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GhostBed vs Purple Mattress

GhostBed vs Purple Mattress

See which bed in a box mattress is best for you in this Purple vs GhostBed review.

Last Updated: September 3, 2020

GhostBed and Purple are two of the most well-known online mattress brands. They often get compared to each other, but really the mattresses from both brands are quite different. In this post, we'll explain the primary differences between the beds and also cover which types of sleepers each mattress is best for.

GhostBed Original Mixed Foam 25% Off + Gift Discount In CartThe GhostBed is one of the original bed-in-a-box mattresses. It has three layers of coils and a mixed foam feel.
Purple Original Unique Free Gifts w/ Mattress PurchaseThe Original Purple mattress is one of the most sought after beds online. It’s completely unique and is a great option for those that are interested in trying something new. It’s one of the only beds to feature Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a proprietary comfort material.

Purple Mattress vs GhostBed Quick Synopsis

Researching mattresses can be a pain. To make things simple, the differences between these two brands can really be boiled down to three main factors:

  • Price GhostBed is more affordable, plain and simple.
  • Feel The original GhostBed has a soft neutral-foam feel. Purple beds have more of a gel-like feel thanks the company’s special Hyper-Elastic Polymer.
  • Temperature Regulation Purple beds allow for more airflow than the original GhostBed.

However, as you will find out below, there are a few other features that matter, as well. Keep reading to learn more.

Nature’s Sleep, GhostBed’s parent company, was founded way back in 2001 so it’s safe to say they’re no spring chicken. They are very experienced when it comes to manufacturing mattresses and bedding products. After seeing the growing trend towards online mattress shopping, Nature’s Sleep launched GhostBed in 2015.

Just so you’re aware, we are discussing the foam GhostBed model (the “Original”) is this comparison. The company does offer a few other mattresses on their website, including a coil and cooling model.

About The Original GhostBed Mattress

The original GhostBed is an 11″ all-foam mattress comprised of three different types of foams (latex foam, gel memory foam, and poly foam). In fact, it’s one of only a few mattresses out there that incorporate both memory foam and latex foam.

Given the construction, this bed has sort of a blended feel. When you first lay on the bed, it’s hard to discern whether you’re feeling memory foam or latex foam since it takes characteristics from both. All in all, we’d say the bed has a little bit of a soft memory foam feel, yet it doesn’t really contour or hug your body the way typical memory foam does due to the layer of aerated latex foam on top.

ghostbed mattress review edge support
The GhostBed mattress uses both memory foam and latex foam

Regardless, it’s a very comfortable mattress that we think the majority of sleepers will really like.

In terms of firmness, we think it comes in right around a medium on the firmness scale. The mattress strikes a nice balance between support and pressure relief. As such, we think all types of sleepers will be fine on this bed. It doesn’t matter whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

Different Body Types

Given the original GhostBed is an all-foam bed, we’d primarily recommend this mattress for petite and average sized sleepers. Typically, heavy sleepers (250+ lb) will want to go with a bed that contains coils for added support and durability. However, given the original GhostBed is 11″ thick (1″ thicker than the average) and contains latex foam, which is a fairly durable foam, it’s actually a decent all-foam option for heavy folks.

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Other Factors To Consider

When it comes to temperature regulation, we think the original GhostBed sleeps temperature neutral. You won’t heat up at night, nor will you feel chilly. Its top layer is comprised of aerated latex foam, which is lighter and more airy than the typical memory or proprietary foams a lot of companies use, but we just didn’t feel as if the bed actually slept cool.

If you’re a hot sleeper and really want a mattress that sleeps on the cool side, you should check out the GhostBed Luxe, which incorporates special cooling materials and is actually cool to the touch.

We also think the original GhostBed is a decent option for couples. It does a good job of deadening movement. This means when one partner rolls over or gets up off the bed, the other person won’t be disturbed and will get a more restful night’s sleep.

ghostbed mattress review side sleeper
GhostBed is just a comfy foam bed

The original GhostBed also has pretty decent edge support for an all-foam bed. It’s not the best we’ve ever seen, but it will definitely get the job done. That’s good news for couples with one partner who likes to the hog the middle of the bed and sort of push the other person towards the perimeter of the mattress.

While there’s no major standout features, the original GhostBed performs well in almost all categories. We like the fact that it provides characteristics and benefits from both memory foam and latex foam. It’s also much more affordable than Purple, and GhostBed is pretty aggressive when it comes to coupons, promo codes, and discounts.

Chances are you’ve heard about Purple by now. Whether it was from a friend or a commercial, Purple has taken the online mattress world by storm in the past couple years. They make some of the most innovative, unique mattresses on the market. And what makes their beds so unique is the company’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material that they use for the top layer on each of their mattress models.

Purple’s Special Top Layer

So what is Hyper-Elastic Polymer? Glad you asked. Well, it can be somewhat hard to describe, but it’s not a type of foam. It’s more of a gel or silicone-like material (even though it’s not actually either of those materials). But it definitely has a gel-like feel to it. It’s extremely flexible, soft, and responsive, yet oddly supportive. You can read more about Purple’s proprietary comfort layer on their website.

purple mattress review online bed in a box hyper elastic polymer
A close look at the Hyper-Elastic Polymer comfort layer

In fact, it can actually stretch 15 times its resting state, which is pretty incredible. You can see why people love to talk about it, it’s just very interesting. Now that you know about the material that makes Purple special, let’s quickly cover each of their models.

The Original Purple starts with two layers of dense polyurethane foam for its support structure and then has a 2″ slab of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer on top. We think it comes in around a medium on the firmness scale, but really it’s hard to put a finger on firmness given the unique feel of the polymer.

purple mattress review stomach sleeper
Slumber Yard team member Matt is a big fan of the polymer feel

Regardless, we think the original Purple is great for all kinds of sleepers. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer does a great job of cradling your pressure points when you’re on your side and then providing a good amount of support when you’re on your back or stomach. The original Purple is also the most affordable model the company offers.

Purple Hybrid Mattresses

A couple years after launching their Original model, Purple introduced three new hybrid models—these beds used to be known as the New Purple 2, 3 & 4. The hybrid models use pocketed coils for their support structure, rather than dense polyurethane foam. Given the construction, we’d recommend heavy people go with one of the hybrid models. These models will provide more support and give the bed some bounce.

You might be wondering what the differences are between the new models. Really, it just comes down to the thickness of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer top layer. The base Purple Hybrid uses a 2″ slab of polymer, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 uses a 3″ slab, and so on. The company recommends the base Purple Hybrid for back and stomach sleepers, the Hybrid Premier 3 for combo sleepers, and the Hybrid Premier 4 for side sleepers since it will provide the most immersive experience with the polymer material.

purple mattress review stomach sleepers
We think Purple mattresses are ideal for all kinds of sleepers

Honestly, though, the polymer material does such a good job of providing both pressure relief and support that we think all three models will work for all types of sleepers. Slumber Yard team member Matt, who is a combo sleeper and sleeps on the Purple Hybrid Premier 4, can attest to this. Keep in mind, though, as you progress up through the hybrid models, the price goes up, as well (that polymer material isn’t cheap).

Purple Beds Are Great For Hot Sleepers

Another area where Purple excels is temperature regulation. All of their beds are great choices for hot sleepers due to two primary reasons. First, Hyper-Elastic Polymer is just a naturally cool material. It doesn’t trap heat the way a lot of foams do. Second, the polymer is laid out in a grid pattern, which creates a bunch of columns and rows that allow air to flow freely near the top of the mattress.

Lastly, we also think Purple mattresses are fine for couples (as long as both people enjoy the feel of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer material). All Purple beds use dense foam side rails for edge support so they get a thumbs up there. Also, you wouldn’t think so given how responsive and bouncy Hyper-Elastic Polymer is, but the beds actually do a good job of limiting motion transfer.

new purple mattress review 2 3 4 edge support
Solid edge support on the Purple Hybrid models

Overall, we are big fans of Purple beds. We happen to really like the unique feel of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, but it’s not for everybody. We have run across quite a few people that think its feel is a little too weird or unique. We recommend trying it for yourself (you used to be able to order tiny samples via their website). Bottom line—if you’re sick of the traditional bed choices out there and you’re feeling a little adventurous, Purple mattresses are an excellent choice.

GhostBed Mattress vs Purple Review Verdict

If you’re still having trouble deciding between Purple and GhostBed, ask yourself three questions.

First, what’s your budget? If it’s around $900 (queen size after discount), GhostBed is the clear winner.

Next, are you a hot sleeper? If yes, go Purple.

Lastly, do you truly like the traditional soft foam mattress feel? If yes, you’ll probably want to play it safe and go with GhostBed. If you answered that last question with a maybe or an “I’m not sure,” you should definitely check out one of the Purple mattresses.

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Shipping, Returns, Trial Periods, and Warranties

To make up for the lack of physical locations, most online mattress brands try to make it as easy as possible for consumers. Most companies offer free shipping, free returns, a 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty. So with that in mind, let’s see how Purple and GhostBed compare.

Purple pretty much matches the industry standard when it comes to policies. Their mattresses ship for free. The original Purple and base Hybrid beds will arrive compressed and rolled-up in a protective covering, while the Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses come with free white glove delivery and setup since they weigh so much.

Once you receive the bed, Purple gives you 100 nights to test out the bed. If you decide you don’t like the mattress during those first 100 nights, just give the company a ring and they will arrange for someone to come pick up the mattress free of charge. The whole return and refund process usually takes around 10-14 days. Purple also backs their mattresses with a 10-year warranty.

GhostBed takes these policies a step further. They too offer free shipping (the mattress will arrive compressed in a box) and free returns. Instead of offering a 100-night trial period, though, they offer… wait for it… 101 nights. GhostBed also backs their mattresses with a 20-year warranty.