When looking for the perfect mattress there are a lot of beds to consider, and Helix and DreamCloud are both great options in the bed-in-a-box mattress industry. Though both beds have a luxurious look and a hybrid construction, they have a lot of differences too. We will take an in depth look at what sets these two beds apart to help make your decision a little bit easier.

Helix Midnight mattress VS. DreamCloud Premier mattress
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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of each bed, here is a look at how we will be comparing the two:

  • Customization Options—Helix has fifteen different beds to choose from and will help match you to the perfect one with their sleep quiz.
  • Construction and Feel—both beds are hybrids comprised of pocketed coils and layers of foam, but subtle differences in these layers make a major impact on how they feel.
  • Firmness—DreamCloud comes in one firmness level but it should be accommodating to most people while Helix makes beds all over the firmness spectrum.
  • Pricing — Generally, Helix will be the more affordable option, but some of their beds are pricier than the DreamCloud mattress, which is also at a fairly approachable price-point.

Let’s take a look at how these features, among others, stack up before you make your final decision.

Helix Midnight
Helix Midnight
Why it’s Great
Midnight is the most popular mattress from Helix Sleep. It’s able to accommodate most sleeping positions and body types.
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If you want a really nice mattress for the money
All sleeping styles
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Mixed Foam
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100 Nights
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Helix: Doing Things Differently

Helix was established with the goal of breaking out of a “one-size-fits-all” mindset when it comes to online mattresses. They recognized that everybody is different, and therefore, everybody needs something different from their mattresses–so, Helix designed mattresses that provided “different.”

Their custom color-match system started with six base model mattresses: Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, Twilight, and Dawn. From there, Helix has added a specialty mattress that caters specifically to plus-sized individuals (it’s now called Helix Plus, formerly Helix Nightfall). They didn’t stop there, however; Helix also offers six additional Helix Luxe mattress versions of their base models. If you’re keeping score, that’s over 10 different Helix mattresses to choose from.

Helix Mattress Review Overview
A look at Helix’s most popular mattress, Midnight

If that is a bit overwhelming, have no fear, Helix offers a super quick and easy sleep quiz that will help match you with the correct mattress for your unique body type and sleeping style. The quiz is totally free and just because you take the quiz does not mean you are committed to buying the mattress that it recommends.

Taking the sleep quiz, no matter where you are in the mattress shopping process could be really helpful to give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

What To Expect In The Construction Of A Helix Mattress

Although they make several different options, all of Helix’s beds have a similar standard hybrid mattress construction with some minor tweaks to change the feel and firmness of each bed.

The six core models are essentially comprised of 8” of pocketed coils and 4” of various foam layers. Depending on the bed, Helix will use different foams with different thicknesses and properties to achieve the desired feel and firmness.

Helix Mattress Review construction and layers
A look at the foam layers in Helix Midnight

There are five types of foams that you might find within a Helix bed.

  • The Helix Dynamic Foam is specially crafted by Helix and has a porous responsiveness similar to latex. It is used as a comfort or support layer in the Sunset, Moonlight, Dusk, Dawn, all of their “Luxe” model counterparts, and Helix Plus mattresses.
  • Their proprietary Memory Plus Foam is pressure relieving without sucking you in. It is featured in Sunset, Sunset Luxe, Midnight, Midnight Luxe, Dusk, Dusk Luxe, Twilight, Twilight Luxe, and, in the Helix Plus mattress, a special extra-dense memory foam provides additional support and comfort.
  • The high-grade poly foam used in some of the mattresses as a transition layer has a neutral feel and balanced ergonomic support. It appears in Sunset Luxe, Moonlight Luxe, Midnight, Midnight Luxe, Dusk Luxe, Twilight, Twilight Luxe, Dawn, Dawn Luxe, and Plus.
  • Gel Visco foam, which is essentially a slightly cooling memory foam-like substance, is used in three of the Luxe mattresses: Midnight, Twilight and Dawn.
  • DuraDense foam is supportive and durable. This foam layer is used in every bed as a base layer beneath the springs to ensure stability.

All of the core models are 12” thick and are covered in Helix’s slightly stretchy soft-touch cover which provides a soft sleeping surface with plenty of airflow.

helix luxe mattress review moonlight
Helix’s Luxe line of mattresses have a slightly different look and construction

The Luxe models, as the name suggests, are a little bit more luxurious than the core models. They have an additional layer of foam, zoned support coils for additional lumbar benefits, and a plushy pressure relieving quilted pillow-top.

The Feel Of Helix’s Different Mattresses

Because the construction of their beds differs so much, it is tough to define exactly how a Helix bed feels–but this is actually by design. Each bed is meant to provide a specific level of firmness and support to cater to the needs of each individual sleeper. In order to keep things relatively understandable, Helix has divided them into three different categories.

helix mattress review firmness and models
Take a loot at where each Helix mattress falls on the firmness scale

Sunset and Moonlight are the least firm beds that Helix makes, with Sunset offering more plushy pressure relief while Moonlight provides contouring support.

Midnight and Dusk are medium-firm. Midnight, Helix’s best seller, offers more of a cradling feeling while Dusk feels a bit more supportive.

Twilight and Dawn are the firmest options offered by Helix with Twilight offering more of a gentle firmness than Dawn’s responsive support.

As for the specialty mattresses that Helix used to sell, Dual Balanced and Dual Extra that had one firm side and one soft side, making them ideal mattresses for couples. These “Dual” models are no longer available.

helix mattress review nightfall bed for heavy people and obese
Helix makes a special mattress for folks with a bigger build

The Helix Plus is designed especially for heavier individuals who might need a more durable and supportive mattress. It features an extra thick layer of pocketed coils and dense foams. It has a bouncy neutral-foam feeling and should feel somewhere around medium to medium-firm with lots of support for the big dogs who sleep on it.

DreamCloud Premier
DreamCloud Premier
Why it’s Great
DreamCloud Premier is a memory foam hybrid mattress that comes with free shipping/returns and a full-year trial period.
Best for
People that like memory foam
If you want a hybrid bed that utilizes coils
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
365 Nights


$200 Off + $399 in Free Accessories

DreamCloud vs. DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Flagship Mattress Review Overview
A look at the flagship DreamCloud Mattress

We focused this comparison on the DreamCloud Premier model, but we want to mention their flagship DreamCloud model also. Comparatively, DreamCloud Premier is more expensive and has a fluffy pillow top with much more premium cashmere in the cover. DreamCloud has more of a memory foam feel and a softer profile, making it better for most side sleepers who prefer a softer mattress.

What Is DreamCloud Premier Made Of?

At 14,” DreamCloud Premier is one of the heftiest mattresses we’ve tested. It gets its size from the 8.5” of pocketed coils that provide support and durability to the hybrid, as well as several layers of foam. A lot of modern hybrid style mattresses use pocketed coils as opposed to traditional innerspring chassis units because they provide better motion isolation, and both DreamCloud Premier and Helix use this kind of coil system.

DreamCloud mattress review layers
A look at DreamCloud Premier’s hybrid construction

Beneath the coil system is a layer of dense support foam that acts as a foundation for the mattress. On the other side of the coils is a layer of transitional polyfoam and a slab of gel-infused memory foam.

Topping the whole thing off is a 2” thick quilted euro top made with two different comfort foams. The thick mattress is wrapped up in a polyester cashmere cover which gives it a luxurious look and feel.

DreamCloud Premier’s Feel And Firmness

DreamCloud has recently implemented a few updates to their mattress which have changed the feel a little bit, but we’ll talk more about this later. The bed still maintains a high-quality feel, providing a lot of support and comfort.

In essence, the bed has a neutral-foam feel because of the thick euro top, but there is definitely a hint of that memory foam squish that some folks know and love. The coils and the sheer thickness of the bed means that it is really supportive and won’t cause any body to sink or sag, but the plush comfort layers that comprise the bed’s surface give the DreamCloud a feel that is, well, downright cloud-like.

dreamcloud mattress review stomach sleeper
Owen is a big fan of the DreamCloud mattress

So, about those changes that DreamCloud made. The biggest difference between the original DreamCloud and the updated version is the omission of latex in the comfort layers. The bed is now comprised of a combination of poly and memory foams.

The bed used to be around medium-firm on our scales, but with the updates, we found that it seems slightly softer now, around a medium to medium-firm.

dreamcloud mattress review firmness

Being that this bed is near the middle of the firmness scale, we think that it should be a pretty comfortable option for just about anyone. The supportive coils mean that this bed will cater well to back sleepers or folks who sleep on their stomach, and the memory foam offers enough pressure relief that side sleepers should be able to rest easy as well.

This thick bed is also a really great option for heavier people because of the support and durability of the coils and the thickness of the comfort layers. Even if you weigh a bit more than average, you should still feel the comforting benefits of the foam layers of the DreamCloud.

In summation, the DreamCloud is a really comfortable and well-constructed bed that we think just about anybody could sleep soundly upon.

Comparing Prices

Now that we’ve covered how you’ll feel when sleeping on these beds, let’s take a quick look at how your wallet will feel if you decide to purchase from Helix or DreamCloud. In general, Helix is the cheaper option, but of course that comes with a few caveats.

The Helix base models in the queen size should run you just under $1,100. Their specialty line is about $200 more than the base models, and the Luxe line retails for nearly $2,000. Helix almost always has sales running that will knock off a couple hundred bucks from the price of their beds though, so check those out on the Helix website or on our mattress deals page, where we can find you the best deals and coupon codes for nearly any bed.

DreamCloud’s (queen sized) mattress sells for around $1,400, but they, like Helix, almost always have deals running that knock the price down. Once you take sales and coupon codes into consideration, these beds are pretty well matched for price. You can see those on DreamCloud’s website.


Obviously these two beds leave you with a lot to consider. They are pretty different in concept and feel, but they also have some similarities which make them more difficult to set apart. If you’re still struggling to decide, consider these questions:

  • Would you prefer to choose your firmness and support level? With Helix, the choice is yours.
  • Do you want a bed that will cater to everybody? The accommodating firmness and gentle support of DreamCloud is great for practically anyone.
  • Are you looking for a hybrid mattress that is as affordable as possible? Helix’s base models are the slightly cheaper option.
  • Do you like the security of an extra-long trial window and warranty? DreamCloud has you covered so you can test your bed in every season with a one year trial period.
  • Are you on the heavier side? DreamCloud is a great option but Helix’s special Plus mattress was literally designed for you.

Hopefully this has helped you get one step closer to an awesome night’s sleep. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking for more, maybe check out one of our other mattress comparisons (we’ve done dozens!)

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