You might’ve heard good things about both GhostBed and TempurPedic mattresses, but you’re having trouble deciding which one you like best. A new mattress is a pretty big investment, so you don’t want to rush into a decision if you’re not sure which brand you’re leaning towards. In this post, we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of each mattress, so you can get a good idea of which one would suit you the best.

GhostBed Original mattress VS. TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt mattress
$895 – $1,650Price Range$1,799 – $2,999
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  • If you’re looking for a comfy foam bed
  • People on a budget
Best For
  • Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel
  • If you want your choice between a foam and hybrid design
101 NightsTrial Period90 Nights
20 YearsWarranty10 Years
Free Shipping and ReturnsShipping Options Free Shipping and Returns
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Here’s a quick review of what we’ll be going over in this post:

  • Price — GhostBed is cheaper than TempurPedic, and it’s not even close.
  • Feel — GhostBed has a blended foam feel, while TempurPedic has a traditional memory foam feel.
  • Firmness — GhostBed comes in just one firmness level, but you can get a range of firmness levels with TempurPedic.
  • Body Type — GhostBed will probably suit petite to medium sized folks best, while a TempurPedic mattress can accommodate all body types.
  • GhostBed vs TempurPedic Video Comparison

Continue reading through this comparison for the details on how GhostBed and TempurPedic stack up.

GhostBed vs TempurPedic: Synopsis

GhostBed and TempurPedic are both industry veterans who’ve had a long time to perfect their craft. GhostBed is a mattress made by Nature’s Sleep, a company that’s been in the sleep industry for over a decade. TempurPedic is also one of the most popular memory foam mattress brands in the world, and has been established for a little longer than GhostBed has.

Either way, you’ll be purchasing from a brand who knows how to make a darn good mattress. With that in mind, they each have different characteristics you’ll want to take into consideration before you make your final choice. If you finish this comparison and want to find out more about a specific mattress, we have full-length reviews on both mattresses you can read up on—just follow the “See Full Review” links.

GhostBed Original
GhostBed Original
Why it’s Great
The GhostBed is one of the original bed-in-a-box mattresses. It has three layers of coils and a mixed foam feel.
Best for
If you’re looking for a comfy foam bed
People on a budget
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
101 Nights
20 Years
Made in

32%  use code:  MSY32  in cart

32% Off

How They Compare On Price

If price is a big factor in your purchasing decision, consider that GhostBed is significantly cheaper than TempurPedic and the bigger bang for your buck.

With or without a discount, a queen size mattress is about half the price of the cheapest queen model in the TempurPedic Adapt series. A queen GhostBed will retail for around $1,000, but they frequently run promotions of $100 off or more. You can see which promotions GhostBed is promoting on their site now.

The cheapest mattress in the Adapt series is called the TEMPUR-Adapt and it retails around $2,200. The model that comes next in the series goes for around $3,000, then the most luxurious model you can get in this series from the already luxury memory foam brand, retails around $4,000.

GhostBed’s Mixed Foam Construction

A GhostBed is a foam mattress made out of three types of material: support foam, gel memory foam, and latex foam. The 7.5” support foam slab acts as the base for the mattress, then there’s a 2” layer of gel memory foam above it for good pressure relief. The last layer is—you guessed it—latex foam, which measures at 1.5” thick. It provides a good airflow to compliment the gel memory foam, so you get a more temperature neutral mattress than what you might expect from traditional memory foam.

ghostbed mattress review construction image and layers
GhostBed’s three-layer construction

We usually don’t recommend all-foam mattresses to folks who weigh over 250 lb because, well, they’re not designed to handle them. If you’re a heavier individual, we suggest you consider a mattress that incorporate coils, which means more support and durability. Here’s our list of the Best Hybrid & Spring Mattresses.

GhostBed Has A Mixed Foam Feel

When we tested out the GhostBed, we could feel a the memory foam coming through a tiny bit, but it mostly felt like a blend of the different foams used in the bed’s construction.

The top layer of synthetic latex foam offsets the memory foam underneath it, so it feels neutral instead viscous, like a TempurPedic. The latex also gives the bed good airflow, and a little bounce action. The mattress doesn’t have the sponge-like feel that latex foam usually has, though, because of that memory foam underneath it. We wouldn’t necessarily call it airy, it’s just a comfortable blend of foams that feels really gentle.

ghostbed mattress review side sleepers
Snoozin’ on the GhostBed mattress

On our scale from soft to firm, we rated GhostBed at a medium, so it’s a suitable option for all sleeper types (stomach, back, side, and combo). Combo sleepers should know, however, that it could be difficult to switch positions during the night since GhostBed’s responsiveness is a little slow. But it’ll be supportive enough for you when you sleep on your back, and soft enough to give you pressure relief when you’re on your side.

ghostbed firmness scale

If you’re a petite individual then a GhostBed is probably going to feel firmer for you, since weight plays a big roll in how firm or soft a mattress feels. The lighter you are, the less pressure you’re applying to the bed. If you’re under 130-140 lb, your body probably isn’t settled into the mattress enough to experience the pressure relief. So you might want to look into a softer mattress if this is the case for you.

TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt
TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt
Why it’s Great
The TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt is an accommodating memory foam mattress that is available in both Medium and Medium Hybrid options.
Best for
Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel
If you want your choice between a foam and hybrid design
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Trial Period
90 Nights
10 Years
Made in

$200 OFF

$200 Off

Construction Of A TempurPedic Mattress

All three mattresses in the series have a slightly different construction, but it’s overall pretty similar across the board. The only differences are found in the base materials (foam or coils), the thickness of the mattress, and the type of memory foam used; either TEMPUR-ES, TEMPUR-APR, or both. You can always check out the TempurPedic website to see exactly how each model is constructed.

tempurpedic mattress review tempur adapt mattress construction
TempurPedic Adapt mattress construction

You have the option to choose a hybrid mattress with two out of the three different models in the Adapt series, so compared to GhostBed, TempurPedic is the better option for heavier folks, which we mentioned earlier in this post. If you’re 250+ lb, but currently a baller on a budget, check out our post on Best Mattresses For Heavy People where you can find more affordable hybrid mattress options.

Temperature Regulating Cover

If you’ve ever slept on a traditional memory foam mattress before, you might know what we’re talking about when we say it has a reputation for sleeping hot. Your body sinks into the memory foam and as you nestle into the material, it will tend to retain body heat. With the new TempurPedic Adapt series, they tried to balance out the memory foam with a cool-to-the-touch cover that’s supposed to regulate your temperature more efficiently.

The TempurPedic Pro Adapt temperature regulating cover

We don’t want to say it’s cooler than GhostBed. Each mattress has components working together to make the mattress cooler. We wouldn’t necessarily say they sleep cool, but we will give both mattresses points for making an effort to sleep temperature neutral rather than overly warm. If you’re looking for a bed that feels like a cool spring morning, check out our review on the Cocoon Chill or scroll through our list of the Best Cooling Mattresses For Hot Sleepers.

TempurPedic’s Memory Foam Feel

People either love or hate memory foam, but those who do love it are pretty avid fans. TempurPedic is definitely one of those brands people either take a hard pass on, or are extremely loyal customers to.

Based on our internal research, we found that around 90% of people either love or don’t mind the feel of memory foam. If you consider yourself in the “love” part of that group, you’ll probably enjoy a mattress in the TempurPedic Adapt series. Once you lay down, your body will slowly sink down into the foam as it molds to your shape, leaving you feeling like the mattress is giving you a soft embrace.

tempurpedic mattress review tempur adapt hybrid back sleepers
Settling down with the Tempur-edic Adapt mattress

Basically every mattress company has their own rating system, so TempurPedic’s slightly varies from ours. We rate their Soft bed at a medium on our scale, their Medium mattress at a medium-firm, and their Firm mattress at a firm, as well.

tempurpedic tempur adapt hybrid mattress review firmness and feel

That means all sleeper types can find a really compatible mattress to provide the support or pressure relief their body needs.

TempurPedic For Couples

When you meet that special someone, people tend to leave out their preferred sleeper type. Hi, my name’s so-and-so and I’m a combo sleeper. How are you today? That conversation doesn’t usually come up until the third date (No? Is that just us?).

The point we’re trying to make is that couples often have different sleeper types so there has to be some kind of compromise when they’re looking for a mattress. With TempurPedic’s split king and split California king, couples have the option to customize their own side of the mattress with the firmness level they want.

How It All Shakes Out Between The Two

With all that being said, you can pretty much narrow down your decision with a few simple questions.

  • Do you like a mixed foam feeling? GhostBed might be the bed you’re looking for.
  • Are you sharing a mattress with a loved one with a different sleeper type than you? The TempurPedic Adapt series includes options for a split king and split California king.
  • Do you like long warranties and free returns? GhostBed is the crowned winner on these two company policies.
  • Are you over 250 lb? We think a TempurPedic would be more supportive for you.
  • Are you a price-conscious buyer? GhostBed is by far the less expensive choice.

Thanks for choosing The Slumber Yard for your nighttime needs and make sure to check out the great deals we have posted on our Mattress Deals Page.

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How Their Shipping & Return Policies Compare

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t let you know about the different company policies GhostBed and TempurPedic have for their customers. No matter how much you want to scroll past this section, it’s really important to know how they handle shipping, returns, trial periods, and warranties.

GhostBed and TempurPedic will ship your mattress for free, which is pretty typical among bed-in-a-box mattress brands. We should note that TempurPedic isn’t a bed-in-a-box brand, though. The new TEMPUR-Adapt series does include models that compete with bed-in-a-box mattress brands, but we don’t group TempurPedic with them.

One thing that separates the brands is that TempurPedic will provide white glove delivery at no extra cost, which means a qualified professional will deliver your mattress and set it up for you in your home. There are other brands that require a little extra dough for white glove delivery, so we think it’s great TempurPedic does it for free.

Once your GhostBed arrives you’ll want to wait about 1-3 days until you sleep on it so the mattress can fully decompress. With a TempurPedic, you’ll be able to dive into it right away because it’ll come ready-to-go in a large TempurPedic box. With either bed, you’ll have a risk-free trial period to make sure you like your new mattress, but GhostBed will give you 90 nights while TempurPedic offers 101 nights. We don’t really think an 11-night difference will be a factor in your decision, though.

If you want to send your mattress back, TempurPedic will charge you a $175 shipping fee to return it. GhostBed has the better return policy here, since they’ll let you return your mattress for free.

By the way, there are a few states, like California and Rhode Island, that charge a mattress recycling fee. Make sure to check if your state’s one of them so you don’t get hit with any surprises.

Finally, we’ll cover GhostBed’s and TempurPedic’s warranty policies. Most bed-in-a-box mattress brands offer a 10-year warranty like TempurPedic, but GhostBed takes the crown again because they’ll give their customers 20 years of coverage.