As two of the most well-known mattress-in-a-box brands, Leesa and Cocoon often find themselves lumped into the same conversation. However, most consumers don't realize there are several distinct differences between the beds. In this review, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of each bed so you decide which mattress is best for you.

Leesa Original mattress VS. Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress
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Cocoon Sealy vs Leesa Synopsis

We realize not everybody is like us and likes reading and writing about mattresses all day so to save you time, here are the primary differences between these two beds.

  • Feel — The Cocoon beds have a dense memory foam feel, while Leesa has a softer, neutral-foam feel.
  • Firmness — The Leesa mattress is slightly softer than both Cocoon models.
  • Price — If you’re buying strictly based on price, Cocoon is the way to go.
  • Temperature Regulation — The Cocoon Chill uses a special cover that makes the bed cool to the touch.
  • Sleeper Type — We think the Leesa mattress is more ideal for side sleepers, while Cocoon is preferable for folks who require a little extra support.

Those are just the headline grabs, though. There’s a lot more you should consider when shopping for a new mattress. Keep reading to learn more.

Leesa Original
Leesa Original
Why it’s Great
Leesa Original is one of the top five bed-in-a-box mattresses out there. It has a soft foam feel and is accommodating for a wide range of sleepers.
Best for
People that want a comfy foam bed
If you don’t have much of a budget
All sleeping positions
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Soft Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
100 Nights
10 Years
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First, it’s important to note Leesa made a slight change to their flagship mattress in mid-2018. Previously, the original Leesa mattress used Avena foam for its top layer. The new model (same name as the previous model) now uses a foam called LSA200 for its top layer.

In short, like the Avena foam, it has neutral-foam feel, but it’s supposed to be slightly softer, offer more pressure relief, and be a little more responsive than the old top layer. Keep this mind if you saw one of our Leesa videos from 2017.

Leesa Has A Soft, Neutral-Foam Feel

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between Leesa and Cocoon comes down to feel. The LSA200 top layer on the Leesa mattress is a proprietary foam that gives the bed a neutral-foam feel.

What we mean when we say neutral-foam is that the top layer is soft and comfortable, but it doesn’t quite contour or conform to your body the way memory foam does. In other words, as you lay down on the bed, you don’t feel as if the top layers are hugging your body.

Now it’s important to note that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to feel. Everybody has different preferences. Some people love the conforming feel that memory foam provides and some people don’t.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
Very few people will dislike the overall feel of the Leesa mattress

However, with that said, we’ve generally found that soft neutral-foam pleases a wide variety of people. It just seems like it’s a little less divisive in comparison to memory foam or latex foam, for example.

As such, if you’re not a big memory foam person or you’re just not 100% sure what type of foam you’d like, the Leesa mattress is safe, comfortable option.

As you will find out below, the Cocoon mattresses have a dense memory foam feel (which again is not a bad thing… a lot of consumers love memory foam).

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Leesa Is More Ideal For Side Sleepers

This is one area where Leesa has the edge over Cocoon. The Leesa mattress is slightly softer and offers more pressure relief than both Cocoon models.

Generally speaking, side sleepers will prefer softer mattresses that are a little more delicate around their pressure points (hips and shoulders). Luckily, this is exactly what Leesa was going for with their new LSA200 foam. The new top layer is very accommodating for people who spend a lot of time on their side.

leesa mattress review foam bed in a box side sleepers
More pressure relief than Cocoon mattresses

As you will find out below, the Cocoon mattresses are a tad bit firmer and a result aren’t quite as ideal for side sleepers.

The Leesa Mattress Is More Responsive

This might be a minor win, but the Leesa mattress is more responsive than the Cocoon beds. The LSA200 foam top layer pops back almost immediately after pressure is released off the bed. Memory foam, on the other hand, takes an extra second or two to fully respond.

This isn’t a big surprise, though, considering proprietary foams are almost always more responsive than memory foam. All this means at the end of the day is that active sleepers (people who toss and turn, move around, or get up a lot) will find it easier to switch between positions throughout the night.

Cocoon by Sealy Chill
Cocoon by Sealy Chill
Why it’s Great
Cocoon Chill is one of the best budget-tier cooling mattresses. It’s a firmer bed with a dense memory foam feel.
Best for
If you like memory foam
Hot sleepers on a limited budget
People that like firmer beds
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
100 Nights
10 Years
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First thing you should note with Cocoon is that there are two different models to choose from. There’s the Cocoon Classic, which is the company’s most affordable option. Then there’s the Cocoon Chill, which is specifically designed with hot sleepers in mind.

For the most part, the two models are the exact same, though. The difference really comes down to the cover, which we will discuss in detail below.

Further, after you choose which model you want, you can choose which firmness level you want. The company allows you to choose between a Soft or Firm version of each model. So bottom line, you have more flexibility if you go with Cocoon, which may or may not be a good thing (hey, some people don’t like too many choices).

Cocoon Beds Have A Memory Foam Feel

Unlike the Leesa mattress, both Cocoon beds use a thick slab of premium memory foam for their top layer. Given this, as you might imagine, the beds have a memory foam feel.

However, it’s not your typical ultra-soft, immediately sink to the bottom of the bed memory foam type feel. The beds actually have more of a dense, heavy memory foam feel.

Dense, memory foam feel

When you first lay down on the Cocoon mattress, it feels very firm (regardless of the firmness level you choose) but after a couple seconds, you slowly start to sink into the bed (just a little) and the top layers start to conform to your body’s shape (as you would expect with memory foam).

As such, if you like memory foam, chances are you’ll dig both Cocoon mattresses.

Cocoon Beds Are Slightly Firmer

As we alluded to above, we actually think both Cocoon firmness options land on the firmer side of the spectrum.

Overall, we think the Soft option lands around a medium to medium-firm on the firmness scale, while the Firm option lands squarely near a medium-firm. For comparison purposes, we think the Leesa mattress comes in around a medium.

cocoon classic review bed in a box firmness

What does all this mean? Well, really firmness is closely correlated (usually) with support and sleeper type.

All in all, we think the Cocoon beds are slightly more supportive than the Leesa mattress since you sleep a little more on top of the mattresses due to their firmness levels. As such, if you need extra support or you’re primarily a back or stomach sleeper, Cocoon is the better choice (just slightly).

We recommend the Cocoon Soft for back, stomach and combo sleepers, while the Cocoon Firm is best for back and stomach sleepers only.

To be fair, though, it’s not like Leesa doesn’t accommodate back and stomach sleepers. Ultimately, the Leesa mattress strikes a nice balance between pressure relief and support and is ideal for all types of sleepers.

Cocoon Is More Affordable Than Leesa

This one is simple. The Cocoon Chill is cheaper than the Leesa mattress if you compare MSRPs. A queen size Cocoon Chill goes for around $850 and the Leesa mattress has a MSRP of around $1,000.

However, in reality, the MSRPs don’t carry that much weight since both companies regularly offer coupon codes and promo codes.

For example, Cocoon usually offers $50-$100 off their beds. Plus, sometimes they’ll even throw in a free gift (pillow, sheets, etc.) with each mattress purchase. Check the table at the top of the post to see what kind of discount the company is currently running.

Leesa also offers regular coupon codes and discounts. You can normally expect to see the Leesa mattress discounted by 10-15%. You can check the table above or to see what kind of promotion the company is currently running.

If both beds are still a bit outside your budget, be sure to check out our Best Budget Beds list.

Temperature Regulation

Above we briefly mentioned what makes the Cocoon Chill special, but let’s dig a littler deeper.

The Cocoon Chill is specifically designed for hot sleepers. The cover on the Chill model uses a phase change material that literally makes the bed cool to the touch. Not only is it cool, but it’s also supposed to help absorb and dissipate heat. As such, we think it’s the best option out of the three for people who tend to warm up at night.

cocoon chill cover cool
The cover on the Chill model is cool to the touch

The Leesa mattress and the Cocoon Classic aren’t bad by any means, though. Instead, we’d say these two beds are just temperature neutral, meaning the beds won’t be the main reason why you warm up or sleep cool at night.

Keep in mind temperature regulation is a tough topic to nail down. In reality, there are a multiple external factors that also play a role in how hot or cold you sleep. For example, factors like where you live (Florida vs. South Dokata), what kind of sheets you use (flannel sheets will heat up), or how often you crank up your air conditioner are important to consider.

Leesa Mattress vs Cocoon Sealy Review Verdict

If you’ve made it this far, you hopefully now understand what Cocoon and Leesa have in common and how they differ. We realize pulling the trigger on a new mattress is a big decision, though, so to help you break the tie, ask yourself a couple questions.

First, what’s your budget? If you’re on a tight budget and every dollar counts, then go with the Cocoon Chill and check above to see what kind of discount you can get. That will be your cheapest option.

Next, what type of feel do you prefer? This is a personal decision you’ll have to make. If you want a memory foam feel, go Cocoon. If you just want a soft, foam feel without feeling like the top layers are hugging you, go Leesa.

Lastly, are you a hot sleeper? If you are, go with the Cocoon Chill. That model will give you the best shot of sleeping cool throughout the night.

That’s all we have for you in this post. Thanks for spending your time with The Slumber Yard.

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What Leesa And Cocoon Have In Common

Above we described the main differences between both beds, but you also might be wondering what they have in common. Well, here you go.

There Are Better Options For Heavy People

We haven’t discussed the construction of each mattress in-depth, but all you need to know is that both Cocoon and Leesa are 10″ all-foam beds.

That’s not a bad thing for most people, but heavy people are a different story since they need more support and better durability from their bed. We almost always point big folks towards beds that have coils.

That’s because coils tend to be more durable and provide additional support compared to dense foams that most bed-in-a-box mattresses (like Leesa and Cocoon) use for their primary support structures. Heavy body types place more force and pressure on a mattress so the extra support and resistance coils provide are more ideal over the long-haul.

If you’re a big individual (250+ lb) and you like the sound of Leesa, we’d recommend you take a look at their Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress. This model is a bit more expensive than the Original Leesa, but it incorporates pocketed coils for added support.

Alternatively, you could always peruse our list of the Best Mattresses For Heavy People.


Lastly, we think Cocoon and Leesa are both viable options for partners who share a bed. Both mattresses isolate motion well and also provide pretty solid edge support considering their all-foam constructions.

Motion transfer isolation is important for couples in which one partner tends to move around a lot or constantly gets up throughout the night.

Luckily, a bed like Leesa or Cocoon will limit how much you feel your partner’s movements. After all, no one wants to be jostled awake just because their partner suddenly has to race to the bathroom due to that water bottle they chugged right before bed.

Edge support is another important topic for couples to consider. A bed with good edge support (like Cocoon and Leesa) means there is more useful area for both partners to spread out and still feel supported even near the edge. Hey, not all couples like to cuddle.

If You Buy Cocoon / Leesa Online

Buying a mattress online these days is not nearly as intimidating as most people think. How do you try the mattress before you buy, though? We’ll go over that and more in this section. Let’s start with Leesa.

The Leesa mattress comes with free shipping and arrives compressed in a box (hence the name bed-in-a-box). Once it’s delivered, just move the box to your bedroom and lay out the mattress on your bed frame or foundation. However, it’s recommended you let the mattress breathe and fully inflate for about 24-48 hours after you remove the plastic.

Once you get the mattress all set up is when things get interesting. Leesa offers you a 100-night risk-free trial period. This is how bed-in-a-box companies get around the whole “try before you buy” adage. Basically, the company is giving you more than three months to test out the bed in the comfort of your own home and decide whether you want to keep it.

If, after 30 nights, you’re not satisfied, no big deal, just contact the company and they’ll handle the entire return process. First, they’ll schedule a third party crew to come pick up the mattress from your home for no additional charge. Once that happens, just provide Leesa proof (receipt) that that mattress has indeed been removed and they give you a full refund. Not so bad, right? The whole return process normally takes around 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

Leesa also backs their mattresses with a 10-year limited warranty. You can read the full details about the warranty on the company’s website.

Cocoon, like Leesa, also offers very consumer friendly policies. They too offer free shipping, free returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty. If you’re not sold on Leesa or Cocoon, though, don’t worry, the policies we just went over are pretty standard for the bed-in-a-box industry.