Given their similarities in design and comfort, Leesa Studio and Leesa Original are somewhat confusing to consumers. In this comparison, however, we not only discuss how they're similar, but how they differ and why we think one might be better than the other. For instance, Leesa Studio is the more affordable mattress between the two, but Leesa Original is designed to be slightly more luxurious. We cover these topics and more in this review.

While this guide will center primarily around the key reasons to get Leesa Studio over Leesa Original, and vice versa, let’s take a second to run through some similarities. Below is a list of how these two beds are alike:

  • Shipping/Returns — You won’t pay anything extra for shipping or returns, as long as you’re within the Contiguous United States.
  • Trial Window — You can test these beds risk-free for up to 100 nights before you decide to keep or return them.
  • Construction — Both are 10″ foam beds with three layers, including memory foam.
  • Sleep Styles — In general, they should work for all sleeping positions, so long as you know they’re both around a “medium.”
  • Body Types — If you’d consider yourself petite or average-size, you should be just fine on either mattress.

I’m sure there are a few similarities that we forgot to list, but you get the point, these two Leesa beds have a lot of overlapping qualities. The bottom line is if you want a comfy foam bed, you can take your pick between the two and you should be just fine.

Why Buy The Original Leesa Mattress — At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the number one reason to get Leesa Original is that it’s just a comfortable, accommodating mattress. It’s the type of bed nearly everyone can agree on. It might not be the most luxurious bed, nor does it really have any bells and whistles, but it’s a comfy bed, and plenty of people will like how simple it is.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
The Original Leesa mattress on the Leesa Adjustable Base

We do want to point out that while Leesa Original and Leesa Studio are both all-foam beds, the company does offer two hybrid mattresses: Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend. You can click those links to go to our full reviews. For this article, we will largely ignore the hybrid models.

Leesa Original Has A Soft Foam Feel

The largest differentiator for Leesa Original is that it has soft foam feel. In other words, it just feels like a big slab of comfortable, neutral foam. And that’s because it has dense foam on the bottom, memory foam in the middle, and the company’s proprietary LSA 200 Foam on top.

leesa mattress review construction and layers
Leesa Original has “LSA 200 Foam” as its primary comfort layer

If you were to look inside Studio by Leesa, it too has three layers of foam and measures 10″ thick. However, Studio has neutral-foam in the middle and memory foam on the top.

Now, for those of you that don’t know the difference between memory foam and neutral/soft foam, let’s go over that quickly. Neutral-foam, more commonly called polyurethane foam, has a soft, basic foam feel. Memory foam has a viscous, sink-in feel. Both can be soft, firm, and in between.

The reason we bring this up is that Leesa Studio and Leesa Original will feel slightly different. You get a truly neutral feel with Leesa Original, and you get more memory foam mixed in with Leesa Studio because it has the memory foam layer on top.

Firmness Ratings For The Original Bed

For Leesa Original, and Leesa Studio, we have a firmness rating of around a medium. That puts both beds on par with Puffy, Casper, and plenty of other foam online mattresses.

leesa mattress review firmness and feel

Given the “medium” designation for both beds, we consider them suitable for side, stomach, and back sleepers. Having said that, if you personally prefer a softer mattress, make sure to look into Leesa Legend, and if you want a slightly firmer bed, you might be more happy with Leesa Hybrid.

The point is that they are comfortable and accommodating, and are designed to work for a huge range of sleepers, excluding those that prefer a truly firm or soft bed.

Why People Will Prefer Leesa Studio — Many of the reasons that you’ll like Leesa Original are the same as why you’d like Leesa Studio. That said, one of the single biggest reasons to get Leesa Studio, in this comparison, is price.

leesa studio mattress review back sleeper
The Studio is similar to the Original Leesa mattress in several respects

Though, it’s not all about price with Studio by Leesa. We also want to point out that it will feel different than Leesa Original. It actually is more of a memory foam mattress that has more of a sink-in quality to it.

Studio by Leesa Is More Affordable

Looking purely at MSRP for the queen bed, Leesa Original is around $1,100 whereas Leesa Studio is around $700. Having said that, I think we all know at this point that mattress brands are always willing to offer a discount. You can expect to pay about $950 for Leesa Original and $600 for Leesa Studio.

As such, Studio is the more affordable bed even if Leesa Original has a moderate price tag as well. You can see the current discounts on for both beds.

Memory Foam Feel

As we’ve noted a few times by now, Leesa Studio has more of a soft memory foam feel as compared to the Original bed. Therefore if you prefer a sink-in feeling with a slight viscous feel, we expect that you’re like Studio by Leesa.

leesa studio mattress review side sleeper
The Studio mattress has more of a memory foam feel compared to the Original Leesa

According to a survey that we’ve conducted, 22% of people report that they “love” memory foam, while another 65% of people say that “are fine with” the material. As such, we’d expect that a good 1/5 of readers will outright prefer the feel of Studio by Leesa.

Medium/Petite Individuals Only

For these two particular beds, we can really only recommend them to people that are lightweight or average-weight. If you’re over about 230 lbs, we would tell you to look into a hybrid bed as opposed to these foam beds. That’s not a ironclad rule, but for the most part, we prefer heavier folks to buy a super-supportive coil mattress, not a 10″ foam mattress.

Final Conclusion

So then, what should you do? Here are the key points to consider while you make your mind up:

  • Do you prefer memory foam or a neutral/soft foam mattress?
  • How tight is your budget for a new bed?

We could probably make a list that’s 10 bullet points long, but what it really comes down to feel and budget since firmness is basically the same. Hopefully you enjoyed this mattress comparison!

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