodating.

ghostbed firmness scale
The GhostBed mattress finds a nice balance between pressure relief and support

However, we wouldn’t recommend the original GhostBed for people that weigh over 250 lb. Don’t worry, we’re not saying GhostBed is bad. We actually say that about the majority of all-foam beds.

We generally steer big folks towards hybrid or innerspring beds that contain coils for added support and durability. Heavy set individuals exert more pressure on a bed and coils are better equipped to handle that over a long period of time. Instead, we think you should take a look at GhostBed’s Flex model, Casper’s new Wave Hybrid, or Casper Hybrid.

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Moving on, although the top layer is technically aerated, we’d say the GhostBed mattress sleeps temperature neutral. You won’t heat up at night on this bed nor will it actively keep you at a chilly temperature. Instead, external factors, such as the temperature in your room and what kind of sheets you use, will more so play a factor in how cool you sleep.

Discussion About Couples

Let’s talk couples next. We think GhostBed is a solid option for people who share a bed. It performs pretty well for an all-foam mattress in terms of motion isolation and edge support. Motion isolation refers to how well the bed limits the transfer of movement between partners when one person decides to roll over or get up off the bed. Obviously, you’ll want a bed that limits motion very well so you’re not disturbed by your partner’s movements.

ghostbed mattress review edge support dillon
Pretty good edge support on the GhostBed mattress

Edge support is pretty self-explanatory. Couples who tend to spread out or share a smaller size mattress will want a bed that supports them well around the perimeter.

Lastly, GhostBed gets the edge over Casper when it comes to price. The MSRPs of both beds can be a little deceiving, but usually you can find GhostBed more affordable. GhostBed and Casper are almost always running some sort of discount code or sale. Check or to see what their current offer is.

Casper was one of the early players in the bed-in-a-box space. They’ve achieved tremendous success in a short amount of time and really helped bring the industry to the forefront. In early 2018, though, they made a slight change to their flagship mattress. Let’s explore further.

Casper’s Flagship Foam Mattress

The original Casper mattress is a 11″ thick all-foam bed that is comprised of three layers (keep in mind if you get one of Casper’s new hybrid models, it will have a foam and coil construction). Like the original GhostBed, it starts with a thick layer of dense foam for its base. On top of that is Casper’s “Zoned Support Foam.”

This is the layer that Casper updated in 2020 and it’s pretty unique. The layer is split into thirds. The top and bottom thirds are slightly softer. These are the areas where you need more pressure relief. In the middle third, they use a slightly firmer foam for more support under your lower back and trunk.

casper original mattress review zoned support
Casper’s Zoned Support Foam is pretty unique

This is actually a layer of memory foam, but on top is a layer of open-cell proprietary foam. This open-cell foam gives the bed more of a neutral-foam feel (actually somewhat similar to GhostBed). You don’t really feel much of that memory foam second layer. Overall, the bed is soft to the touch and extremely comfortable.

The top layer of open-cell foam is quite responsive. It snaps back after releasing pressure almost immediately. Again, all this means is that combo sleepers will find it fairly easy and effortless to switch from their back to their stomach to their side and over again.

casper mattress review original side sleepers
Casper’s AirScape foam is pretty darn responsive

In terms of firmness, like GhostBed, we think Casper comes in right around a medium on the firmness scale. It too finds a nice balance between being soft and comfortable, yet also providing the necessary amount of support. Given this, as you might imagine, we think Casper is ideal for all kinds of sleepers.

Temperature And More

Given the construction of the bed, though, we don’t think it’s the best option for heavy folks. Again, big people will want to go with a bed that contains coils. Coils provide bi-directional support, meaning they not only compress, but also push back against pressure, which is important for individuals who place more weight on a mattress.

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When it comes to temperature regulation, we think Casper sleeps neutral, as well. Again, the mattress won’t cause you to wake up drenched in your own sweat, nor will it keep you at a nice, cool temperature throughout the night. If you want to sleep cool, you’ll have to take other steps outside the bed’s control to do so. Same story if you want to sleep warm.

casper mattress review original cover
Casper mattress should work for all sleeping types

Moving on, we think Casper performs well in the factors that are important for couples. Very similar to GhostBed again. The bed deadens movement well and the edge support is pretty decent for an all-foam bed.

Lastly, as I mentioned above, Casper is tad bit more expensive than GhostBed (including coupons), but really their beds are actually reasonably priced compared to what you’d pay if you walked into your local mattress store. They do offer coupon codes, though. Check the table above to see what kind of discount they’re offering right now.

Casper Mattress vs GhostBed Review Verdict

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably still a little confused and understandably frustrated. After all, these two beds share a lot of similar characteristics. In all honesty, this was one of the hardest comparisons we’ve ever had to put together. To make things a little easier, though, try asking yourself a few questions.

First, what’s your budget? If you’re more price conscious, go with GhostBed. You can usually snag it for around $50-$150 less than the Casper mattress. Just make sure to take advantage of their current sale or promotion.

Next, do you like both memory foam and latex foam? If you do, GhostBed is the clear choice since it has sort of a blended feel. If you don’t, or just want to play it safe and go with a comfortable mattress, go with Casper.

Next, are you a combo sleeper that switches positions a lot? If you do, you’ll probably find Casper preferable over GhostBed.

This was a tough one, but we hope it was somewhat helpful. Thanks for choosing the Slumber Yard.

Shipping, Trial Periods, Returns, and Warranties

In the past, most people who wanted to buy a new mattress would have to visit their local mattress store and spend hours perusing the shop floor until they found something that somewhat fit what they were looking for. Well, times have changed. You can now research and order a new mattress from the comfort of your own home. In fact, these new age online mattress brands make it extremely easy and convenient for consumers to test their beds. How so? Let’s dig in, starting with Casper.

The Casper mattress ships for free and will arrive at your door packed in a surprisingly small box. From there, just move the box to the room you want (it may take two people, but really it isn’t that heavy), unroll the mattress, and let it inflate for about 24-72 hours before using.

Once you get it all set up, Casper gives you a 100-night risk-free trial period to test out the bed. If, for any reason, you decide Casper isn’t for you within those first 100 nights, just contact the company and they’ll schedule someone to come pick it up from your home free of charge. You’ll then just provide proof that the mattress was indeed picked up and the company will issue you a full refund. Fairly painless, right?

Casper also backs their mattresses with a 10-year warranty. You can read more about it on their website.

The company policies we just reviewed are pretty standard for the industry. That’s what most bed-in-a-box companies offer to make it easy on consumers. With that said, there are a few companies that take these policies a step further. GhostBed is an example of that.

GhostBed, like Casper, offers free shipping and free returns. When it comes to the trial period, they actually beat Casper by one night (101 nights). GhostBed also backs their mattresses with a 20-year warranty. Again, you can read more about their warranty on the company’s website.

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