Although Leesa and TempurPedic are quite different in terms of their history and business model, both companies are regularly mentioned among the most popular mattress brands on earth. In this post, we'll compare the flagship Leesa mattress with the popular Tempur-Adapt bed so you can figure out which online mattress is best for you.

Leesa Original mattress VS. TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt mattress
$849 – $1,399Price Range$1,799 – $2,999
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  • People that want a comfy foam bed
  • If you don’t have much of a budget
  • All sleeping positions
Best For
  • Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel
  • If you want your choice between a foam and hybrid design
100 NightsTrial Period90 Nights
10 YearsWarranty10 Years
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Tempur-Pedic Hybrid vs Leesa Quick Synopsis

If you don’t feel like reading a lot and just want the short version, here you go. The differences between these two beds can really be explained by three main points:

  • Price — The Leesa mattress is much more affordable.
  • Feel — Do you like memory foam? The Tempur-Adapt has a dense memory foam feel, while the Leesa mattress has more a neutral-foam feel.
  • Temperature Regulation — The Tempur-Adapt has special materials in the cover that make the bed cool to the touch. If you’re a hot sleeper, Tempur-Pedic is probably the way to go.
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Of course, there’s a lot more to these mattresses than just three points and a summary video. Keep reading to learn more about Leesa and Tempur-Pedic.

Leesa Original
Leesa Original
Why it’s Great
Leesa Original is one of the top five bed-in-a-box mattresses out there. It has a soft foam feel and is accommodating for a wide range of sleepers.
Best for
People that want a comfy foam bed
If you don’t have much of a budget
All sleeping positions
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Soft Foam
Free Shipping
and returns
Trial Period
100 Nights
10 Years
Made in

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15% Off

Leesa Is Much Cheaper Than Tempur-Pedic

The title of this section says it all. This is perhaps Leesa’s biggest advantage. Depending on what size you’re looking for, the Leesa mattress is about $800-$1,000 cheaper than the Tempur-Adapt mattresses. Also, just for reference, Leesa is priced about average for the bed-in-a-box industry. A queen size will cost you about $1,000. If you’re looking to spend less than that, be sure to check our list for the Best Cheap Mattresses.

However, both companies do regularly offer coupon and promo codes to make the mattresses more affordable. Leesa is very aggressive and often times will run specials where they’ll take anywhere from 10-15% off the MSRP. Be sure to check out their current promotion in the table above.

The TempurPedic discounts can vary depending on which retailer you use. With that said, we’ve noticed that US-Mattress is pretty aggressive with their sales and promotions. For example, we’ve seen them offer a free $300 Visa gift card before when you purchase the Tempur-Adapt mattress.

Leesa Has A Neutral-Foam Feel

This advantage or difference really comes down to personal preference. The Leesa mattress has a neutral-foam feel, while the Tempur-Adapt mattresses have a dense memory foam feel. Some people love the feel of memory foam and some people hate it. If you fall into the dislike category, chances are you’ll prefer the feel of the Leesa mattress. It still has a soft foam feel, but it won’t contour and hug your body the way memory foam does. That’s why we call it more of a neutral-foam feel.

leesa mattress review foam bed in a box
The Leesa mattress has a comfortable, neutral-foam feel

Leesa Is More Ideal For Side Sleepers

Overall, we think the Leesa mattress is better for side sleepers. It’s a bit softer than the Tempur-Adapt and it provides a little more pressure relief. The Leesa mattress is very soft and gentle around your pressure points. This is generally something that side sleepers look for. Sometimes when a bed is too firm, it can lead to some discomfort around your hips and shoulders.

leesa mattress review foam bed in a box side sleepers
Leesa is a nice option for side sleepers

For comparison purposes, we think the Leesa mattress comes in around a medium on the firmness scale, while the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid lands closer to a medium-firm. All in all, if you spend a lot of time on your side, we’d say go with Leesa for maximum pressure relief.

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The Leesa Mattress Is Lighter And Easier To Move

This is a somewhat minor point, but it does matter to some people. The Leesa mattress is just a lot easier to maneuver than the Tempur-Adapt beds. This means it will be easier to make the Leesa mattress (easier to pick up the corners) and it’s much more convenient if you need to switch rooms or move in general. Just for reference, the Leesa queen mattress weighs around 71 lb and the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid queen weighs about 116 lb.

TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt
TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt
Why it’s Great
The TempurPedic TEMPUR-Adapt is an accommodating memory foam mattress that is available in both Medium and Medium Hybrid options.
Best for
Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel
If you want your choice between a foam and hybrid design
Sleep Positions
Back, Side and Stomach
Product Details
Memory Foam
Trial Period
90 Nights
10 Years
Made in

$200 OFF

$200 Off

The Tempur-Adapt Is Available In Multiple Options

The Tempur-Adapt is available in both a hybrid (contains coils) and an all-foam model. However, before you get too excited, both models are the same price. Both models are also on the firmer side of the spectrum. As such, we recommend most sleepers go with the hybrid model considering there’s no price difference.

In general, coils (as opposed to dense support foams) provide more support and are just more durable over the long haul. Still, it’s nice to at least have the choice.

Memory Foam Feel

The Tempur-Adapt mattresses have a memory foam feel. However, it’s not your typical soft memory foam feel. These beds have more of a firm, dense memory foam feel. Nevertheless, it still feels like memory foam in that the top layers somewhat contour and conform to your body’s shape.

tempurpedic mattress stomach sleeper
The Tempur-Adapt Hybrid has a dense memory foam feel

Given the firmness level of the beds, though, you don’t really sink in all that much like you do with a lot of other memory foam mattresses out there, which is why you don’t really get much of that stuck-in-the-mud feeling that memory foam is sort of known for. Bottom line, if you like memory foam, this is a better option for you than the Leesa mattress.

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The Tempur-Adapt Sleeps Cool

When it comes to temperature regulation, the Tempur-Adapt performs extremely well. These mattresses use a special material in the cover that literally make the beds cool-to-the-touch.

Combined with the fact that you sleep more on top of the Tempur-Adapt (due to its firmness level), this means you’ll sleep quite comfortably throughout the night. If you’re a person that sleeps hot and regularly wakes up drenched in sweat, you’ll definitely be better off with one of the Tempur-Adapt mattresses.

tempurpedic tempur pro adapt mattress review memory foam cover
Up close with TempurPedic’s cooling cover

That’s not to say Leesa performs poorly in this department. We’d just say the Leesa mattress sleeps more temperature neutral. It won’t make you heat up at night, nor will the mattress actively keep you chilly.

Better For Heavy People

In general, hybrid and innerspring mattresses are more ideal for heavy folks (250+ lb) than all-foam beds. Larger people exert more pressure and stress on a bed than an average sized person.

Because of this, it’s imperative the construction of a mattress is built to withstand such force. Beds that contain coils are built to do just that. Coils (whether individually pocketed or part of an innerspring system) provide bi-directional support. This means the coils are able to compress, but also push back against pressure.

That’s why these types of beds tend to provide more support and last longer than all-foam mattresses. Given this knowledge, you can see why we recommend the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid for big sleepers.

On this note, we’d also say the Tempur-Adapt is preferable for back and stomach sleepers, regardless of your weight. It just provides more support than Leesa. Back and stomach sleepers will generally want a firmer bed to ensure they receive the necessary support.

With that said, we think the Leesa mattress will be just fine for back and stomach sleepers that weigh less than 250 lb. Still, if you’re seriously concerned about support, just play it safe and go with the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid.

Better For Couples

We think the Tempur-Adapt gets the edge when it comes to sharing a bed with a partner. First, the Tempur-Adapt provides solid edge support. There’s very little compression around the perimeter of the bed and you never feel as if you’re going to slip right off as you roll over towards the edge.

tempurpedic tempur adapt mattress review edge support
Solid edge support on the Tempur-Adapt Hybrid mattress

This is an important topic for couples with one partner who likes to hog the middle of the bed or for couples who simply like to spread out. Better edge support means more usable surface area and no roll-off sensation.

The Tempur-Adapt also performs well in terms of limiting motion. The hybrid model we tried passed our tests with flying colors. We barely noticed any cross-bed movement. This is important for people who share a bed with a partner that tends to toss and turn or get up a lot during the night. With the Tempur-Adapt hybrid, you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements.

The Leesa mattress performed decently well in these departments, too, but just not as well as the Tempur-Adapt.

Leesa Mattress vs Tempur-Pedic Hybrid Verdict

Purchasing a mattress is a big decision. We’re not talking about trying to decide between which type of craft beer you’re going to buy. You’re probably hoping your next mattress will last you 8-10 years. As such, we know it can be difficult to decide which mattress to go with.

If you’ve read this far and you’re still struggling between Leesa and the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress, ask yourself three questions.

First, what is your budget? If it’s around $1,000 or below, Leesa is the only option. If money is not an issue, both mattresses are still in play.

Next, do you like the feel of memory foam? If yes, go with the Tempur-Pedic. It’s a solid mattress from a reputable brand that is comfortable and will last a long time. If not, go Leesa. Chances are, you will really like the neutral-foam feel the Leesa mattress provides.

Lastly, do you spend a lot of time on your side? If you do, Leesa is going to be a little more accommodating.

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Shipping, Returns, Trial Periods, and Warranties

Buying a mattress online has become more and more prevalent over the last several years. Gone are the days of visiting your local mattress store to try out dozens of beds and be hassled by annoying salespeople. Mattress companies these days (especially mattress-in-a-box brands) make it extremely easy for consumers to test their beds.

The Leesa mattress ships for free and arrives rolled-up and compressed in a medium-size box. Once it arrives and you set up the bed, Leesa gives you a 100-night risk-free trial period to test out the mattress.

If you decide you don’t like the bed for any reason during the trial period, no problem, just contact the company and they’ll arrange for it to be picked up from your home free of charge and issue you a full refund. The whole return and refund process usually takes around 10-15 days.

Leesa also backs their mattresses with a 10-year warranty. Just so you know, all these policies we just went over (free shipping, free returns, 100-night trial period, 10-year warranty) are pretty standard for the bed-in-a-box industry.

Tempur-Pedic policies vary slightly depending on which retailer you buy through. Most retailers will offer free shipping and some sort of trial period.

We like US-Mattress, which is a well-known online retailer that has been around quite awhile. They offer a big selection of name-brand mattresses and generally have very competitive prices. US-Mattress also offers a 120-night trial period. Lastly, like Leesa, most Tempur-Pedic mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.