We made a comparison for those who couldn’t decide between the popular foam mattress Leesa, and the versatile hybrid mattress Helix. They have some major similarities, but it’s their differences that will make you choose one over the other. In this post, we’ll be discussing topics like price, construction, company info, feel, and more.

Before we get into detail, here are the main points we’ll be hitting in this comparison:

  • Construction— Leesa is an all-foam bed, and Helix makes hybrid models.
  • Firmness — Leesa comes in a medium firmness level and you can get a soft, medium, or firm mattress with Helix.
  • Body type — Leesa is best for petite to medium body types and Helix has a mattress that can accomodate any body type.

Leesa and Helix are extremely close in price and have a fairly similar feel, but they’re different in almost every other way we can think of. They’re also both safely in the top 10 in terms of most popular bed-in-a-box mattress companies on the internet. In this post we’ll be going over the reasons why one mattress may be better for you than the other.

Leesa & Helix Barely Differ In Price

We know some people are really price-conscious when it comes to a mattress, and rightfully so. In this case, though, we don’t think the price will be a huge factor in your decision. Both Leesa and Helix retail at about the same price—around $1,000 for a queen size. Once you apply coupons or find a deal, however, they can go back and forth with who’s cheaper. Just be sure to check the price info in the table at the top of this post for current numbers.

After discount, for a queen size, you can expect Leesa and Helix to be about $850 and $999, respectively. Like we said, barely a difference in price, but if saving $50 is really important to you, clearly, Leesa is the winner. You can check current pricing on Leesa.com and HelixSleep.com.

Inside A Leesa Mattress: 3 Layers Of Foam

When we ripped the side of our Leesa mattress open, we saw a pretty standard construction that’s similar to other brands we’ve torn open (please don’t try to tear open your mattress). The bed is 10” thick, made from three different kinds of foam: LSA foam, memory foam, and support foam.

The foundation is made out of 6” dense polyurethane foam (mattress jargon for neutral) to act as the base. In the middle of the bed is 2” of memory foam, which works great as a transition layer and it provides great pressure relief for your body. The top layer is what Leesa calls “LSA200,” a proprietary foam the brand manufactured themselves. It’s a soft neutral foam that balances out the memory foam underneath it, making the mattress comfortable and pretty much universally liked.

leesa mattress review construction and layers
A peek inside a Leesa mattress

LSA200 is the updated foam and new replacement for Leesa’s old Avena foam, which had a similar feel, but was more like egg crate foam. We also think the newer foam is a little more comfortable and pressure relieving than the older version, but at the same time is more responsive.

The Feel Of A Leesa Mattress

Like we mentioned before, a Leesa mattress has a soft neutral feel because the LSA layer overshadows the memory foam underneath it. Instead of the deep viscous feel of memory foam, it feels light and airy like laying on a fluffy over-sized cotton ball. We’ve found that it’s harder to object to a Leesa mattress than, say, a TempurPedic, because it truly is a universally accommodating mattress. Some people don’t like the sinking feeling memory foam can give you, but not many people can pass on a mattress you gently lay on top of.

leesa adjustable base bed frame review
Leesa has a simple foam design, and it’s really comfortable

We rated the firmness of Leesa at a medium on our scale, which is another characteristic of its general likability. A medium firmness level is suitable for the widest range of people, since it’s firm enough to keep a back sleeper’s spine aligned, but it’s soft enough to contour to the curves of and offer pressure relief to a side sleeper’s body.

leesa mattress review firmness and feel

Keep in mind though, that weight has a big effect on how soft or firm a mattress will feel to you. A Leesa will feel like a medium to a petite or medium-sized individual, but for someone over 250 lb the bed might be a little too soft. Also, foam mattresses don’t tend to be as supportive and durable, for heavy people, as hybrid/spring mattresses, so if you’re 250 lb or above then we think a Helix Plus would be the best choice for you.

Inside The Helix Mattress

If you decide to go with Helix, you’re going to have a bunch of different mattresses to choose from. Before you get overwhelmed, Helix makes it easy for their customers to narrow down their options with a Sleep Quiz on their website. It’s designed to direct you towards the mattresses that would be best for you, based on the information you provide.

helix mattress reviews construction and layers
All Helix mattresses have the coil support layers

Out of the various models, there are six core mattresses that we’re going to discuss first. The only ways they differ is in firmness and support. Moonlight and Sunset are both at the soft end of the spectrum, Dusk and Midnight land at a medium, and Twilight and Dawn are rated firm. With each firmness level, you can choose whether or not you want more or less support.

helix mattress review firmness and models

The construction of the six core model are also really similar, since they’re all 12” thick with 8” of coils and 4” of foam. They use a mix of three or four different foams, including memory foam, polyurethane foam, Helix Dynamic Foam, and DuraSense Foam (support foam). The type of foams used depends on how firm and supportive you want your mattress to be.

You’re probably wondering, what about the specialty mattress? The Helix Plus mattress contains special XL wrapped coils and higher-density foams for individuals over 250 lb.

helix nightfall mattress review back sleepers
Helix has options for everyone, including heavy people

Helix actually offers even more options on top of all those models; you can get their mattresses in a Standard or Luxe version. In this comparison, we’re just focusing on the Standard Helix mattresses, but you can read up on the Luxe models in our Helix Luxe review.

We know this was a ton of information, but Helix knows that as well and it’s the reason why they have a sleeper quiz. When you try to design a mattress for everybody (their slogan), it can get a little hectic, which is why they offer their Sleep Quiz.

Helix Mostly Has A Soft Neutral Feel

So for the sake of time and your sanity, we aren’t going to go through and describe the exact feeling of every single Helix mattress. Not only would your eyes gloss over, but they all feel really similar to each other and it would quickly get repetitive.

So to sum it up, a Helix mattress has a soft foam or neutral-foam feel. Even though the mattresses contain memory foam, you don’t get that traditional memory foam feel. It’s a little bouncier than a Leesa because of the coils, and it’s slightly more durable, too. So if you’re looking for a responsive, supportive, and durable hybrid mattress, Helix was made with people like you in mind.

helix mattress reviews edge support of the bed
Helix gets a thumbs up in almost every category

Since Helix quite literally has a mattress for everybody, every sleeper type (back, stomach, side, and combo) and body type (petite, medium-sized, heavy) will find a mattress that is ideal for their preferences.

Here’s How It All Shakes Out

If you need a little more guidance, ask yourself these questions.

  • A Leesa and Helix feels very similar, so do you want a little bounce to your bed or an all-foam feel? If your answer was (a) then go with Helix. If it was (b) then go with Leesa.
  • Do you want to support a socially conscious company? Leesa really values philanthropy, and might be the better option for you.
  • Are you an individual over 250 lb? You may want to look into Helix’s Plus model.

Hopefully, we were able to point you in the right direction towards the mattress of your dreams. Make sure to check out our other mattress comparisons if you have other brands you want to consider.