Do you want a mattress that’s accommodating for everyone, or do you want your bed to be especially designed for your specific needs? In this review, we’ll be discussing why somebody might like one mattress over the other. We’ll talk about everything from price, feel, firmness, construction, coupons, and more, so you can get a better idea of which mattress sounds more appealing to you.

GhostBed Original mattress VS. Helix Plus mattress
$895 – $1,650Price Range$949 – $2,049
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  • If you’re looking for a comfy foam bed
  • People on a budget
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  • People of all shapes and sizes
  • If you want a slightly softer mattress
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For those of you in a hurry, here are the main points you’ll want to know about GhostBed vs Helix.

  • Firmness — GhostBed comes in medium and you can get a range of firmness levels from Helix
  • Construction — The original GhostBed is made entirely of foam vs Helix, which are all hybrid mattresses (blend of foam and coils)
  • Feel — Foam blend feel (GhostBed) vs mostly neutral foam feel (Helix)

Now let’s get to the bottom of why you might purchase one mattress over the other.

GhostBed vs Helix Overview

Comparing GhostBed with Helix is kind of like comparing apples to oranges because they’re honestly pretty different from each other.

GhostBed is owned by the popular bedding company Nature’s Sleep, and it’s an accommodating mattress because it works for all sleeper types including stomach, back, side, and combo. One of the main things we love about GhostBed is their price tag, even though it incorporates latex foam, which is known to get a little pricey.

Helix Sleep is one of the more unique brands out there, since there aren’t many others that come to mind who offer a Sleep Quiz like they do. It takes about 30 seconds to complete, and by the end, you’re matched with the mattress they think works best for you.

Also keep in mind, we have many other mattress comparisons for you to take a look at after this one if you’re interested, and other full-length mattress reviews on over 50 brands.

GhostBed Original
GhostBed Original
Why it’s Great
The GhostBed is one of the original bed-in-a-box mattresses. It has three layers of coils and a mixed foam feel.
Best for
If you’re looking for a comfy foam bed
People on a budget
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
101 Nights
20 Years
Made in

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32% Off

Construction Of A GhostBed Mattress

In this comparison, we’ll mainly be focused on the original GhostBed mattress, but we also want to mention their two other models GhostBed Luxe, and their new GhostBed Flex. Their Luxe model comes with core and surface cooling technology, so it’s a great option for sleepers who tend to heat up during the night.

The GhostBed Flex model is a hybrid, meaning it contains a blend of foam and coils. Hybrid mattresses are usually thicker, more resilient, and more supportive — so we think GhostBed Flex a great choice for heavier individuals 250+ lbs.

Luckily when we cut open the original GhostBed model, we saw three layers of foam instead of a transparent phantom (get it?). The bottom layer is 7.5” thick and made out of dense support poly foam (neutral foam), to provide a solid foundation for the mattress.

ghostbed mattress review construction image and layers
GhostBed’s three-layer construction

Next is a 2” slab of gel memory foam, which is meant to regulate temperature more efficiently than traditional memory foam. The last layer in GhostBed is 1.5” of latex foam. Latex foam is soft like memory foam, but it has a spongy feel and it’s much more responsive.

Feel And Firmness Of GhostBed

The folks over at GhostBed say their bed provides “supernatural comfort,” and we’d agree it’s a pretty comfortable mattress.

ghostbed mattress review
A look at GhostBed

When we laid on it, we couldn’t exactly distinguish which layer stood out to us the most. We thought it felt like a blend of all the foam materials combined. Consider it this way; all of the instruments in an orchestra have different sounds, but they play in unison to make a symphony. When it comes to GhostBed, all of the different foam materials blend together to make up a cozy mattress.

On our scale from soft to firm, we rated GhostBed a medium. It provides good pressure relief due to the memory foam layer, and the latex foam layer gives the mattress adequate support. That means side, back, stomach, and combo sleepers are going to be accommodated on a GhostBed.

ghostbed mattress review firmness graphic

Side sleepers need something to relieve their hips and shoulders, while back sleepers and stomach sleepers need their spine, trunk, and shoulders supported. So we’d say medium is a good balance between the two.

We mentioned that latex foam is usually responsive, so we were surprised to see that GhostBed was slightly slower to bounce back when pressure was applied to it. But that’s only if you press hard into the mattress. If you’re petite, you will experience more of the latex foam and the response times will be faster.

Price Difference Between GhostBed And Helix

GhostBed and Helix have completely different characteristics, except when it comes to price. They’re both about the average price as other bed-in-a-box mattresses. They both retail for around $1,000, but they constantly run promotions.

Check out their current prices on or

This makes the two teeter totter between who’s more or less expensive, but it’ll only differ by about $25-$100 at the most. So if you’re dying to get GhostBed (no pun intended) or Helix, we don’t think the price is going to make you completely switch gears.

Helix Plus
Helix Plus
Why it’s Great
Helix Plus is a hybrid mattress that’s built specifically for heavy sleepers. It’s 14″ thick and has reinforced coils for added support.
Best for
People of all shapes and sizes
If you want a slightly softer mattress
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
100 Nights
15 Years
Made in


5 Off

Helix’s Mattress Options And Their Constructions

You have many options when it comes to picking what kind of bed you want, and that claim is especially true when it comes to Helix Sleep. They offer over ten different mattress models, with the purpose to design a mattress for every kind of person.

They have six core models which you can upgrade to “Helix Luxe,” and one specialty mattress. This may seem slightly overwhelming at first, which is why they created a helpful Sleep Quiz to help match you with the right model.

helix mattress reviews bed in a box hybrid
An overhead look at Helix’s Midnight mattress

Their core models are constructed almost the same, the only difference is related to support and firmness. First, we’re going to focus on the six core models, then we’ll gloss over the construction of their additional three beds.

The six models include Helix Moonlight, Dusk, Dawn, Sunset, Midnight (flagship model), and Twilight. They’re all 12” thick, made with 8” pocketed coils and 4” of foam. The mattress you decide to go with will include a combination of three or four of these materials: memory foam, polyurethane foam (neutral foam, Helix Dynamic Foam, and DuraDense Foam (support foam). Then all of the core models have a luxe counterpart.

helix mattress reviews construction and layers
Construction of Helix’s flagship mattress Midnight

The foams inside Helix beds and the order they’re constructed in, determines their support or firmness levels.

helix nightfall review mattress for heavy people
Inside look at the layers inside of Helix’s Plus mattress

Now onto the specialty mattress called Helix Plus. The Plus model was made with heavier set folks in mind, because it contains XL wrapped coils and higher-density foams.

The Feel And Responsiveness Of A Helix Mattress

Of course, every single Helix bed isn’t going to feel exactly the same, but they all have a similar soft foam or neutral foam feel. Even though many models contain memory foam, they definitely don’t have that prominent deep viscous memory foam feeling.

Here is the firmness rating we gave each model:

  • SOFTER – Helix Moonlight & Sunset
  • MEDIUM – Helix Dusk & Helix Midnight
  • FIRMER – Helix Dawn & Helix Twilight
helix mattress review firmness and models

As you can imagine, every kind of sleeper is able to find a perfectly suitable mattress. That’s kind of Helix’s thing if you can’t already tell, they want every person to feel like their mattress was basically personalized for them.


Now you can probably see why we think these mattresses are so different, and hopefully one has stood out to you. If not, think about these five questions.

  • Do you want a latex foam mattress without the high cost? GhostBed incorporates latex foam in their mattresses, but Helix doesn’t (even though they actually something similar).
  • Do you want the chance to choose your firmness and support level? Helix offers several different options for you.
  • Do you like the security of an extra-long warranty? GhostBed’s warranty is 10 years longer than the industry standard.
  • How heavy are you? If you’re over 250 lb, you should look into Helix Sleep or GhostBed Flex.

Thanks so much for turning to us for all your nighttime needs, and make sure to glance at our mattress deals page to see what promotions are currently running. That’s it for us, and remember to always sleep right. Sleep tight.

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