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helix vs casper mattress comparison

Helix vs Casper Mattress

Casper vs Helix, which is the better bed in a box mattress for the average consumer?

Helix and Casper are two of the most popular online mattress brands. They both have multiple mattress models and thousands of 5-star ratings, but how do they compare? In this post, we will explore the relative advantages and disadvantages of the flagship mattresses from Helix and Casper.
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Helix Sleep is one of the most interesting bed companies out there. They have a Sleep Quiz to help match you up with the best mattress for you.

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Casper very well could be the most popular bed-in-a-box mattress available today. And for good reason—it's an incredibly comfortable bed. They now have a hybrid mattress that you might find interesting too!

Helix vs Casper Mattress Quick Synopsis

If you created a list of the 10 most popular bed-in-a-box companies, both Helix and Casper would be on that list, alongside GhostBed, Purple, and others. As such, if you’re looking to make your decision purely based on reputation, that’s not really going to be manageable with these two beds. In reality, the Helix vs Casper debate comes down to 5 major items:

  • Coils — All Helix mattresses have coils, which tend to, among other things, make a bed more durable over the long run. Casper is now also selling two hybrid models that have coils.
  • Universally Comfortable — Casper is one of those mattresses that almost everyone regards as being dangerously comfortable. Helix is comfortable, as well, but if you forced us to crown a winner, we’d give the slight edge to Casper.
  • More Options — The entire value proposition from Helix is about matching you with the right mattress. They simply have more mattress models than Casper and Helix does a great job of lining you up with the best option for you.
  • Motion Isolation — Casper wins here, barely, but both beds do a good job at limiting motion transfer within the mattress.
  • Heavy Sleepers — If you’re 250 lb or more, Helix Plus is made just for you.

Of course there is more to consider than what we could fit into one video or a few bullet points, which is why we’ve assembled the rest of this review.

Helix Mattress


  • Anyone that's unsure of exactly what they want in a new mattress
  • People of all body types (Helix mattresses have coils for added durability)
  • All sleeper types (back, side, stomach, and combo)
  • Couples (Helix could be the best mattress brand for couples)
  • If you frequently get buyer's remorse (Helix offers a 100-night trial period and free returns)

Helix Sleep has taken the approach that not everyone is the same and therefore no single best mattress exists—hard to argue with that. As such, Helix actually makes over ten different mattress models, designed for several core types of sleepers.

Helix Sleep Quiz

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do any of the calculations yourself nor do you really need to know the difference between the nine models. Helix actually runs you through their Sleep Quiz in order to direct you to the most suitable mattress. The Sleep Quiz takes only a few seconds, but it’s a brilliant way to tailor the mattress buying experience (and cut down on the number of returns).

helix sleep mattress review sleep quiz online
Just a few steps help narrow down your mattress search

The Sleep Quiz that you see above is a big differentiator for Helix and is one of the main reasons that someone would get one of their beds. You can take the Sleep Quiz for yourself on Helix’s website.


Helix uses pocketed coils as the support system in all of their mattresses, whereas the original Casper mattress, Casper Wave, and Casper Element, all are entirely made of foam. That said, Casper now also sells two different hybrid models.

helix mattress review construction breakdown
Construction side view of the Helix mattress

There are two things to consider here. The first is personal preference. You might prefer (or not prefer) the feel of a bouncy, responsive coil mattress.

The second is support. While Casper is undoubtedly a durable mattress, it’s widely accepted that hybrid/spring mattresses are more durable than all-foam beds, long term. As such, we do really appreciate that Casper started selling those hybrid beds also.

Heavier Folks Will Prefer Helix Plus

Piggybacking off of the last section, the coils also make Helix a better mattress for heavier individuals. In fact, Helix has a specific model called Plus, which is specially designed for heavier folks (i.e. above 250 lb). You can see the Helix Plus mattress on Helix’s website or other mattress options for heavy people.

helix nightfall mattress review back sleepers
Helix has a mattress for everyone, including defensive linemen

The bed is 12″ thick (just like the standard models) but uses XL wrapped coils and higher-density foams for added support.

Having said all of that, keep in mind that Casper Wave Hybrid will also now be a good solution for heavier people. It’s a 13″ coil bed with a zoned support design.

Casper Mattress


  • If you want a very comfortable, accommodating bed (Casper is a safe pick)
  • Petite and medium sized individuals
  • Side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers
  • If you prefer a soft, neutral feel (as opposed to memory foam or innersprings)
  • Anyone that's prone to experiencing buyer's remorse (100-night trial period with Casper as well + free returns)

Casper has to be the most widely recognized online mattress brands out there. The company advertises like crazy and is now worth hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars. Even so, their mattresses are remarkably simple. And we don’t see that as a bad thing.

UPDATE: Casper Hybrid Models Are Here

It used to be in the past that Helix was the only brand of the two that offered coil beds, however, in early 2019 Casper launched two hybrid beds of their own. You can see those new beds on Casper.com.

Comfort Is King

If you forced us to make a split second decision, we would anoint Casper the winner on comfort. In fact, we think Casper is one of the most comfortable mattresses available online today.

casper mattress review original
Casper is near universally loved

Now, clearly, comfort is subjective, but our entire team agrees that Casper is comfy—and we are all different weights, heights, genders, and have different sleeping preferences. Casper is just a universally comfortable bed.

Casper has more a neutral feel to it. Picture a softer, comfy foam and that’s how Casper feels. It doesn’t feel like memory foam or latex foam or an innerspring bed. It just feels neutral, almost boring (in a good way).

While you can get Helix in a variety of firmness levels ranging from soft to firm, Casper is middle of the road. It’s about a medium on the soft-to-firm scale.

casper mattress review firmness rating

Here’s what it all boils down to. If you’re under 250 lb and just want the easy, safe pick, that’s Casper. It’s a really nice mattress.

Casper Wins on Motion Isolation, Sort Of

We are splitting hairs on this one, but if you are a sensitive sleeper that wakes easily, Casper is probably the better option. Helix is actually efficient at deadening cross-mattress motion, as well, but it’s hard to beat out an entirely foam bed. In general, coil mattresses tend to reverberate motion more than their all-foam brethren.

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