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Helix vs Nectar Mattress Comparison

Helix vs Nectar Mattress Comparison

Helix or Nectar, which bed in a box mattress is best for you? Find out in this detailed comparison!

Last Updated: September 18, 2020

There are several reasons why someone might like Helix over Nectar and vice versa, considering they’re both comfortable and affordable beds. It all depends on your preferences at the end of day. Do you prefer memory foam beds, or personalized hybrid beds? Don’t worry, you don’t have to know just yet. Keep reading to get a better idea of which one you’ll like most.

Nectar Memory Foam Free Gifts w/ Mattress PurchaseNectar could be the most popular memory foam mattress online. It’s affordable, comfortable, and usually comes with free pillows.
Helix Dawn Mixed Foam $100 Off + Gift Code: SY100Dawn is a firm mattress from Helix Sleep. It has pocket coils and dense foams such that we think back and stomach sleepers in particular will really like this bed.
Helix Dusk Mixed Foam $100 Off + Gift Code: SY100Helix Dusk is a hybrid mattress with a medium “feel” and added support for those with back issues.
Helix Midnight Mixed Foam $100 Off + Gift Code: SY100Midnight is the most popular mattress from Helix Sleep. It’s able to accommodate most sleeping positions and body types.
Helix Moonlight Mixed Foam $100 Off + Gift Code: SY100Helix Moonlight is a softer mattress that offers plenty of contouring without sacrificing back support.
Helix Sunset Mixed Foam $100 Off + Gift Code: SY100Sunset by Helix Sleep is a soft hybrid mattress for side sleepers and those that need a lot of pressure relief.
Helix Twilight Mixed Foam $100 Off + Gift Code: SY100Helix Twilight is a semi-firm mattress with coils for support and various comfort foams.

Founded in 2015 and 2016 (respectively), Helix and Nectar are two well-known brands in the bed-in-a-box space. Both companies produce a range of mattresses, bed frames and bedding. While Helix prides itself on having a mattress for any type of sleeper, Nectar specializes in memory foam beds.  In this post, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between Helix and Nectar mattresses so you can decide which one is right for you.

Key Highlights For Helix vs. Nectar

  • Feel: Helix mattresses have a soft foam feel, while Nectar beds have a memory foam feel.
  • Construction: All Helix models are hybrid (coils and foam), whereas Nectar mattresses have an all-foam construction.
  • Firmness: With Helix, you can choose pretty much any firmness level you like and can be matched using a sleep quiz. Nectar is right in between a medium/medium-firm.

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Honest Helix Vs. Nectar Mattress Review Video

We’ll go more into detail about the differences and similarities in these beds to help you decide.

Helix Mattress Review

First up, we’ll dive into Helix and its wide variety of mattress models.

Other Helix Products

Helix Mattress Ratings

  • BBB Rating: Helix received a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Amazon Reviews: Helix mattresses are not currently available on Amazon

Helix Mattress Construction And Materials

Helix has six core models (Helix Moonlight, Sunset, Dusk, Midnight, Twilight and Dawn), with similar constructions. Their main differences are in firmness and support.

All six models are 12” thick hybrid mattresses (beds made with coils and foam), made with:

  • Base layer – 8” of pocketed coils meant to act as a supportive base and provide better motion isolation than typical innersprings 
  • Comfort layers – 4” of foam layers for a soft, neutral feel 
helix mattress reviews construction and layers
Construction of Helix’s flagship mattress Midnight

You’ll find a blend of three or four foams in the mattress, depending on which firmness and support level you choose. The foams inside will contain some combination of memory foam, polyurethane (neutral) foam, Helix Dynamic Foam and Durasense Foam (support foam).

Helix also has a Luxe version of each core model. They’re constructed almost the same as the six core models, but they’re 2” thicker thanks to the inclusion of a premium pillow top.

helix nightfall review mattress for heavy people
Inside look at the layers of Helix’s Plus mattress

Finally, Helix has three specialty models. The first of which is called Plus, a mattress that was designed specifically with big and tall folks in mind. This bed contains XL wrapped coils and higher-density foams for added support.

Helix Mattress Feel And Firmness

Of course all 10+ mattresses across the Helix catalog aren’t going to feel exactly the same, but they all have a general soft foam or neutral foam feel.

You can purchase a Helix mattress in three different firmness levels: soft, medium and firm. Here’s how we rated them on our scale:

  • Moonlight and Sunset – Soft
  • Dusk and Midnight – Medium
  • Dawn and Twilight – Firm
helix mattress review firmness and models

Helix Sleeper Type Analysis

Helix’s motto is “mattresses designed for everybody,” so it’s no surprise that all sleeper types (back, side, stomach and combo) can find a mattress that will accommodate them. Back and stomach sleepers should look for a firmer mattress so their spine stays in proper alignment while they sleep. On the other hand, side sleepers want a softer mattress because they provide greater pressure relief for the curves of their body.

We also think combo sleepers will get a good night’s rest on Helix because it’s pretty responsive, and you won’t feel resistance when you switch positions in your sleep like you would on a memory foam mattress.

Helix Is Best For Heavy Sleepers

We think Helix is a better fit for heavier individuals who weigh 250+ pounds because all the mattresses are hybrids. Why is this significant? Beds with innerspring/coils are usually thicker, more durable, and they provide bi-directional support.

Nectar Mattress Review

Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at Helix, let’s check out Nectar.

Other Nectar Products

Nectar Mattress Ratings

  • BBB Rating: Nectar is not accredited but has an A rating.
  • Amazon Reviews: Nectar has 2,200+ ratings on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.1 stars. In general, customers thought it was comfortable and enjoyed the free trial period.

Nectar Construction And Materials

While there are over 10 mattresses to choose from with Helix, Nectar just offers one accommodating, comfortable, all-foam mattress. It’s 11” thick, and it has a fairly simple four-layer construction: 

nectar mattress reviews construction memory foam
Nectar has three main layers, plus a cover with foam quilted in
  • Cover – Soft cover made from a tencel blend with a thin layer of gel-memory foam quilted in for additional comfort 
  • Top layer –  Gel-memory foam to provide a bulk of the bed’s comfort
  • Middle layer – Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam meant to act as a transition layer so you don’t feel the harsh support layer below
  • Bottom layer – Thick support layer made from dense polyurethane foam
nectar mattress review cover
Nectar’s soft and comfy cover

Nectar Feel And Firmness

A Nectar mattress is made using several different layers of memory foam, so it’s easy to assume the overall feel of a Nectar mattress (hint: the answer is memory foam). We wouldn’t say it’s exactly the same as other memory foam beds we’ve seen before because it felt pretty firm to us upon first impression.

nectar mattress review for sleep bed in a box online edge support
Testing out Nectar

On a scale from soft to firm, we rated Nectar in between medium and medium-firm. It finds a good balance between pressure relieving and supportive.

nectar mattress review firmness and feel

Nectar Sleeper Type Analysis

Most folks will enjoy sleeping on a Nectar mattress. Because it’s more toward the firm side on our spectrum, it’s most ideal for back and stomach sleepers. With that said, we still think side sleepers will sleep well on this mattress because those top layers soften up as your body heat warms the memory foam.

If you’re a combo sleeper, you may or may not like this mattress. Memory foam is usually slow to respond to pressure, which means it’s a little more difficult to switch positions on.

Best For Average-Sized Sleepers

Nectar should be fine for most petite and average-sized sleepers (although extra petite side sleepers under 100 lbs might not get enough pressure relief). 

With that said, we don’t think Nectar is the best option for heavier folks. In general, we find that hybrid mattresses (like Helix) are preferable for heavier individuals since they’re more durable and supportive. 

Nectar vs. Helix Pricing

If you’re looking at the current retail prices, you’d see Nectar is cheaper than Helix by about $100-$250. Right now, a queen size Helix retails right under $1,000 and Nectar retails for about $800. Plus, Nectar usually offers two free pillows with each mattress purchase as well. If you’re a price conscious buyer, we think Nectar is the way to go.

Head over to HelixSleep.com or NectarSleep.com to see their current prices and promotions.

Twin XL$700$868
King / Cal King$1,249$1,398

Helix Vs Nectar Mattress Review Verdict

By now, you’re practically an expert on Helix and Nectar, but we have full-length reviews on each one if you’re looking for more information. If it was tough to retain all this information at once, here’s a few key questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you want a mattress that was seemingly customized for you? Helix has over 10 mattresses to choose from, and a helpful Sleep Quiz to match you with the right one.
  • Do you love memory foam? Nectar is an affordable memory foam mattress we think you’ll like.
  • Are you 250+ lbs? We think you should look into Helix’s hybrid mattresses.
  • Do you want a mattress with a longer-than-average warranty policy? Nectar goes above and beyond with their company policies.

We hope this comparison was helpful. If you have more questions, check out our mattress comparisons and our mattress deals page where we post the recent promotions from different brands.

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Company Policies

Both companies have generous policies to make your mattress buying experience easier:

  • Trial period length: Helix offers a 100-night trial period. Nectar is more generous, allowing customers to try out their new bed for 365 nights.
  • Warranty policy: In line with industry-standard, Helix provides a 10-year warranty. On the other hand, Nectar mattresses come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Delivery information: Both companies offer free shipping and returns. With Nectar, you can add on White Glove Service for $149 if you’d like someone to set up your mattress for you.


Where are Helix and Nectar mattresses made?

Helix mattresses are made in the USA. Nectar doesn’t specify where their mattresses are made, but they ship from the United States.

How do I know which Helix mattress is right for me?

Helix has a super helpful Sleep Quiz to match you with the best mattress for you, depending on your preferences.

Are Helix and Nectar made from safe materials?

Both Helix and Nectar use materials that are certified by the CertiPUR-US® program, so they’re free from ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals.